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File 143531748685.png - (48.84KB , 877x620 , let's dance.png )
8738 No. 8738
Oh, what the heck. I've enjoyed the Chan for so long, I feel it's time to make a thread.

Let's start with some older art.
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>> No. 8742
Oh woah, I didn't realize this wasn't pixel art until I clicked on it. Is it a dancing contest? Cause that's what the intense expressions make me think.
>> No. 8752
File 143555041274.png - (111.61KB , 620x1050 , THAT HEAVY IS A SPY.png )

Ha, it does look a little like pixel art in the thumbnail. No contest, merely the exhilaration of dancing!

This one was the first picture I put on TF2Chan, about four years ago. There's a long way to go; the characters are decently distinct, but the faces don't quite fit the Jaw Fortress style yet.
>> No. 8754
File 143555073934.png - (73.66KB , 620x382 , THAT HEAVY IS not exactly complaining.png )
Aaaaand the silly version.
>> No. 8757

KEK, If I was that Heavy I wouldn't be complaining much either.

One thing I notice about the Heavies in each one is that their fronts are pretty flat in line with the fronts of their faces, and based on the official art I think his ribcage should curve outward more. But heck, you said so yourself that these are from four years ago, I bet your style looks hella different now!
>> No. 8765
File 143582476847.png - (454.74KB , 544x735 , sad hoovy is sad.png )
I agree, the profile is definitely off. I was making the mistake of starting with a base figure in my style and then tweaking it towards the characters, rather than starting with the characters as reference.

Looking back on this one, I can almost see the gears turning in my head. "Man, this has got to be the biggest jaw I've ever drawn on a character. That's gotta be enough, right?" But nope, not yet!
>> No. 8781
File 143630129843.png - (34.25KB , 250x250 , jaw.png )
Oh gosh yeah I can see how that'd be easy to do.

It is a pretty huge jaw! But holy cow that Heavy looks positively despondent, what happened?
>> No. 8786
File 143640144057.png - (211.96KB , 526x706 , schkout.png )
At last, the perfect amount of jaw! We've achieved it!

Right, this picture. I had an idea for a fanfiction where the Heavy is angsting over the Medic rather than vice versa, and drew one of the scenes. I'm finally making some progress on that, actually! Who knows, at this rate I might even finish it within the decade.

Here's a Scoot, checking he remembers all of his favourite insults. "Chucklehead... numbnuts... bozo... tough guy..."
>> No. 8793
File 143684688593.png - (585.04KB , 877x620 , heavyweaponsshy and iamfullycharged.png )
Some TF2 RP characters I enjoyed reading.
>> No. 8806

>Jaw amount
Oh you know it

>Sad Hoovy
Oh huh! Well there you go, there's your 2025 new year's resolution. If I went digging enough would I find a thread of yours in fanfic?
>> No. 8808
File 143787744451.png - (264.72KB , 765x822 , final touches.png )
It's nice to be complete.

No thread yet; to avoid long waits between updates, I plan to finish writing the majority of the fanfiction before publishing.
>> No. 8810

Ooh, I like the sort of "painty" feel this has! :7 And the blueprint is a nice touch.

Kek good idea, waiting is the most agonizing part. Best of luck with it!
>> No. 8835
File 14391037464.png - (154.16KB , 1124x831 , tfw.png )
Thankyou kindly! I do enjoy the occasional painting.

Here's a Heavy Lifting Guy.
>> No. 8883
He's absolutely radiating good vibes from all of that lift. The quest for jaw continues!
>> No. 9113
File 145392869254.jpg - (16.68KB , 148x206 , HVY.jpg )
this is a bad spray
>> No. 9134
This thread is for Nominel's art only.

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