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File 138200428129.png - (281.30KB , 953x654 , 7985474.png )
8292 No. 8292
ive been drawing a bit of tf2 lately so i thought id start a thread here. probably going to be a lot of sniper.
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>> No. 8293
Hello beautiful stranger. Do stay a while. Your style is lovely and those tan lines are delicious.
>> No. 8294
File 138205541424.png - (379.38KB , 1065x718 , wt4eywte.png )
and things got gay really quickly. kind of a continuation piece.

oh thank you. im new to this whole chan thing since ive only lurked before. so i have no idea what im doing ever.
>> No. 8295
Very slight nitpick: Sniper's tan lines are too sharp considering what caused them. Only the ones on his hands might be clearly delineated and probably not even then. His glasses also wouldn't cause tan lines that deep, only a slight paleness behind the glasses (because they're translucent) and then paler lines for the frames. He also has a very subtle hat tan.
>> No. 8296
thank you for the critic. im glad to have your input. however, i think its more a matter of opinion and personal headcanons. and my headcanon is different. i will take into account the lighter sunglasses tan and hat tan, though. that sounds like fun to draw.
>> No. 8297
File 138222966466.png - (413.59KB , 984x843 , rwyhewryt.png )
tried out the different tanlines thing. not to sure about how it worked out.
>> No. 8299
HRNG dat caress, holy shit

Hmm, my only suggestion would be that the difference in skin tone in this one is still quite drastic, at least on his face. Also Engie's delightful freckling/sunspots, as adorable as they are, are quite strong in contrast. If they were toned down a bit, too, I think it would work better.

But HEY I still really dig your style. Mmmh dat anatomy. Please to be keeping it up.
>> No. 8301
I suggest you keep on experimenting so your tan lines look less like an obvious Photoshop layer effect (because in my opinion, it does). Google Image Search up some tan lines to see how they curve around the body and fuzz out a bit deepending on the material.
>> No. 8302
That sure is some unnecessary snark with your crit dotchan.
Googling farmers tan still provides plenty of examples of drastic skin tone tans. red eye jedi could stand to blur the shades some but it's not entirely unrealistic and still clearly a choice made out of preference rather than ignorance.
>> No. 8345
File 138463544332.png - (285.94KB , 1000x916 , esyhtrhyr.png )
i drew something that isnt shipping. i might do more in a similar fashion. if i can remember. so i guess that's a hesitant no.
>> No. 8350
File 138543807049.png - (162.55KB , 1340x1009 , rsyjsryhjrs.png )
someone was like outback steakhouse and i was like shit yea so i drew trucks n vans on a romantic steak dinner date.
>> No. 8366
Sniper could use more manjaw and the characteristic underbite (all of the TF2 classes save Pyro have them, but his looks the most pronounced, IMO).

Engie's also not quite..."Engie" enough, for lack of a better description. I think it's probably because I'm not used to seeing him without his goggles on, but there's minor details about him that are off that make him look kind of nondescript.
>> No. 8380
File 138668212831.png - (439.83KB , 1380x1187 , rsyjrsyjuts.png )
someone drew sniper with a beard, saying hed probs have one in the comic updates when he showed up, and i really liked that idea. so i drew it. and made it gay.
>> No. 8382
I like the beard a lot. Reminds me of Dr. Gordon Freeman.

I'd actually be totally okay with more Valve crossover crackshipping, I miss when there was a bunch of Medic x Gordon stuff in the fandom.

(I know the above isn't criticism, but I have nothing really constructive to say other than I think your art could benefit from some shading. But a lot of people leave out shading because shit is hard and I feel them on that.)
>> No. 8383
Hrng. This thread. The diabeetus.

>Dr Freeman
That's who it reminds me of! I do dig the beard though. Would love to see more shaggy mercs every now and then - makes them see a little more real, like most guys I know who mess around with facial hair styling...

I don't have critique to give right now as I need to do a redline to explain properly (and am lacking in time today). Mostly just on the huntsman pic, but also in regards to jawlines. Pretty much what Dot said above.

Still love your arts though. I'm a bit on the fence about shading, because you clearly put effort and detail into the rest of your work, but at the same time I'm kind of curious how it would look on your art. Would definitely make some of the dynamic poses really pop, or at least enhance the scene atmosphere (sweet romantic lighting in >>8350 maybe? Mmm..)
>> No. 8385
yeah i should probably shade stuff but i kind of hate coloring, even flat colors just make me go. ugh. but ive done it before, so. i can try. but i s2g im the worst at it.

i should probably stop drawing so much shipping but. wheres the fun in that? i really love dude with beard. facial hair is great. now uh, id appreciate stuff on the huntsman, cause i didnt have any refs except for the huntsman, so. but idk if id change it. im basically the laziest person. however, i have been experimenting with jawlines. i only have a sketch for that, though. helmet party doodle, not sure i should post it until its done...
>> No. 8386
File 138680501439.png - (885.10KB , 1084x863 , sryjhdsyrj.png )
i finish the helmet party,, i basically never draw anyone in tf2 w/ hat and i think thats sad... ah well. anyways this is what it looks like when i shade things,,
note: probs never gonna do it again.
>> No. 8387
File 138680760880.png - (241.92KB , 575x1037 , utdki8yuid6t8uokd6.png )
drew hat,,
>> No. 8388

Umph, dat delicious volume information! It could use a bit more blending, and maybe some rim lighting (i.e. a thin strip of highlight on the shadowed side of the body to imply reflected/diffused light from the environment), but please do more of this! What program are you using?
>> No. 8389
i use paint tool sai, a free version,, if you have any tutorials on painting/blending/rendering, i would really appreciate it, all the ones ive seen havent helped me any! im real lost, its one reason i dont shade much, aside from chronic laziness...
>> No. 8390

Wouldn't be able to help you with Sai. I use Corel Painter and I love how well it emulates real media.
>> No. 8391
File 13871084593.jpg - (560.95KB , 1167x916 , for red eye1.jpg )
I'll have to do the redlines over time because I had this grand plan to redline a few today and burned out after one. Sorry friend.

Anyhow, I think I figured out the issue. If you have a look at the reference photo, archers' arms follow more or less a straight line, through the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. First bends in the fingers (1st set of knuckles? 2nd set?? what is the correct anatomical term for them?) should also point forward along this line, as any other position would mean a bend in the wrist. From what I recall of the little archery I've done in the past, a bent wrist usually leads to hitting your arm with the bow string upon release, so... not ideal posture.

You also had Snipes' head a bit low, so I gave him more neck. Had to shift the perspective on his body, too, to match the perspective of his arms.

I'll do another one for you on jawlines next time, if you want it. You'll probably have a shiny new piece done by the time I get up to it, though, haha
>> No. 8393
o ok, i might rework it or something, but ive got 3 things im doin right now and im tryin to get all 3 done by christmas so, shit,, but ive been workin on jawlines, got a reference for all the characters heads at every angle, so its helped a bit. i think i got some kinda style issue with pushing the facial proportions as much as the models, but im tryin to work around that. sorta debating whether or not i should leave a wip,, doin a demo/snipe holiday thing,
>> No. 8405
haha good god, you don't have to rework it - I only ever supply redlines as a means to help others see things from a different angle for next time. Sometimes people do rework the original piece, but don't feel any pressure. It's just for you and your own reference.

Can't wait to see what you make next, hrng
>> No. 8407
oh phew good cause i am way lazy and i just ,dont even ask me to change anything past the lineart cause i am done once those lines are done.

also im vaguely upset no one commented on dorito faced sniper , gosh,
>> No. 8408
File 138760237944.png - (670.88KB , 1348x1146 , mmetdymn.png )
here is sketch of thing i hope to finish someday, but probably wont, because its 5 days until christmas,,, goddamn.
>> No. 8411
File 138793054945.png - (657.14KB , 1348x1146 , mmetdymn3.png )
happy holidays!!!
>> No. 8419
File 138852126452.png - (1.09MB , 2444x1100 , conhodfh.png )
i tried to make comic, and this is it. tiny demo,, this is my first time making a comic in a long time, i hope it makes some sense.
>> No. 8420
Dorbs. The whole thing gives me the fuzzy-wuzzies.

Oh teeny Demu, why so small
The perspective here is great, too! Are we going to be treated to more Tiny Husband Problem comics?
>> No. 8425
there are a lot of reasons uhm, one is cause i got a tiny red demo figure for christmas, and another is cause i need short prompts to practice comic making on, so, yeah. and yes! if i have more ideas there will be more, maybe with other tiny husbands? or not, you know, there isnt much better than a tiny demoman, imho. thank you for kind words, also. i have received a lot of them, for the comic in particular, and it makes me eager to draw more.
>> No. 8427
File 138999711166.png - (204.17KB , 1326x1003 , side.png )
wow i actually drew them in their normal outfits,,
>> No. 8428
Holy shit this style is amazing! Also vanilla outfits. Ain't gonna complain, though I do adore them when they're stripped down to their undershirts, too. Your art makes me smile.

There were two little nitpicks I had, though:

The highlights on their shirts really stand out in a slightly annoying way, in that they compete for my eye's attention (mostly on Sniper's shirt). I think that's because the colour values for those highlights are really vibrant in comparison to the rest of the piece - if you had used more vibrant tones overall they would be fine, or you could reduce the vibrancy to better match the rest of the palette.

Demo's face seems a little flat, too, but I think that's mostly because you've shaded his left eye (the one with the eyepatch) quite darkly - compare it to the other eye to see what I mean. It gives the impression that part of his face is quite sunken into his skull, and though eyes are set into the skull they're not that deep.

But yeah, mostly just colouring/shading nitpicks, which I know I struggle with myself when using more offbeat styles. Practice makes perfect, and you've really improved since you first started posting, so go you!
>> No. 8429
File 139085699663.png - (1.73MB , 3005x2100 , rtyusdrtduy.png )
ah yes, i see what you mean in both cases. im thinking of fixing it, seeing as im using it for something else, so if i do ill post the redone version. but thank u! im glad to be told ive improved, my goal is to never stay stagnant, so its nice to read.

that said, here is another tiny husband problems, which i was uncertain about posting, but oh well.
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