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No. 1368
  i'm sorry if this is the wrong board to post in, but i've lurked for a long time and i really would like to post my art here. i know that things have really changed a lot here and i find you all to be quite lovely people, but i'm a little nervous because i started drawing because of anime and subsequently, transitioning away from that hasn't been easy.

i'm more than willing to accept constructive criticism, but i know how people on here feel about anime (not even gonna bother to call that a 'style') and while i would love to improve, i don't want to be torn apart.

is it okay to post my art here, even though i'm still transitioning away from anime? i don't really like hipstr because there are so few adults there that i can communicate with effectively...

btw, while on the afanart board, my roommate happened to be in here when the random flying dicks happened. without asking me what kind of chan this was, he asked me if i was looking at 'my stupid tf2 shit again'.

congratulations, guys. you've captured tf2 in a way most people dream of. (i wonder how big each respective class' dick is? huuuuuuuuuuuh. that's something to think about on a rainy day)
>> No. 1369
i am very sorry about the rick astley video. it kept telling me to use an embed url even though i didn't think i needed one, and that was the first thing that came to mind. i am ashame
>> No. 1370
I don't know about the rest of TF2chan, but my personal issue with the so-called "animesque" style is that a very homogenous, watered down version of some artsyles common to anime is adopted as a supposed way to shortcut learning how to draw, except as you have probably found out already, it ingrains some pretty horrible habits that are very hard to unlearn.

Since you actively want to improve your style and seem willing to take a few slings and arrows along with concrit, I would say go for it and post your art. I for one would be more than happy to nitpick you to death (out of a genuine desire to see you grow into your own style, whatever that turns out to be).
>> No. 1371
Never apologise for Rickrolls.

I won't ever give you up, not ever gonna let you down, especially when you're putting in the effort to change.
>> No. 1372

i didn't expect to get replied to... you guys are so nice! and funny, mawaru!

i don't have much of my art on this computer but i'll get a-postin'. it means a lot to me that you guys would be willing to help me learn how to get better. i may never be picasso, but improving on a thing i love to do always makes me happy. i hope i make new friends here!

tf2 is my passion.

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