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File 138092018950.jpg - (459.63KB , 1298x1500 , thepalehorse.jpg )
8271 No. 8271
I've been looking for a redline on this drawing here. I'm mainly having trouble with the engineers legs, but feel free to point out anything else that looks wonky.
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>> No. 8274
I have to admit, I may have choked on my toast laughing.

I've got a bit of a backlog on works to redline this weekend, so give me a few days. Engie's torso and the perspective on the gun are fantastic, though.

One issue I'll mention now is that your problems probably come from his waist (which is accentuated by the belt). Can you see how his torso seems to be going in one direction, but then his waist suddently tilts? It appears his left hip (the one closest to the viewer) is a lot shorter than his right. He also seems to go a bit pear-shaped towards his butt - you can fix this by cutting away some of the overalls/belt towards the back.
>> No. 8276
Here's another promise to redline later, but I do have one comment:

* The picture is cropped very oddly. The gun and Engie's foot edges off the right side of the picture in a way that makes it looks like somebody had an accident with scissors. The left side of the picture also feels cramped to me for reasons I can't adequately explain, but it does.
>> No. 8277
that was because I re-sized it to include the legs and I am going to put more things in the BG, such as a sentry gun, etc. and will probably resize once again. I just wanted to get input on the anatomy. Thanks for the future redlining mawaru.
>> No. 8279
So I can redline properly, I angled the picture so that Engie's left leg (our right) is 100% straight.

Stuff I noticed:

1) The waist thing that mawaru mentioned. Given the angle that Engie's standing at, the belt should angle upwards, parallel to the top of the overalls.

2) The seat of Engie's pants are too high. Engie's very deliberately designed to look be wearing britches a little bit larger than his actual body size. The legs of his pants should also have folds in them where he's wearing knee protection, and there should be a clearer transition to his left (our right) boot.

3) The sight of the gun seems to point slightly to the right of the viewer, and not the viewer themselves, whereas I think it'd be more dramatic if The Engineer is About to Shoot You. (The super nitpicky part of me is also wondering what sort of gun the Engineer is using because I'm not familiar with guns and I don't see anything in Engie's loadout that looks like it, but that's mostly me being, well, me.)
>> No. 8280
File 138099859153.jpg - (77.83KB , 1201x1244 , bigdamnhero.jpg )
Oops, forgot to include the picture as well as One More Thing:

* The Engineer's overall straps are slightly angled. I've exaggerated said angle in the redline, so I suggest you look at references for a more accurate depiction.
>> No. 8282
File 138112375260.jpg - (534.86KB , 1400x1320 , thepalehorse2.jpg )
here's the newer version. Thanks for the advice, the legs look better now. I completely fucked up the frontier justice though and I may have to redo it, oh well. Will post the final when I get done.
>> No. 8300
Oh, much better! I would say that Engie's legs look a bit chunky here (he has teeny tiny chicken legs). And I'm pretty sure the attachment to the Frontier Justice is a battery/crit? pack, as opposed to a scope. You could still get away with the reflection even after changing it to a battery pack/whatever it is - just have the reflection more distorted or less crisp.

Sorry I still haven't come through with a redline for you, yet. I've got a lot on my plate and next to no time to sit down and draw... my apologies, I'll get there one day (if you still need help by that point) orz
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