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File 139940447622.png - (227.29KB , 1152x1089 , TF2Chan1.png )
1378 No. 1378
I really feel like this place could use a makeover, this post is just my 2 cents about what I would change.

Attached is the image I'll refere to, it's the frontpage with the changes I have in mind (I know it's a bit shit, but it's just an "alpha" to illustrate the stuff I'll talk about).

First of all, notice the different color-scheme. I know it dosen't have the "chan" feel, but I feel like grey/white/orange would be more related to TF2. I think it should be a little lighter, but I was a bit lazy when making it (sorry).

First the frontpage, I've made a few changes as you see.
I rearrenged the "news/boards/FAQ ect" into a more natural order, I feel like this is more the order people would want to know the stuff.
I removed the "boards" because really most boards here is either self explanatory or have an explanation as to what they're about as the very first post.
I removed the "servers" because all id does is say "N/A" and that makes the site seems pretty abandoned. It could be readded if we ever get the servers up and running again.
Same thing with paint chat, I removed it because it always appears to be offline (I figured it should be added in "community" in the sidebar anyway, if it ever became active again).
"contact us" is now "mod(eration) team" (alternative titel "meet the mods"), because I feel like it's more self explanatory and makes it easier to figure out the page is about the mods and not just the owner of the site.
Left a few blank boxed as I figured other might want to add something.

As you can see, I made some changed to the right side of the front page too.
I feel like it's a bit crowded as it is now.
the "this week" box is an idea I have seen thrown around a lot, and I think it's really good. We should have some sort of showcase, to show the site is actually active. It could be "this week's video/art/user/thread" or something.
I condensed "recent posts/recent imagines/popular threads" down to simply "recent posts" (which I think should be a scroll box, would clutter as much and would look better).
Honestly I don't think people really use the "popular threads" box much, and 9 out of 10 times the "recent image" is just some reaction imagine which shows nothing about the community.

I know some people were talking about wanting the frag radio on the frontpage once, but I'm not sure if that's still a thing, and hence I didn't add it. I figured, if anything, it could be added as the new jukebox or alongside the jukebox.

Anyway, that's the frontpage, I'll talk a bit about the sidebar now.
I put the "site discussion" right under the front page, I feel like it fits better and makes navigation more natural. Looks better too.
Instead of "text boards" and "image boards" (which I don't really get) I separated the boards into "text boards" and "art boards".
I renamed "oekaki" into "sketch", this is simply because it has always confused me that this boards is so against anime/weeaboo stuff, yet uses that term. I know sketch is not entirely the same thing, but it just seems less hypocritical to me.
I moved the "resources" up into the art board, I figured it would be nice having a place simply related to tf2-art resource.

In "non-tf2 boards" I removed left 4 dead (as the board has been abandoned since 1012 :( ), if anything I figured we could simply have a "valve's games" board instead, but didn't add it yet.
I made a board named "art", which could be named "workshop" or something too, a board related to people's non-tf2 art/fiction stuff.
Moved the "esources" board up, like I said, and entirely removed the "fileshare" board as it currently has no use.

Apparently I forgot to add the "archives" boards, my bad, they're supposed to be there.

I removed the "servers" and "paintchat" stuff as it is not really active, meaning not really useful, anymore.
Fused "community" and "donate" into one.

Did nothing to search, and just added a fancier jukebox (not really that fancy, just a placeholder). Like I said, the jukebox should either be updated with new music (actually related to tf2) or a fragradio plug-in.

Anyway, that is the layout stuff. I'll make a reply and talk a bit about some other stuff I would like to see changed, but for now that's it.

Please tell me what you think :)
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>> No. 1379
White on grey's a little hard on the eyes, I find.
>> No. 1380
File 139941239874.png - (44.23KB , 993x230 , StyleChanger.png )
I like the idea of some of the restructuring, I think it's definitely on the right track. But as for the colour scheme, have you tried using the Style Changer? There's plenty of different colour schemes and such to choose from, and it might help find one that you're happy with. Not to say that we're refusing to change the colour scheme, just that it would probably only be an extra style added rather than a change to the default. Do please continue, I for one would love to get more ideas on how we can change the chan for the better.
>> No. 1382
So far, so good. A couple things I'd tweak:

>>Consolidate all non-TF2 games into 'Video Games' for now
>>Maybe consolidate some of the less popular TF2 boards into one (example: maybe Trading/Comp could be combined with Discussion?)
>>Add rule clarifying 'Hot Gay Men' is not a dating board, as a couple people have come here assuming it is
>> No. 1383
Personally, I'm in favour of combining Competitive Talk with Discussion, but not Trading. That board either stays aside, or might simply be removed, since there's really not much activity on it. There's better places dedicated to finding trades, after all. It was a bit of an experimental board that has now been obsoleted.
>> No. 1384
yeah, I know about the style selector, but I find that all the style are the same, a bit boring, and some of them don't even work for me(backgrounds won't load, site gets stretched, stuff like that).

I know a lot of people have been wanting a more "serious" colour scheme, and I simply wanted a go at that.

Either way, I would just be happy to have a at least one style to chose from that looks somewhat like this :)


Or maybe fuse "Trading" and "competitive play" into one board, "serious gameplay discussion" or something.

I find that the discussion board is used more for general discussion and not just gameplay discussion, but that's just the way I see it.

I think it can be a bit hard to figure out which of the text boards are needed right now, I'm sure they would all still be active if we had more users.
>> No. 1385
such a good renovation, but the absence of 'paintchat' makes me sad because i had actually used that recently with mawaru and a few others, i want to still be able to use it
>> No. 1386

I actually had no idea it was still in use, I've personally never seen it online.

But like I said, first post is only sort of an "alpha" layout, if paintchat is still in use, I would move it down to the "community" boards
>> No. 1387
>> No. 1388

Dicks raining everywhere is the least of this site's problems--makes it not safe for work or school, yeah, but why are you browsing a place like this at work or school to begin with?
>> No. 1389
different anon, but the only issue I have with it is that it makes it hard to type a response when I get the pages with the dicks
>> No. 1392
>>1387 >>1389
Kumori is actually working on a little thing related to the raining dicks issue, since it's been brought up a couple times and agreed upon. If all goes well, it will change from being the percentage chance per page that it is now, to a button somewhere in the layout that can be clicked to make it happen. Stay tuned for that!
>> No. 1393
As awesome and useful as styles are, I still think the default style should be updated because:
a) It takes a while for new babies to figure out where the controls are. We wouldn't want them to suffer in the meantime.
z) My cookies are all fucked up so I keep getting the default anyway.

Also, I have a question: Does anybody actually use TF2chan's jukebox? I mean, after the initial one-time poking through it to see what the songs are? I know I haven't, so I'd like to see it condensed and out of the way. That and I'm just looking for ways to hopefully eliminate the need for the scrollbar in the menu. Motherfucking scrollbars.
>> No. 1397

I still listen to the jukebox now and then. Namely the following songs:
1) The Nucleus Incident OST: Flight (because it's good, enjoyed reading the story and can't find it anywhere)
2) Karnov Relax (can't find it anywhere else and just to darn catchy)
3) Gay Bar
4) Walk the Dinosaur

The other songs are okay, just not my taste and the only 'TF2' song mash-up being the Aristospies kinda got old on me. Personally I would like to see the jukebox contain more TF2 songs, from the official soundtrack to various remixes scooped up from Youtube and the inter-webs. Maybe having a longer playlist that has more TF2-esque type music would give the jukebox more life?
>> No. 1398
Exi may have purged the original version of TNI, because she's completely re-writing it. She's up to about Chapter 10 on her Tumblog.
>> No. 1401
I would listen to it if it actually got updated now and then. There's like a million awsome tf2 remixes out there and we're stuck with the same few songs...

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