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File 133575046377.png - (70.18KB , 300x300 )
357 No. 357
I am heavy porn star, and dis needs more dodge
goddammit I forgot to shade his left shoulder

I'm taking requests if y'all like.

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>> No. 358
I request Pyro doing something cute
>> No. 359
File 133606750912.png - (72.67KB , 300x400 )

I blame listening to Grateful Dead for this

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>> No. 360
File 133606867077.jpg - (18.11KB , 375x458 , fry_squint.jpg )
>cannot tell if sitting or dancing very awkwardly

He's supposed to be sitting, but I forgot to draw a bench for him to sit on. My bad...
>> No. 362
Mistakes or no, I really dig your style, man. Do you have a site or something?
>> No. 364
File 133845843749.png - (108.27KB , 300x300 )
thanks, pal! I don't have a site unfortunately because I'm pretty busy with art school.
Hopefully I'll make my own portfolio site before long, or get enough practice stuff put on tumbutts this summer, at least.

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>> No. 368
Well, good luck with your studies then; I'll be sure to check it out if you ever make/link a site.

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