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File 130169098819.jpg - (54.15KB , 400x400 , 022.jpg )
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My old computer blew up and I lost all my folders including my collection of afanart. I was wondering if anyone remembers having a link to a mediafire file which contained a large collection of adult fanart pictures organized into folders with different classes? I'd thank you forever if you could provide it.
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>> No. 491
Wasn't what I was looking for but thanks for the link anyways.
>> No. 492
>> No. 493

Link to original thread: http://boards.4chan.org/y/res/1633389

File 130889405787.jpg - (258.66KB , 1280x800 , tumblr_lahvcm5DIh1qc4deb.jpg )
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Okay, best time to get sentimental here, with Meet the Medic out and TF2 becoming free to play and all that.

According to my mercenary badge, I've started playing TF2 on the 10th of June 2010. Since then I've sent 376 hours of my life playing it, made 17 pages worth of posts about it on Hipstr, have drawn several pieces of fanart, started writing fanfiction, have enjoyed many pieces of erotic works and most importantly: Met a ton of amazing people I call friends today.

TF2 fandom, I'd like to bring a toast out to you. You are full of wonderful people who enjoy a wonderful game made by a wonderful company. Many of you are dear and close friends to me today and I wouldn't give you up for the world.

Thanks for all the fun times, TF2 fandom. Never stop being cool.
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>> No. 512
I stalk here since anonib times...
>> No. 513
we were on anonib once?
>> No. 514
I just found the chan because of Rule36.
It was a time for me where i was curious for which fandoms it gave such sites which included adultfanart and aultfanfictions.
Before i played TF2 just briefly at the free weekend demoversion. I had barrely time to get really into it so i just forgot about it later even if i had some fun.
But because i had some frineds at the L4D Fandom who played Team Fortress 2 recently i thought:
Well, why not search for such a site which had the Team Fortress 2 characters in it?
And i came here. I was stunned and intriguded.
So many great artstyles and well written fanfictions. Every class with his own personalitiy/lines. The game had character. So it ITCHED me to play it.
Long story short: I found the TF2chan, bought the Orange Box, found my currently Steamgroup and i´m almost a 7/24 TF2 player now.

So a toast to you channers! I consider you my blessing and my curse!

File 13083674207.jpg - (55.02KB , 256x256 , damnit-1.jpg )
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Ok, so here's what happened. Im just gonna post what I told Nyx.

Late night Mantrain is freaky stuff.
Get on, two people are in already as two crouching scouts just circling each other. I run up to see what the hell they are doing, they both stop, stare at me for five seconds then disconnect at the same time without sayin a word.

What the hell did I just stumble upon, and when I say disconnect at the same time, I mean the exact same micro second, both were gone. Is there any rituals that happen on the Mantrain no one filled me in on? Anyone else found somethin... weird in the server?
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>> No. 527
Oh god what?
>> No. 529
The BLU scout will now burst into baby scouts upon impact with the ground.
>> No. 530

Funny how there's a thread there and here about scout maiting ritual in degroot.

File 130516294062.jpg - (203.14KB , 566x604 , 129791182713.jpg )
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I realize that this is somewhat after the fact, and it's been there all along (I just never thought to go looking for it). Nevertheless, I feel that I must share this momentous occasion with you all. I now have reading material for at least the next few days.


I love you guys. Just want you to know that.
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>> No. 534
I clicked it and I'm not in any way sorry.

I don't think this thread has any actual point, per se. Maybe to highlight the fact that the archives exist, and they are delicious?

Or to highlight the fact that I once again have insomnia, and apparently this results in an insatiable urge to post random stuff in /offtopic/.
>> US No. 535
Huh. I never browsed the archives before. Thanks for pointing that out.
>> US No. 536
There's a tab right on the front page that says ARCHIVES. Seriously guys, use your eyes please.

File 130077388963.jpg - (333.10KB , 824x1163 , SPY.jpg )
537 No. 537 Locked hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
i apologise if this causes drama or is in the wrong place.
chan i am somewhat dissapoint. just because something isn't in workshop doesn't mean it is immune to critique. the best way for an artist to grow is when someone spots something in it thats messed and obvious and tells the creator that its fucked so they can go unfuck it.
we seem scared mostly to critic for fear of scaring away the artist even though they know its the chan and they should expect it.
some have but more could.
pic unrelated.
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>> AU No. 544
I find myself agreeing with the OP, on everything. I think some of us might be a little afraid of giving critique, especially on more well-known artists, because we're afraid we might be wrong.
The artist in question might have made a seemingly glaring mistake in their piece, but because they are perceived to be so much more skilled and knowledgeable than the overall percentage of the chan, someone like me might be afraid of making ourselves look silly if such a mistake was calmly and easily explained away (e.g. "oh, his shoulder actually is dislocated").
I agree that nobody should be exempt from critique, because critique isn't just criticism for the sake of being a dick- which is what a lot of newbie artists perceive it as- it's the nutritious Mother's Milk of the art world that helps an artist develop and improve.

Just my two cents. Sorry if I don't make much sense, I'm super groggy ATM. Durr
>> PL No. 545
It's late and I apologize if stuff doesn't make a lot of sense in here.
Also oh hey that piece looks familiar. herp derp


Haha, yeah, actually someone pointed out in the original thread that his shoulder is dislocated, I wasn't really in the need of changing it, but I acknowledged the mistake and made sure to double check in the future. Sometimes when you stare for so long at one piece you are so sick of it that you don't care about mistakes, only when you look at it after a while and think 'how could I approve of THAT'.

Critique is welcomed, of course, but there's a difference between destructive and constructive criticism. I'd prefer critique over no feedback at all, because sometimes I don't know if I'm drawing/posting only for myself for example. Also we could use more redlines (not just with text) even in the /fanart/ board.
Ok example of destructive criticism aka borderline douchebaggery: "It looks like something someone from 5th grade did".
While constructive is: "This would look better if you'd move it a little to the left because etc. etc., or this arm/leg/torso is out of proportion, I'll show you how to fix it"

It's equally not helpful when someone writes 'lol this sux' or writes nada. So basically, what Perry said.

The thing is, everybody makes mistakes. The whole process of learning is most important. Even if fanart is done mostly for fun, it's also part of said process.
>> US No. 546
I think Combat, Perry, Tanner and Teapot have made th chan's position on critique perfectly clear: be helpful and don't be a dick, and take crit like a man, shorty. Together, we can make the chan awesomer.

Now, I think we've beaten this dead horse enough, don't you?

File 129614952424.gif - (347.57KB , 350x250 , 1197.gif )
547 No. 547 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Testing. Testing.

1 2 3
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>> US No. 563
>> US No. 564
Hey, do flags still work?
>> US No. 565

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