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File 129730139413.jpg - (137.19KB , 600x428 , AwesomeHat.jpg )
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>> US No. 5021
These freaking crack me up!

Related video:
>> DE No. 5024
File 129738122616.gif - (613.88KB , 164x124 , Female_dj.gif )
>> IT No. 5049

lol'd hard

File 129703991231.jpg - (466.92KB , 1024x622 , Hustle.jpg )
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So, what do you guys watch on TV? Got a favourite show or genre? We already know a lot of us enjoy anime, but what else does the chan watch on a regular basis?

Pic very, very related. I fucking love Hustle. Most streams of it don't work outside the UK, but Perry kindly found this one, that I hope works in the US as well as Europe:


tl;dr Hustle follows the exploits of a group of grifters who only target unscrupulous or dishonest people with their cons. It's a really clever show - half the fun of it for me is trying to figure out what the plan really is and how it's going to pan out.

I haven't been right about a single episode yet. Shit takes me by surprise every goddamn time.
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>> No. 4926
Yep. In fact, I rather liked that show and was very disappointed when I heard it was canceled.
>> No. 4928
imho it would have been okay under a different title, but not under the stargate title. Maybe under the wormhole extreme title. Wormhole Extreme: Drama Edition.

'Cause goddamn the only funny guy being there was implausible. They didn't even get "off world" for a few episodes. And this wasn't in the way of Atlantis. I fucking loved Atlantis... until Sunday. bawwwwwwww stupid exploding tumours.
>> US No. 5011
Only shows I currently watch that are on TV are Community and Mad Men (the latter of which is on hiatus).

Other favorite shows: Lost, Seinfeld, Arrested Development, Avatar.

Also, I once wrote a TV pilot called Wormhole...it was vaguely similar to Stargate but I knew nothing about that show when I wrote it.

File 129636879836.png - (38.95KB , 1360x779 , emperor_girl.png )
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>> No. 4935
File 129721015867.jpg - (83.26KB , 1193x804 , ngdgh.jpg )
I laughed.
>> No. 4941
File 129721773717.png - (42.14KB , 964x666 , Picture 6.png )
mother of god....
>> No. 4963
File 129729381069.jpg - (21.24KB , 376x376 , Ponies beware.jpg )
Alright. Now I just have to find a pony.

File 129685251221.gif - (167.70KB , 400x286 , DAT ASS.gif )
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>> No. 4863
File 129698744533.gif - (259.74KB , 320x400 , ilovedisdoktor.gif )
>> No. 4899
File 129705706668.gif - (151.42KB , 247x400 , 695300777_654056.gif )
I couldn't sleep so I made this.
Enjoy this song with it if you can. http://gobarbra.com/hit/new-f1324f81aad82dbb079e39fcfd1bb2fa
>> No. 4959
File 129728799428.gif - (186.72KB , 362x400 , tumblr_ldy810bgFG1qff37eo1_400.gif )
I regret nothing.

File 129393486957.jpg - (27.25KB , 256x331 , Magitsbox.jpg )
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Time for things that make you nostalgic!

Pic related, it's one of my favorite games I just remembered.
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>> No. 4169
  Dem Beatleborgs.
>> No. 4498
File 129632682644.jpg - (19.73KB , 450x338 , PC Pup.jpg )
For anyone who enjoyed this: >>4068

Go here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=TGOR03IF

And go there quickly, because I probably shouldn't have uploaded it.
>> No. 4533
Sorry to post a YTP, but I watched this and the part where he GETS DOWN stirred some kind of vague memory for me. I saw this when I was a kid, even though I have no recollection of it other than this one really short clip and have no idea what it's called.

I can logically deduce that it's a cartoon about WWF (back when it was called that) but fuck knows about anything else. Hulk Hogan used to be my favourite. Back before he wasn't really, really too old to still be doing it. ._.

EDIT: Link's here since the new server apparently hates YouTube embedding today.


File 129074802139.png - (149.76KB , 576x576 , 1289181194418.png )
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So TF2chan, here's a hypothetical scenario for you:

> You die suddenly.
> No will, no note, nothing.
> Friends/family look through your computer as a form of closure.

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>> No. 4511
I have my BFF promised me, that he will be my Shovelbuddy. By this i explained him this scenario.
So by my suddendly and tragic death emergencyprotocoll #1 comes out.
Which includes the following:
1. Stop weeping for me. (He probably will sheet one tear. I can count me lucky if it´s even one tear.)
2. Drive to me home.
3. Take my pc and trow it out the window.
4. Tell my family his expression of sympathy and drive home again to play wow again.
>> No. 4515
No one will be surprised. Seriously I have to warn people before they open my sketchbook, I doubt they'd jump into my pc without assuming they're gonna run unto a fetish or two.
>> No. 4517
Everybody knows I'm a huge atrocity tourist so 99% of the terrible things on this computer are a direct result of that bizarre-ass fascination of mine.

File 129545521974.png - (586.95KB , 1034x861 , FFFFFFFFFF.png )
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>> No. 4406
File 12961717478.jpg - (151.11KB , 884x693 , holy shit.jpg )
B-B-But how?
>> No. 4409
File 129617475543.png - (144.31KB , 628x565 , what.png )
I don't even-
He's wrong, but what?
>> No. 4411
File 12961780593.jpg - (39.45KB , 671x565 , uwowuawouaouw.jpg )
Holy fucking shit.

File 128919167542.jpg - (66.69KB , 800x598 , ice_cubes.jpg )
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Post funny/amusing stuff.
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>> No. 4362
File 129578697529.jpg - (101.10KB , 1440x900 , 1295399296067.jpg )
I don't know if you guys will laugh at this, but it's a spider mating dance, and it made me think of Mexican dancing, where they have those little clicky things.

>> No. 4374
File 129584339630.jpg - (29.12KB , 500x375 , hurr-durr-derp-face-is-that-legit.jpg )
Haha, it reminds me of that as well. That's crazy.
>> No. 4380
  No sound.

File 129055898359.jpg - (65.61KB , 600x448 , 4219.jpg )
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It's back. Post here if you're gonna livestream, have a "let's play" or anything of that nature.
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>> No. 3505
guess i'll drop the link here too...
I'm streaming stuff since the "party" i was supposed to go to for new year was cancelled.
>> No. 3664

Livestreaming mickey's prince and the pauper.
>> No. 4237

Finally buckled and bout a domain and some hosting since I'm going to need it anyway when I hit Comicon with my portfolio and cards.

Just have the standard blog atm, but I'm going to be adding a number of other things, such as:

Art blog
Online comic
Horrible, Horrible Fanfiction Blog
Movie and Media review form my cat's POV

So yeah... stuff.

File 12946969285.jpg - (44.41KB , 709x491 , rdj_vs_hughjackman.jpg )
3879 No. 3879 Locked hide watch quickreply [Reply]
A bro and I are discussing something, and I wanted to ask: who is better, Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Jackman?
>> No. 3881
Well, apparently Hugh Jackman's son picks up girls at school with the line "Hey, my dad's Wolverine." And RDJ is reportedly a douche.

Plus, Hugh Jackman is a triple thread. RDJ knows how to play the too-smart-for-his-own-good, under-the-influence dickweed.

>> No. 3883
It's probably just me, but shouldn't this go in the eye candy thread? It doesn't seem necessary for this to have its own thread.

Sage for no contribution.
>> No. 3885

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