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File 138364305195.jpg - (15.79KB , 251x356 , scrap3012.jpg )
8318 No. 8318
Just working on improving the arts, help redline/constructive criticism?
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>> No. 8319
File 138364434323.jpg - (69.47KB , 500x700 , scrap3013.jpg )
it's past midnight. stupid sketch and try again in the morning.
>> No. 8327
Dat smile

I can see what you're doing with your style, but the one thing that is amiss would be lack of characteristic features - in this case, Medic's manry jaw and Spy's largeish shnoz.

Unfortunately I am out of the country and therefore unable to draw you a redline. Hopefully someone else can explain better otherwise you'll have to wait until I get home in another week

Do keep it up. Try some studies of the merc's heads, focusing on their prominent features, to help with your style!
>> No. 8336
File 138409861419.jpg - (99.22KB , 475x356 , red line.jpg )
They're looking good so far. I hope this helps

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