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File 134163505076.jpg - (17.55KB , 300x300 , figure_and_blocks_by_cable9tuba-d4dkynk.jpg )
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Because the old one has saged
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>> No. 1206
File 134450579234.jpg - (197.20KB , 900x1200 , spoonin_by_cerberuseros-d45ncdn.jpg )
>> No. 1207
File 134450584188.jpg - (493.89KB , 600x900 , touch_me__touch_me_by_alekandro-d59ycvw.jpg )
Hairy ass, shaved back?
>> No. 1225
File 13496920273.jpg - (277.30KB , 900x1333 , Planning_the_Next_Hunt_by_ColonelLiamRoss.jpg )
Medieval German Hunting Costume. Medic, anyone?

File 134848692191.jpg - (25.28KB , 851x315 , alvin_tan.jpg )
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Found this asian hooker during tour.
Need more sauce/related pics.

File 133960237941.jpg - (536.85KB , 664x1000 , 0bfa34c53eeb7c8124cddc6d127d3a77-d52tzf2.jpg )
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Or even regular fanart... All from DA
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>> No. 1099
File 134156871012.jpg - (41.05KB , 800x532 , diagonal_back_scape_by_illicitdreamer-d55tyxp.jpg )
nice back
>> No. 1100
File 134156874933.jpg - (299.36KB , 900x1354 , fenceworks_by_aadnicolaas-d4nw1zr.jpg )
Make your own angel
>> No. 1101
File 134156879579.jpg - (591.90KB , 1200x1600 , male_torso_with_blue_jeans_by_dixsteele-d4wme2k.jpg )
go blue

File 128921175159.jpg - (329.30KB , 574x658 , BUTTSEVERYWHERE.jpg )
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I won't lie. What happened was a real bummer, and I hope we never have to go through that again.

Anyway, reposting the thread.
Anyone who wants to post their own, they're very welcome to do so.
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>> No. 753
Has/Can anyone photoshop demo over the oldspice guy?

Captcha: Heavy obayer
Hmmmm, I think it's trying to tell me something...
>> No. 784
File 13307915374.jpg - (29.80KB , 407x405 , Demon-spice.jpg )
here ya go
>> No. 787
File 133079526847.jpg - (25.99KB , 367x359 , old-spice-terry-crews-2.jpg )

File 129676388389.jpg - (272.64KB , 840x1050 , 599454 - Army Don\'t_Ask_Don\'t_Tell Lad.jpg )
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See the title.

Have this to kick things off.
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>> No. 778
File 132725335532.jpg - (32.00KB , 492x454 , 129138449128042263.jpg )
I had to. Because Star Trek is hilariously gay.
>> No. 779
File 132742829567.jpg - (138.44KB , 600x325 , bees.jpg )
>> No. 781
File 132829156770.jpg - (304.68KB , 886x733 , 1327059034620.jpg )
i love the internet

File 132338486689.jpg - (186.76KB , 800x769 , 132253585835.jpg )
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But this character in Tagame's new manga really looks like our Engineer, using his genius on evil erotism. Apparently the various tubes were designed to increase sexual tension in a person indefinitely at the same time plugging the victim so he cannot ejaculate. It's been a few days (or few weeks?) since the facility was first applied.

If this type of pics is ok for the moderator, I will post more.
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>> No. 769
do want.
>> No. 770
>> No. 771
That's where I got it, yes, but I thought TF2 fans might find it amusing, because the victim is a military personal, i.e., a soldier too. Helmet party not so much, but there's a ring :)

File 131072073255.jpg - (90.91KB , 504x360 , Gaynezz.jpg )
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When good sex turns... Just... Terrible. I'll start you all off with one I found just tonight that made my stomach lurch with horror.


Here's another one that's ten times better when it comes to not being vomit-inducing.


This IS a porn site, so be careful for viruses and the like, but I've been using this place for a while, and I haven't had any problems.

Hope this thread is kosher - if not, just get a mod to lock or delete it.
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>> No. 729
OP, here. Gonna have to ask you to delete your comment there, buddy. If they want to know what happens, they should have to suffer for their curiosity like the rest of us! (Else no one would ever watch the thing.)

Like I said, please delete this comment so that it can stay a surprise.
>> No. 730
Grah. Fine, mods. I'm still a little pissed, but I understand.
>> No. 731
In other news, here, have some more funnies. Nothing gag-worthy - just a girl who's really giggly. It's actually pretty cute.


File 12891799903.jpg - (41.29KB , 300x500 , 1196494855357.jpg )
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Post some fucking gay laywers.
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>> No. 490
File 130358289465.jpg - (117.53KB , 800x800 , 7273544_p3.jpg )
>> No. 491
File 130358292166.jpg - (126.32KB , 800x800 , 7273544_p4.jpg )
I fucking love Pixiv.
>> No. 719

This statement is highly appropriate for this thread given its high Gumshoe concentration.

File 129135131774.png - (240.03KB , 298x398 , LacesAndThighs.png )
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This company offers crossdressing lingerie, dresses, thighs and related items for men. I found it on Regretsy and thought I'd share for all the crossdressing lovers among the channers. Enjoy!

(The images are kinda icky to save, you gotta screencap them. But the models are real hotties!)
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>> No. 280
You don't need to screencap them, just right click the image and either save it or open it in a new window (in firefox with NoScript anyway).

Case in point, PENIS: http://I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMPress.com/media/images/product/2055-L.jpg
>> No. 281

Um, replace I AM A FAGGOT HUMP MY RUMP with the letters X and D of course...
>> No. 403
File 130327691240.jpg - (154.14KB , 900x1200 , 2571-L.jpg )
Heh heh heh heh heh.

In Chrome, you can't right-click and go 'open image in new tab/window' because the scripts on the page are silly.

So instead right-click and go 'inspect element', and click the link to the image shown. Tadah!

File 130102207822.jpg - (44.31KB , 294x500 , xkillerqueens.jpg )
345 No. 345 hide watch quickreply [Reply]

Oh, yes, yes indeed.

Would someone whose shoop skills are superior to mine be inclined to change these gentlemen's uniforms from olive-drab to RED and BLU?
>> No. 349
File 130115031956.jpg - (59.23KB , 294x500 , HeythereSoldier.jpg )
Is this ok?
>> No. 362
AAaahahah! I owe ya, Sparky!
>> No. 366
sparky post this in that thread in /dis/

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