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File 137945774610.png - (1.25MB , 1022x887 , tf2_spookyscaryhalloweenbosses.png )
8254 No. 8254
Namefagging finally.

Drew some Halloween bosses, because I'm really looking forward to the event this year. Merasmus is probably my favorite.

(Captcha: Seer cycloth. We have both a Seer and Cyclopsth here, yep.)
>> No. 8255
(Ah crap, misfire post. Feel free to delete it, I'll repost in the proper thread.)
>> No. 8265
You won't be able to repost without deleting the post/image first.

Here's the copypasta on how to delete a post from the FAQ page:
>10. Can I delete my own posts?
>Yes. Check the box near your post, scroll down to the bottom of the page, then click delete. You can delete the file only if you want, just check the "file only" button. Please note that it is necessary to set a password in the password field when making a post in order to be allowed to delete a post.

If you haven't cleared your cookies and/or just made the post, it's okay if you didn't set a password at the time of posting. It should work.

But as a rule of thumb, try to use a password when making a post!
>> No. 8267
Agh, I didn't, and now it won't let me delete this one. I'll remember that next time.
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