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File 139165995771.jpg - (96.73KB , 812x595 , tf2_zombie_scout_by_thel3gend-d4zfxnm~2.jpg )
1359 No. 1359
Would a CYOA Thread (choose your own adventure) go in fanfiction or roleplay?
>> No. 1360
I would say probably the roleplay section. I've seen one here done in gmod a long time ago and it was a bit all over the place if I remembered correctly. If it was in the fanfiction section, it'd be a shame the board's not set up where each chapter someone does is a new page. That way, it'd be easier to click on links to choose your path. I guess it would depend on what the mods would think would be best.

A CYOA would be fun if executed properly!
>> No. 1361
Oh man, I don't care what thread it goes under, I just know my body is ready!
>> No. 1362

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