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File 129962420855.jpg - (40.83KB , 516x440 , failneck.jpg )
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Resurrecting the thread because of this image.
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>> DE No. 7598

Sriously i had the urge to cry a bit. My heart bleeds. I dunno why. (Maybe because of my uncle for which the Simpsons are something akin to a religion.)
>> US No. 7647
pure beauty that's what
>> CA No. 7807
File 130751450991.jpg - (48.19KB , 765x567 , nope.jpg )
Had to share this gem with you all, as a token of my love.

File 13039623135.jpg - (17.02KB , 450x323 , Companion_Cube-20071016-095205.jpg )
7061 No. 7061 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
I met my wonderful amazing brilliant fantastic girlfriend via. the chan and we were just wondering how many other people have gotten together through either the chan, or just general TF2 or valve related ways?
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>> No. 7201
Good luck dude!
>> US No. 7205
I've met quite a few nifty folks here that I wouldn't trade for ze world. I hope they stick around for a long, long time.
>> AU No. 7248
File 130472518124.jpg - (6.27KB , 168x168 , 8468431-vector-heart-with-germany-flag-texture.jpg )
I made a bunch of great friends through TF2chan and CJ, all of whom I want to fly over and visit for a holiday someday. Soon, I hope! I'm even learning another language to help me with the process. G'Tag aus Australien!

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  Here is my feeble attempt to advertise + share the first episode in a video series I'm making.
If you like it, give me suggestions and make requests for future episodes.
If you don't like it, give me reasons and flame away.

Keep in mind that I purposefully didn't spend much time on this. Don't want to take a week making something that most people might not find enjoyable, afterall.
>> US No. 7220
File 130456140060.jpg - (53.45KB , 500x483 , ninja.jpg )
I can't be the only one who enjoys the sound of your voice. '__'

Regarding the video, gameplay of Magicka is not particularly interesting to watch (footage that's nothing but shooting tends to be like that, which is why I can hardly stand watching Touhou Lets Plays), but your orc commentary does add something to it. Something you may want to fix with your commentary is to try and 'fill in the voids' here and there. You can do that by describing your tactics, enemy types, and other game elements, more snarky commentary, etc., to be a bit more engaging to whoever has never played the game before and to those who've played the game before.

Positive thing is that 5 min was a pretty good length for the video. You managed to avoid one of the big flaws in video creation in that the video doesn't really drag on and on (something I've been plagued with for a while).

I'm not too certain what type of commentary you're looking for (or even what type of video you're aiming for), but hopefully my two bits might help you. Nice orc voice! :D

File 130399650586.jpg - (161.91KB , 600x740 , 129127055644.jpg )
7072 No. 7072 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
At this point, I need help - I haven't had a full night's sleep yet this week. For the love of god, give me your best cures for insomnia.

FYI I am not going to try hard drugs (too expensive) but ANYTHING ELSE will be seriously considered. Picture somewhat related in that this is what I look like when I've actually had some proper shut eye - drawn by Drex if anyone's wondering. No sleep = Ze Doktor finds it hard to write coherently, walk and talk at the same time, tie shoelaces...
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>> US No. 7154
Nah, comes in grape or green apple flavours and both flavours are sort of gentle and utterly inoffensive; tastes like watery Koolaid, honestly.

Is it really surprising that anti-energy drinks are a thing now? We're living in a kind of stressful time, plus for the most part these are being marketed with a sort of wink wink nudge nudge thing comparing them to weed. (There's an edible thing with the same active ingredients called Lazy Cakes that's marketed to make you think they're pot brownies.) It's not entirely off the wall - they do kind of reproduce the relaxing, calming effect of an indica, though without the psychoactive "high" of sativa strains.
>> US No. 7170
I wanted to mention lazy cakes, but I forgot what they were called.

They're seriously good. Just like regular brownies, but you get crazy tired after finishing one.
>> SE No. 7171
Hydroxyzine/Atarax has been working really well for me, a lot better than valerian or St. John's worth, although you probably need a prescription. They're not the heavy psychoactive artillery though, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get one. (The way it was explained to me is they're non-addictive and have no nasty side effects, so it's the first thing they'll try against stuff like anxiety and insomnia. Of course, I'm not a doctor and Y country's MMV on this anyway.)

File 12975516629.jpg - (50.96KB , 406x480 , Iamsoclever.jpg )
5072 US No. 5072 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

ok, so, long time no see tf2chan, but I need your help

I wanna gather all of these sorts of images and narrate them, compiling them into one glorious vid for youtube, so if you find them floating around, post 'em here

so itt: buttpain pictures
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>> US No. 7037
File 13038903135.jpg - (74.49KB , 423x457 , BUTTPLUNDERED.jpg )
>> US No. 7038
File 130389035733.jpg - (206.31KB , 602x572 , U BUT ANGREY.jpg )
>> US No. 7039
File 130389043752.jpg - (84.58KB , 500x475 , RAT SHIT BAT SHIT.jpg )
Even though this one isn't in the same sort of category, I do tend to use it at the same time as the rest of the ones I posted, so enjoy an extra.

File 130285572473.jpg - (15.14KB , 304x200 , to war!.jpg )
6760 US No. 6760 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Blargh, Ive had to uninstall TF2 from my computer, because it has the hard drive space of a diseased rodent in a shoebox. I've never posted on here but I figure if theres anywhere to come whine about my problems its here.

so yeah, I got like, 1 month of play time, then the latest update made my hard drive go all "Durrr"

(also im not sure if this is in the right spot but whatever)

picture unrelated. although it does show the amount of pissed off i am at the moment.
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>> US No. 6831
I'm running off a 120GB HDD that I've had since 2003 so I understand how you're feeling, but I can offer some advice.

1. Go to My Computer, right-click on your HDDs and click Properties. Be sure that 'Compress drive to save disk space' is ticked.

2. Go to My Computer, right-click on your HDDs and click Properties. Click on the Disk Cleanup button and make sure that Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Temporary files and WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files are ticked under the Disk Cleanup tab. Then click on the More Options tab and click on the "Clean up.." button under System Restore. Then click on Okay and let it do its job. Doing this will free up a lot of space.

3. As mentioned above, download and install CCleaner, and run the app under both the Windows and Application tab to further clean up your system and free space.

4. Cleaning up your system like this will also leave A LOT of garbage in your system's registry. I recommend using CCleaner's built-in registry cleaner to do the job, then after that I highly recommend using Eusing's Free Registry Cleaner to pick up the bits CCleaner left off. (It's more thorough than CCleaner.)

5. After you've done all the above, I recommend defragmenting your harddrives, then your HDDs and system ought to be very healthy.
>> US No. 6832
Download and install Windirstat,as well. Windirstat shows you what exactly is taking up all your HD space. Camtasia when I tried it goofed and gave me a video file that was quite a few gigabytes.
>> US No. 6835
welp, looks like i've saved money.

thanks for the help folks, i'll reinstall the greatest game in the known universe sometime later today.

File 130257075478.jpg - (28.36KB , 600x300 , 1299980836234.jpg )
6697 US No. 6697 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I was thinking that since we have a feelings thread, that we should also have an advice thread. Post your troubles, your situations, your needs, and people will respond and give you tips on what to do. Or you can just post random tips and general advice. Whichever works.

And as for my tip-adding raisins to taco meat makes it a lot sweeter and less spicy.
>> AU No. 6698
File 130257093985.jpg - (47.44KB , 301x301 , First Aid - Eucalyptus oil.jpg )
Raisins to taco meat?
I'll... have to try that.

I have a tip! Put eucalyptus oil in with your fabric softener in the wash, it will greatly reduce the rate at which one's clothes go mouldy.
It also makes great disinfectant. And it smells wonderful disregard this, I am Australian
>> US No. 6710
Anyone know how to video capture from a PS2?
>> US No. 6711
Get a video capture card.

File 130245342213.jpg - (44.35KB , 520x354 , tumblr_ljftgl5zrG1qgoa3co1_1280.jpg )
6670 BR No. 6670 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Minnie is a penis
>> US No. 6679
File 130247074693.jpg - (75.23KB , 750x600 , subliminal_messages.jpg )
maybe she's a mini penis? O.o

File 130217540584.png - (0.99MB , 900x656 , Wikingerschiff.png )
6575 DE No. 6575 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Plain and simple - Art you have done as little kiddos back when things like "anatomy" and "composition" didn't matter. Post whatever you have left somewhere, if you got any!

OP picture is art I did when I was 5. It depicts an angry viking on his angry viking ship.

File 13005336923.jpg - (23.84KB , 450x272 , HOLY SHIT.jpg )
6099 US No. 6099 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
Saw this on a separate board and thought it would be fun here.
Discuss silly/dumb/interesting things you guys used to believe when you were kids.

I used to think Indiana Jones was a real person and that his movies were based off his real life adventures.
I also used to believe that I would get attacked by a shark in my uncle's hot tub, didn't help that he kept telling me the story about "the dog they used to have."

captcha: suxyah? Yeah, it sucked.
48 posts and 10 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> US No. 6491
So growing up in Michigan, we got a decent amount of snow every year. Somehow I convinced myself that there were little abandoned kittens out there during winter, and I had to dig little holes in the snow. Just small little tunnels so they'd have a place to crawl into and maybe be a bit warmer than if they were just walking around in the wind and such. So whenever I went out to play, I had to dig at least a few small holes in the snow, imagining how happy the kittens must be to find it. I don't think I ever explained to anyone why I did that, and I still have no idea how I thought it up in the first place.
>> No. 6527
I used to believe that I was the reincarnation of some unknown ancient warrior. I challenged the manhood of my friends with stick fights.

I lost many friends because I beat them with branches.
>> US No. 6568
Oh, Lord, so many to pick from. Ummm, let's see...
My cousin's mom used to tell him that if he wasn't asleep by midnight, either a werewolf would come and eat him, or a witch would come and steal his dick. Also, if we spent too long pooping on the toilet, a creepy hand would reach up through the toilet and fondle us. Also, having spent a lot of time in Asia as a kid, I used to panic if I was alone in the swimming pool because there was a water ghost a la Japan in there. Also, my old elementary school in Taiwan used to be a hospital, and we all thought the sealed off rooms in the basement (very dimly lit, btw) still had dead bodies in them. Oh, yeah, and I used to think that every school's restrooms in Asia were haunted by creepy Ring ghosts that come out at night. Yeah...East Asia's got some freaky shit.

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