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[Dreams do come true~] Sniper x fpov (first point of view, "I", (1)

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so very first fan fiction i wrote a fair while back last year and i decided to spruce it up a little and post it .-. hopefully you people like it :) let me know what you think and where i could improve. Thanks
Have fun reading!

TF2 original sniperxFPOV/reader fanfiction story written by PieSky~

I always enjoyed the early hours of the morning. How it was so calm and refreshing to the mind, allowing deeper thoughts to flow through with ease; pushing out the stress of each day. The air inside the base was cool and had settled slowly, giving an eerily quiet atmosphere. It had the recognizable sweet and musky scent of spy's fancy French air spray as he tends to spray it around the base every night so he doesn't have to wake up to, and i quote him, "The putrid scent of sweat and other bodily odors". considering that the entire base is full of men and then there is also me. i don't blame him. In fact, i whole heatedly thank him for the gift of not having my nostrils assaulted each morning. I let out a deep seeded chuckle under my breath and sighed. My breath rose in front of my eyes; it looked like a cloud. I liked how cold air did that to warm air.

I stood in the middle of the lounge room and closed my eyes; completely plummeting my sight into darkness. deep and wondrous thoughts flooded my mind and i wrapped my arms around my waist, gently swaying to the music playing inside my head.
[A/N: Make you feel by Alina Baraz and Galimatias]
Just when i felt as though i was more relaxed than i had ever been and i had entered a Dream state, the sudden sound of a vehicle broke my trance and sprung me right into action.

what the hell.. no one is supposed to be out at this time..in fact everyone here is asleep

headlights shined brilliantly through the window, casting dark shadows throughout the room and down the hall. My eyes strained to gain clear vision but couldn't get it. I closed my eyes again and navigated around the lounge in darkness and eventually found the couch. I jumped behind the couch and crouched down, hoping to god i wouldn't be found.

..That has to be the other team.. but what the heck are they doing? it's after hours. I got to go warn someone

Still crouching, I raised up a little and started quietly stepping towards the hallway that leads to the rooms, careful to skip the known creaky floorboards. the door handle started to turn and i quickly stood upright and looked towards the kitchen/dining area which was the next room over from the lounge. Flicking my eyes back across to the door handle, i made an executive decision and bolted straight for the utensils drawer, opening it and frantically searching for a knife of somewhat. Luckily enough for me, there just happened to be one lying around hiding under all the forks. I snatched it and closed the drawer, diving back towards the couch to hide.
The door slowly creaked open

Just in time...

I slowly and anxiously thought to myself. It echoed through my head like they were going to be my last words.
The lights switched on and the door closed. A body fell heavily on the couch and it let out hefty flat sigh; Mumbling unintelligible words and swears under their breath.

The person sat up and lent up against the couch, leaning their head over the back.
I sprung up and carefully pushed the knife up against their neck, careful not to pierce the skin and whispered harshly into their ear

"Give me one good reason why i shouldn't kill you right here and now.."

The eyes of the person were the most beautiful blue i had ever seen and yet they were wide and full of trembling fear. That was until they flicked their eyes back to scan my face. They soon relaxed and looked welcoming.

The realization hit me like a brick to the face.

..It's only sniper. Calm down.

Adrenaline coursed through my veins and my heart pounded like a thousand drums

"Well hello there sheila, this is quite the surprise. what're doin' at this hour of the morning?"

His voice sounded husky and tired, a yawn escaping mid sentence

"I could ask you the same question, snipes"

I hissed back at him sharply

"Well, 'oi was out on a little adventure and i decided it was time to come back"


I replied with obvious irritancy in my tone.

"Aw c'mon [Y/N], I'm sorry i scared ya'. I didn't mean to"

Sniper's apologetic words had a hint of shame in them that shined through like a star

"..It's okay. I'm sorry for.. well, nearly killing you"

Sniper chuckled playfully.

"I've had worse"

He reassured me.
Sniper patted the free spot on the couch next to him and i calmly accepted his offer.
I walked around to the other side of the couch and sat down on the now taken seat. I didn't notice how cold i actually was until i could feel the heat radiating off of sniper's body and feel the coldness of the couch seat.
Shivering slightly, I lifted my hands up and put them up in front of sniper, like you would with a campfire on a cold night.

"Hehe.. you're so warm."

He smiled and lightly nudged my arm

"So can i ask, What were you doing on your 'little adventure' anyway?"

Sniper dropped his chin onto his clenched fist and thought for a moment. I swear i could hear the gears turning in his head trying to think of a good enough answer to give me.

"Well, I was out looking for something."

I became curious and continued my assault on him of ponderous questions

"What were you looking for? and Why?"

Sniper looked me up and down in the corner of his right eye

"Just.. something"

And with that, he looked forward again with a cheeky smirk playing on his lips.
His answer avoided my question but his voice was playful and secretive

"Oookay then.."

I decided to go along with it and just 'ignore' it. i'll get my answer eventually; I always do.
A shiver ran up my spine and dispersed throughout my body. My teeth gritted and the fine hairs on my skin stood high.
Sniper noticed this and wrapped a blanket around my small and petite body.

"Oh..Uh thanks"

I turned my head slightly to the left and looked sniper up and down. My cheeks were painted red and a faint smile began to appear upon my face.

"You just look cold, is all."

He smiled coolly at me

"Are..are you blushing? That's adorable. you know, even though on the outside you look dangerous, you're really just a kitten under it all."

It took me a moment to process but as soon as i heard his 'kitten' remark, I felt slightly offended.

"Kitten?! who do you think i am? some bloody 5 year old kid?"

Even though he was right, i still didn't like to be seen as a softie. as vulnerable.

"Hahah -ah i'm sorry but that's what i see. you can't blame me"

"Fine... Hardy harr smarty pants. you caught me out"

I responded dryly with sarcasm to his view, giving him a light punch in the arm and a warm smile. I hated that he was right but i now couldn't hide from him how much of a softie i really was.
With the silence setting in, i turned around to look at the clock hung on the wall
The clock read 2:30am
A yawn escaped my lips and my senses began to slow down again for my body to rest peacefully.

"Well, i think i'm going to call it a night. It was nice talking to you for a bit. See you tomorrow on the field, eh?"

he lent over and placed a gentle kiss on my right cheek right cheek. His 5 o' clock stubble lightly tickling the sensitive skin.

"Awh okay then.. Goodnight, Darl"

Getting up from the couch, i started to walk away until i felt a hand grab a hold of my wrist and pull me back.

"I wasn't quite done with saying goodnight"

And with that, he pulled me into his arms and mashed his lips together with mine. they were slightly cracked from sun damage but majorly soft. he ran his left hand through my hair and his right fingers lingered at my chin and jawline.
but as soon as it had begun, he pulled away; leaving me lingering for what felt like forever until my realization snapped back in.

"Now you can go. goodnight~"

I got up, dumbstruck and smiling like a complete idiot but as happy as a could possibly be.
Dreams do come true then..

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This is mostly generic feedback, I don't have the mental energy to do a line by line thing right now.

1) Lack of proper capitalization/punctuation--if nothing else, please fix that.
2) Anachronisms--TF2 canon puts the timeline somewhere around 1960s/1970s America in terms of society, plus some modern and futuristic technology.
3) Lack of information about the POV character--how long have they been around? Wouldn't they have known that Sniper has a penchant for creeping around at odd hours? What's their relationship with the team as a whole and vice versa?
4) Sniper feels out of character for me. He's a guy who claims to be a consummate professional--and nothing's more unprofessional than workplace romance. So how'd he get to the point of thinking it might be a good idea to kiss the POV character, even if it's in the dead of night? (He didn't even check if there were any snooping Spies about, or see if they were being filmed by the eleventy billion cameras the Administrator has lying around.)
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