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File 130423409872.png - (6.14KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 230
D'aw, Pyro. You're actually looking pretty human shaped today (which is nice to see).
>> No. 231
Hey Pyro, did Medic install those new shoulders for you? Looking good!

File 130268614565.png - (6.65KB , 300x300 )
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Why does this stupid thing crash when I try to draw with something other than a single-pixel pencil tool? Why is the Medic's stupid pinhead so hard to draw? Mind if I perv this place up some more, Laddies and Gentlewomen?


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>> No. 192

Creepy Medic, or creepiest Medic?
>> No. 193

Aww, I think he's so cute when he's in ecstasy.
>> No. 229
I don't think I've said it before on the Chan but I LOVE love your stuff. It's so fun and wonderfully cartoony (but not cutesy). I'm not even a Medic/Heavy shipper (I like it but don't go after it you know?) But I can never get enough of your stuff of them!

File 130892659142.png - (6.90KB , 400x400 )
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I should be studying for midterms. But I'm not.

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>> No. 221
File 130893133224.png - (7.42KB , 400x400 )

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>> No. 222
These are great!

File 130527116150.png - (180.39KB , 600x600 )
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I was trying to practice drawing Heavy's face. But somehow, it turned into this.

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>> No. 204

Sniper's gay orgy room smells funny. They're better off just sleeping with each other.
>> No. 205

I'm sure they were about to do just that, but they had to pass by the room what reeks of piss and scrumpy and cheap french cigarettes to get there.

And then a bad joke about assholes on gay dating sites happened.
>> No. 213
File 130767941659.jpg - (30.75KB , 480x477 , tumblr_lfjutoyXMs1qanb21o1_500.jpg )

File 130262535499.png - (22.04KB , 300x300 )
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>> No. 170
File 130296899063.png - (11.70KB , 300x300 )
Ach, stop it Mister DeGroot, yer makin' me blush!

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>> No. 171

I've been going "nee hee hee" for at least an hour after seeing this.
>> No. 175
These are so wonderful, I can't even think of anything to say without it coming out as a squealing giggle. Thank God that doesn't translate into my typing!

More, please?

File 130274674860.png - (101.30KB , 300x300 )
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I burned your house down

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>> No. 165
File 130276280541.png - (36.02KB , 300x300 )
You sure did! But you know I can't stay mad at you, cutie.

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File 130264052022.png - (3.94KB , 300x300 )
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I was so disappointed that this was not what Madame Dixie looked like.

Pyro needs a FIERCE hat.

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File 129749242064.png - (3.53KB , 300x300 )
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requests go

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>> No. 101
Medic improvises playing golf without a golf club.
>> No. 122
File 130058352783.jpg - (72.56KB , 384x428 , 128711020568.jpg )
>> No. 157
File 130238777148.jpg - (23.47KB , 352x199 , mtsoy6.jpg )
Scoot singing Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys?

File 130212529433.png - (11.85KB , 600x600 )
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i hope if/when the trolls at valve come out with the meet the med video theres heavy/medic references in it. cause they totally would do that. laggy mouse is laggy

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File 130181651888.png - (194.04KB , 500x500 )
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>> No. 153
>> No. 154
Heavy,don't grab the popsicles like that. Your hands are going to get all sticky.
>> No. 155
He's going to have such a red tongue.

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