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File 14255961933.jpg - (91.49KB , 758x1053 , g_day__by_plushabilities-d8jde5b.jpg )
8647 No. 8647
So uh plushies, you guys make them?

I'm working on a set of the whole RED team+ Miss Pauling and Merasmus. So far Spy, Sniper, Medic, and Engineer are done. I'll post Spy here when I can get a better pic but here's the rest of them for now.
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>> No. 8648
File 14255962872.jpg - (246.42KB , 1428x1280 , Medic0.jpg )
I know Medic is missing his glasses but they're less chunky than ether Engineer's goggle or Sniper's shades so I need a better solution on how to make them.
>> No. 8649
File 14255963667.jpg - (309.74KB , 862x1280 , Engineer1.jpg )
And here's Engi, who is actually the same height as the rest. The only one that's getting a different body pattern is Heavy (and maybe Pauling).
>> No. 8650
File 142560763590.gif - (602.45KB , 200x189 , gasm.gif )
These are really fucking cute, holy shit. Dat detail on the medpack and sentry. Moar!

Oh, and with Medic's glasses.. have you thought of making them out of craft wire or some such? Or would you prefer them to be plush in feel/actually made of fabric?
>> No. 8651

Thank you! Demoman is next because Heavy is getting a custom body pattern.

The issue is I'd want them to be A) lense'd, B) as perfectly round as possible, and C) as fabric as possible so wire is tough. Maybe some kind of wrapped wire? I'll do more tests
>> No. 8653
What did you use for Sniper's lenses?

One option is hand-stitching felt into the glasses' frame shape, with projector film/some kind of thin, clear plastic for the lenses. If it's something as lightweight as projector film and felt, you probably wouldn't need a wire inside the fabric frames.

I only suggested wire thinking you'd have it uncovered, since it would probably be easiest to just bend wire into the right shape.
>> No. 8654
His lenses are PVC film. The issue with medic is keeping the frames thin. I might just switch to a dark grey felt for his frame to downplay the size, as the black might be too bold.
>> No. 8655
I don't make plushies (or cosplay) myself, I haven't the slightest idea how to sew, or how much it would cost. But I love these, they're adorable!
>> No. 8660
You might consider making frames out of flexible plastic strands (you can split nylon boning down the middle, or even just repurpose zip-ties) for a thin, flexible base that will hold and recover its shape. If you want to keep the "all fabric" look, you can wrap the plastic frame in thread.
>> No. 8662
That may work, I'll have to do some tests. Nylon is probably going to be my best bet because it's tough and flexible even when thin.
>> No. 8672
File 142706361555.jpg - (256.76KB , 956x1280 , Scottish Resistance1.jpg )
I haven't made much headway in updating Sniper/Medic's specs, but I DID finish Demoman and got new pics of Spy. Enjoy!
>> No. 8673
File 142706369436.jpg - (613.09KB , 1123x1745 , Ka-BOOM.jpg )
So far Engineer and Demoman are the only ones with the mixed wire gauges in their armatures. I think it'll be the standard for the rest.
>> No. 8674
File 142706374838.jpg - (266.67KB , 956x1280 , Oh Merde.jpg )
And lastly, new photo of Spy.

Sadly the intel is back in New Jersey but I guess that's all the better for BLU team.
>> No. 8732
These are super awesome and well done holy cow, I could and would cuddle that sentry

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