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File 139623625419.png - (1.44MB , 2208x3023 , Pestilence.png )
8453 No. 8453
first time poster. plague doctor medic is good for the soul.
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>> No. 8454
File 139644003594.png - (515.21KB , 2340x3240 , vt.png )
maybe ill do some more
>> No. 8455
My immediate gut reaction to both of these is that they need a lot more contrast. Even if it's done as an intentional effect, Medic disappears too much into the folds of his cloak and the background.
>> No. 8456
ok, ill start contrasting!
>> No. 8469

dotchan summed that up perfectly but right when i was going to click out i saw your art and i wanted to say that it looks cool. favorite medic misc 5ever
>> No. 8475
File 139907888061.png - (171.74KB , 585x742 , Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 9_00_39 PM.png )
thank you for the help, I did some more, and decided to come off anon (finally)
>> No. 8538
These are fucking gorgeous. Dark and moody and clean? All my yes.

The amount of contrast in this one is great, definitely an improvement over the others.

I'd love to see you work this style with the other classes, too... But hey, if all you're into is Medic, I can't complain there either. Keep on with what you're doing, I look forward to more.
>> No. 8664
File 142656082347.png - (180.53KB , 414x787 , medick.png )
back from a dry spell
>> No. 8665
File 142656090786.jpg - (48.49KB , 786x1017 , drip_by_heavyartillerybot-d88efk6.jpg )
-hopes im posting right-
>> No. 8666
That block shaded, no contours thing you did there is working so hard.
>> No. 8823
gorgeous work. I love these dark, muted tones.

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