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File 140547182676.jpg - (90.92KB , 750x600 , sage.jpg )
1405 No. 1405
With all the necrobumps lately, I feel like a crabby old lady getting pissed off at ancient threads topping the boards when our active/recent posters get bumped down with little to no comments on their work.

So I have a question though I have a feeling it is impossible to achieve but here goes anyway:
Can we not have 'sage' be the default entry in email fields for every reply? Maybe accompanied by some text that explains this next to the field?
My thinking is that if you're not paying attention to the email field when you post, at least it will automatically sage. Much easier to go back and purposefully bump the thread, rather than have newfags (or oldfags making an honest mistake) continue to necrobump.

Probably been suggested before but I couldn't find any discussion about it. Apologies if it has been, based mods.
>> No. 1406
This is actually a pretty easy suggestion I can do. Question is, are we sure this idea is warranted enough to be implemented? Having some thoughts on this would be great. My only concern is people forgetting to unsage the email field prior to posting on a recent thread.
>> No. 1407
Aw yis, great to hear. I'd also like to hear what everyone else thinks about it.

As for forgetting to unsage; you could always go back and make an unsaged post to bring the thread back up, pretty much your garden variety "bump" post.
This is why I suggest having some small text under/near the email field explaining why sage is there, and if you want to bump your post, simply leave the field empty. Could even throw in a quick warning about bumping ancient/abandoned threads?

Personally, I think it'd be more welcoming to newfags by encouraging them to leave comments, without the worry they'll have their arse grilled for making a mistake. But that's just me.
>> No. 1408
If it were default on the text boards only, I think that'd be the best compromise, if possible. Whereas the (non-fanart/afanart) imageboards could have amusing images and stuff that people are okay with having brought back from months/years ago, the text boards are entirely focused on the author posts, and so need a bit more help not resurrecting the dead when an author has left. It'll still be nice overall though to have, at least until we get the super newbies asking "what does sage mean and why is it in my email?"
>> No. 1409
I'd agree with having default sage on the text board but not image boards. Least of all because on the image boards you can pretty well see by looking at it what the most recent post is. On the image boards you have to click the thread title, wait for the page to arrive via pony express load, scroll down through god knows how many previous chapters + comments + flame wars, and by the time you find out whether or not it's a real update, your anticipation boner is starting to ache.

As far as people posting an update and forgetting to unsage... as an author, I'm not worried. I doublecheck my babies every time I post them, and then I hover around like a vulture waiting for feedback for several days. I'm sure I'd notice sooner rather than later if my thread hadn't been bumped.
>> No. 1410
But what about the recent necrobumps to Desole and KGB's threads on /fanart/? The sight of those made my heart sink just as much as a necrobump on the text boards.

I should probably add that, as >>1409 pointed out, most OPs tend to hover around their threads waiting for replies. So you'd quickly notice if you forgot to unsage.

Anyhow, I think maybe extending it to /fanart/ and /afanart/ (maybe /3d/?) would be good, too, but /dis/, /offtopic/, /dumps/, etc probably don't need it as much. I enjoy the odd necrobump on those boards.

tl;dr - maybe have sage as the default for contributor content boards (the text and art boards), not so much the other discussion boards?
>> No. 1411
is there even such a thing as necrobumping in the image boards? the art is always there to enjoy... its not like its a fanfic and you dont know if its actually updated with new content until you get into the actual thread. you can tell right away.

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