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File 138102400865.jpg - (602.94KB , 1181x457 , prelimtitlething.jpg )
8281 No. 8281
Artists, writers, and SFM aficionados! We've got a Halloween themed community project going on, and would love to have everyone take part!

Signups are open until October 19th, submissions due October 26th, project releases October 31st

Interested? Info and rules here: >>/dis/14088
>> No. 8290
Just a reminder that sign ups close this Saturday (the 19th)! Final submissions aren't due until Sat 26th

There's still plenty of room left in this thing! Only 11 people have signed up so far (4 of which already submitted), so come get your spook on y'all
>> No. 8307
Friendly reminder that final submissions are due midnight Saturday October 26th EST! That's just over 24 hours left to go!

For up-to-date character and submission counts, check this post: >>/dis/14117
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