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File 129125777787.png - (208.71KB , 519x700 , id_____by_93dragonfree-d33scg8.png )
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New thread, fresh and new, same old shitty art. Get posting!

We still have an activity open:
>Type in TF2 OC

This is what I got.

"well ... what to say?
Left is Methusi/Methi and right is Xensia (the dark bitch that threw me into the fire pit - luckily she`s now a ghost cuz my disappearance dissolved her. But in time ... she will appear again)."
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>> No. 3021
the art is cringeworthy too.
>> No. 3022
see partobritney.jpg >>2398
>> No. 3023
Locking time!

I'm going to put this out there right now and be done with it. If you guys want to do this bad art thread, fine. But I'm not going to tolerate tearing apart concepts you don't agree with. So, sorry to say, but if this thread is started up again the same rules are going to apply. Let me explain why. Considering we have a few RP groups that post here, as well as a bunch of artists, the last thing this place needs is someone's art being 'accidently' posted in a thread like this. Its all ready happened once and its not going to be tolerated. You can grumble and whine about it all you want, and take it to tumblr and do it there. But it ain't happening here. Sorry kids.

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