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File 131863889549.png - (54.21KB , 300x300 )
286 No. 286
Only to doodle the world's worst RED Spy/BLU Scoutma. This is the best sunset I've ever rendered, and possibly the worst figures I've drawn since I was ten...

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>> No. 287
File 131863991579.png - (78.23KB , 300x300 )
Better. More dapper, at any rate. And I think I prefer the sitting-on-a-suggested-picnic-blanket-with-her-leaning-into-him-his-arm-behind-her to walking-and-holding-hands...

Someday I'll figure this business out.

(I'm a little surprised to find myself producing a thread filled with nothing but het schmoop... I suppose that will change as well)

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>> No. 288
File 131864102992.png - (44.74KB , 300x300 )
Not sure what, if anything, to say about this Spy... actually pretty happy with him. He's all one layer. Not sure if I set out to do so as some sort of personal challenge or if it's just laziness... My brain is kind of fuzzy right now and I'm trying not to come down with a bad cold.

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>> No. 289
Tsch, and I guess I started with something completely different (read: craptastic) and erased it before drawing him...

Why am I reviewing animation of myself drawing?
>> No. 291
You aren't restricted to just the colors in the applet, you know. There's sliders you can use to change them. They should be the red, blue, and green bars you see.
>> No. 295
Ah. Excellent, good to know.
>> No. 298
File 131926803221.png - (80.12KB , 300x300 )
And... Spy portrait.

Embarrassing revelation time: It wasn't until now that I realized I could zoom on these. Because I have the dumb.

Ah, so goes the process of learning how to use the oekaki board.

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>> No. 299
File 131926917224.png - (90.43KB , 300x300 )
Psh, and I didn't take out the sketchy layer... Ah well, it's fine. Have a Sniper reaction. For once I remembered to draw his aviators.

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>> No. 300
File 131935857760.png - (82.52KB , 300x300 )
Listened to Amie Miriello's 'Brand New' about five/six times in a row painting this.

I don't even know.

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>> No. 301
File 131944524328.png - (76.29KB , 300x300 )
Appropriately enough, Captcha says 'influences'.

This is the first time I've ever made fanart of fanart...

Can't be wrong when it feels so right...

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>> No. 305
File 131961814254.png - (30.46KB , 300x300 )
Scout of boredom.

Taking sketch suggestions.

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>> No. 306
File 132004618398.png - (91.76KB , 300x300 )
Did a quick Hallowe'en Pyro with no reference.

... BLU, even though yeah, of course it totally looks more awesome in RED. but I love me some BLU Pyro...

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>> No. 307
File 132004761588.png - (80.60KB , 300x300 )
And... this is terrible.

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>> No. 308
perhaps you should stick to fic...
>> No. 309
this was really uncalled for
seriously anne just keep drawing
that's how everyone gets better

as for crits, maybe you should try a different brush? this is just personal taste, but the brush you're using now gives too much of a soft feeling and makes the picture blurry

maybe block out colors instead of trying to blend everything
>> No. 311
One Layer 1 or 2, make your lineart. Then on the bottomost layer, block out base colors with the normal brush with "Mask" on. Then on the layer above it, you can do shading with the pen tool and/or airbrush tool.
>> No. 315
Thanks. I'm not at all experienced with Oekaki, so... my learning experience has mostly been 'throw myself in!', and tips are greatly appreciated.

Have not had much time so far this month for art, though... Hopefully when I have the time to do more, it'll come out better.
>> No. 323
>>299 My favorite! He looks so cute! You're getting pretty good at oekaki, by the way, I still can't figure out how to color lol
>> No. 367
File 134183064062.png - (77.06KB , 300x300 )

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>> No. 372
I can see some major improvement from that first Scout Ma/Spy drawing to this Sniper. Keep it up! Soon you'll be a brilliant writer and artist too.

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