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File 135085754983.png - (130.34KB , 259x315 , tf2christmas.png )
1112 No. 1112
Would anyone be interested in doing a Secret Santa Exchange this year?

For new members of the ‘chan, the Secret Santa Exchange is an event in December where artists and writers each create a gift (a drawing or story) for an anonymous person in the fandom and receive a gift in return. You can see last year’s gifts here:

Art: http://tf2chan.net/dis/res/11026.html
Stories: http://tf2chan.net/afanfic/res/9426.html

I’m asking because I’d volunteer to manage it, in case no one else steps forward. I’ve asked Kilo, who did an excellent job last year, and I’ve asked the TF2chan mods, but unfortunately it seems they’re all prevented from taking on the task. I’ll have the time for it in December, though, and I loved how the community came together last winter to create some amazing art and stories.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in participating. If you guys are okay with me managing it, I will post details on how to sign up in mid-November.
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>> No. 1113
I'm really interested in another Secret Santa this year. I think even if this doesn't get too many replies you should let people know on other sites. I don't think /inception/ gets many clicks.
>> No. 1114
Last year was mega fun, I'd be stoked to offer my services! Like iBro said though, I'd recommend posting about it in /fanfic/ and /fanart/ and their Adult counterparts.
>> No. 1115
If anyone does make other threads to advertise, please hop into the TF2 Circlejerk on Steam right away to tell us, so that we can sticky them proper. I'm a bit tired tonight and don't quite know the best way to promote this, so I'll leave that to the better understanding partakers of this seasonal event.
>> No. 1116
I could help, I organised most of one, one year.
>> No. 1117
I definitely want to participate in this again! Had fun the last two years, so I've been looking forward to another round of Secret Santa (which is so far the only time I ever contribute to the site, which I still feel bad about considering I really need to write more).

I eagerly await the official release!
>> No. 1119
Awesome! Thanks for replying, guys.

I’ve had a few people on tumblr ask me about it as well; they’re lurkers here but they’d like to participate. I’ve told them it’s not a problem, but should I post a notice on tumblr or is this a TF2chan regulars only event?

Also, I’ve been asked if we allow Gmod/SFM images in place of drawings. My inclination is to say yes, provided they’re of a decent artistic quality, since some artists use Gmod/SFM as their primary means of creative expression, but what do you guys think?

>>1114 >>1115
I’ll make sure to ask a mod to sticky the proper Secret Santa thread with the guidelines and sign-up information when I post it, probably by the end of next week. I’ll also post notices on /fanfic/, /afanfic/, /fanart/ and /afanart/.

Thank you! I’ll be sure to let you know if I find myself in need of a helping hand. Do you have an e-mail address I can use to contact you? I've added mine in case you'd prefer not to post yours publicly.
>> No. 1121
I think that sfm and gmod should be allowed. As long as it makes sense for the prompt I don't see a problem.
>> No. 1282
Forgive me for recycling an old thread, but the subject's still the same.

Are we going to have another Secret Santa this year (2013)? I unfortunately couldn't join the Halloween Colab, so I want to make up for it with our annual Secret Santa event. Judging from past events and the Halloween colab., people seem to really enjoy these community projects.

So, anyone interested in another round of Secret Santa fun?
>> No. 1283
File 138606599650.gif - (0.97MB , 475x199 , bro.gif )
Aw yis, colour me interested. I know of at least one other person who will be on board, too, so that makes 3 so far.

captcha: buttack breeding
>> No. 1284
I'm definitely game for a Secret Santa thing. I've still got a bunch of projects I need to finish, too, but I hope to get some done on them this week, since I can't record any vo stuff while I'm sick.
>> No. 1285

I'm definitely interested. I just can't contribute anything until after the thirteenth because finals hell. However, after that, I'm free.
>> No. 1286
File 138610290966.png - (81.36KB , 219x188 , cara.png )
I'm in
>> No. 1287
Alrighty, since we're running out of time - anyone want to run/host it this year?

I can put myself forward again, if no-one else will but kicking my heels up and relaxing after the last project would be nice no bad feels or nothin' I'm just sayin'. I think Cyan said she was down for the count on this year's, so... anyone?
>> No. 1288
Wow, people are still interested!? This is great!

As much as I would love to volunteer to host the event, I can't help but remember the last time I did a community project on a forum a long, long time ago that ended up sparking a flame war over the winner of a fanfic contest because of there were rumors going around they cheated or had help bumping their votes to win. If you think you can handle the Santa Project, then that'd be awesome, or at least someone willing to help out in handing out people's prompts to one another.
>> No. 1289
so idk if this is still a thing but i would love to participate in a secret santa if there is gonna be one? i have a lot of questions, most arent actually relevant to what i am going to do. but like can you ask for tf2 ocs in the secret santa, or is it just canons? if people are writing instead of drawing is there a separate thing for writers or is it all bunched together like. idk why i ask but i gotta know. i just wanna know what to expect in terms of the request of others and then what i should request myself ... yeah!! yeah
>> No. 1290
In the past it's all been together, but you can say what you're willing to fill and what you'd like to receive. Like, last year, I gifted someone a piece of writing, but I received a piece of art from someone. Personally, I always give them three prompts for adult fic, three prompts for genfic, three prompts for adult art, and three prompts for genart, and then the gifter can pick whichever of them they're comfortable with, and I still get to be surprised. I don't believe everyone does this, though, but it's not a bad idea.

I don't know the rules on OCs, though. I'm not sure if they're strictly allowed. Usually it's just canon characters, but rules change from year to year, so who knows, with this one?

And as to taking the reigns on it, I'd love to but I can't. My grandmother's in the hospital this year, and things aren't looking great, so I'd never know if I'd have to drop everything and go to a funeral. If it weren't for that, I'd take it up in an instance, and I still plan to be a participant; just not an organizer.
>> No. 1292
No worries guys, I'm fine to take this on. Since it's getting pretty late into the month and a lot of people are dying over finals, it's really now or never.

If anyone wants to help with fulfilling any abandoned requests, or just assist with writing promo posts or whathaveyou, that would be much appreciated. Email's in the field so just drop a line if you're keen.

Cyan, if you're reading this, I shall lay down a pre-emptive apology here and now, for having to use a lot of what you had written for last year's initial post. It was very well written, concise, and I don't see the point in rewording anything that isn't being changed. Hope that's alright with you?

It's all bunched together, but I was going to modify the rules to state that you have to provide minimum 2 prompts. This will allow your Secret Santa flexibility and means I won't have to manually mix and match people with very specific requests (which, I gathered from the last experience, was not as easy as it sounds), or people who are unwilling to draw OCs and/or NSFW. Triggers are the only exception but hopefully things will work out because of the alternative prompt.

If you request NSFW and OCs, you must supply a SFW and/or canon prompt. For example:

Prompt 1: NSFW - My OC X exploring Soldier's body. Please see attached for what my OC looks like.
Prompt 2: NSFW - Medic conducting a thorough examination of Soldier's body.
Prompt 3: SFW - Medic and Solly on an adventure.

Think that'll work?
>> No. 1293

Excellent! I can't wait to get this going! I'll be working on my 3 prompts within the next 24hrs. I don't expect a big turn out this year being how quiet the chan's gotten but hopefully still as enjoyable! Whither small or big, this is one of the best community projects I always want to be a part of for TF2Chan!
>> No. 1294
Same here! I'm gonna look around and see if I can find my prompts from last year, actually. I might end up reusing one of them. Thanks for taking this on, Mawaru!
>> No. 1347
Eh, not sure how much this post is needed but...
Here's the 2013 Secret Santa masterpost:

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