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File 143933297967.jpg - (68.11KB , 1024x768 , 2015-08-11_00002.jpg )
13756 US No. 13756 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Anyone got ideas for my description? I need a desc that will fit in with my scattergun's name(the name is Anal Fistula in chinese)
>> US No. 13757
As explained in http://jajakuroneko.tumblr.com/post/103262567447/lovelive2k14-gaypet-gogglesaurus , I suggest ホ or 穴, for "buttocks". Or the whole phrase if you can find those characters, as I can't easily :V

File 14328197719.gif - (809B , 2x2 , 1.gif )
13751 GR No. 13751 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I mastrubate to hats daily.
>> US No. 13752

File 143093047416.jpg - (152.14KB , 960x731 , 1427294532542.jpg )
13741 US No. 13741 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Whatever happened to Agent of Hydra? He was a qt, I tell ya hwut.
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>> AU No. 13746
i heard he died
>> No. 13747
What Steam group?
>> No. 13748

Or just check the Community section of the left-hand sidebar on the main page (I realize many people browse boards without it)

File 135699997912.jpg - (18.04KB , 300x271 , marijuana%20bud%20wikim[1].jpg )
12995 US No. 12995 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
well guys i'm really high. and i just wanted to tell you all that.

weed thread?
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>> AU No. 13550
What's the verdict on Amnesia Haze then?

Auto Assassin is still my favourite to this date. I miss it so.
>> US No. 13583
just because there aren't a lot of posts doesn't mean the thread can't exist 9_9

where i'm at is so rural we don't get to pick by strains - i think there's only one group bringing in weed so every dealer in town ends up with the same shit. they call everything "popcorn" and in the rare event somebody finds some "kush" it goes for a ridiculous price and can't be identified beyond "i promise you this is kush". i'm kind of jealous of people who live in decriminalized and medical-use states just for their freedom of choice

tangentially i find it really annoying that literally every person i've spoken to personally (not in this thread, i haven't spoken to any of you people personally in this thread, i am not talking about anyone in this thread) who is anti-weed uses the bad behavior of some stupid people to argue that everyone who smokes weed is stupid. in this thread it was mentioned about people smoking weed in front of a door, and i'm not calling out the person who said it in this thread just using it as an example of things i have also heard from people irl and shit: the people smoking in front of a door are just as rude when it's tobacco, but the people not-in-this-thread-in-real-life who complain about the shit to me tend to act like it's like weed makes you rude? nnnno, second hand smoke is rude to expose someone to NO MATTER WHAT IT IS. i smoke tobacco too but you bet your ass if somebody says they would rather i didn't smoke around them, i will fucking move and only smoke in a well-ventilated outdoor area well upwind of them if i must smoke while in their company at all. similarly my roommates don't like the smell of my weed so i smoke in my room with the door shut and make sure the smoke does not leave my room to bother them. it has nothing to do with the weed and everything to do with being a friendly and responsible human being in general.

ANYWAY: does anyone else, like, not really like edibles? i don't like th
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>> US No. 13727
It's not that, it's that I figured there were only about three people in the thread, one of which was explaining why they DON'T do drugs, and email is just quicker.

This board just doesn't get a lot of attention anymore, save from CP spambots. There's been a little bit of fresh meat, though, as well as a few people who wandered back in from the glory days, though, so it's a start.

File 134326673859.jpg - (140.16KB , 960x720 , 576117_3003487425952_1185624046_n.jpg )
12412 CA No. 12412 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]

Old one autosaged and I've got A BURNING QUESTION so here's a new one. Anything too sex-related or TMI for casual dinner conversation goes here. Ask questions, tell stories, share you sexy sexy wisdom!
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>> US No. 13738
Is it true that you can be aroused by anything, regardless of your orientation? I was looking at some porn the other day (all kinds of gender combinations), and I think the fact that I was looking at sexual things was turning me on, not necessarily who was involved.
>> US No. 13739
You might just be bi or pansexual. Or the kink could be so strong for you that you're attracted to it being present, regardless of gender.
>> US No. 13780
Heaven forbid I dislike a kink because it was forced on me by someone I had zero sexual or romantic interest in.

The fact that someone else likes it is more important than me politely asking them to tag it in a way that I don't have to see it.

File 140056053958.jpg - (15.74KB , 447x341 , bleh.jpg )
13619 US No. 13619 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
So, this probably won't really amount to much but I'm really desperate.

I've been unemployed for the past two years and have had no luck in finding work. I'm flat broke and barely scraping together enough to get by.

I've been offering commissions for a while, but so far only a single person has bought one. I hate asking for charity, but I'm so desperate that I'm asking for paypal donations if you've got anything to spare.

I'm still offering commissions as well, which can be found at http://dinosaurpirate.tumblr.com/post/57465716674/dinosaurpirate-dinosaur-pirate-is-offering

As for the donations, those are at https://www.paypal.com/us/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_flow&SESSION=QcbklHCa8sDkUGcypA-kRY7qaZc7Lk7JFi-7TMaqZtvT7PCBvD6ny-bIuAq&dispatch=5885d80a13c0db1f8e2636

So please consider buying a commission or at least donating a buck or two. Any help is greatly appreciated.

File 139998308562.gif - (1.63MB , 400x287 , tumblr_n2nt68uhcI1tw1yfoo1_400.gif )
13613 AT No. 13613 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
I saw this on fumblr and does anyone know from which video that was?
>> No. 13721
It is unlikely that you will ever find out.

File 139681552741.jpg - (28.93KB , 325x325 , bit-qr.jpg )
13597 SE No. 13597 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Guys, I need help. I'm tired, I can no longer be a virgin. Please help me collect money for a prostitute. Bitcoin address in QR-code.
>> US No. 13598
Gotta say, I'm laughing so good that I think I won't delete this one right away so everyone can laugh at it. Lemme get the helpful part out of the way: Stop caring about losing your virginity. It means absolutely nothing. You will not suddenly wake up feeling like a better person for having lost it. You could also wake up with an STD if you're not being safe. It's not worth it.

Now that said, If this isn't spam (and I'm pretty sure it is), it's one of the most pathetic things I've honestly ever seen. Bitcoin? Really? No prostitute with even the slightest bit of sense is going to accept cryptocurrency.
>> AU No. 13600
File 139682958694.gif - (1.74MB , 177x150 , oh what the hell.gif )
There's a lot more you could buy with bitcoins and have a better time with.

If legit, take it from someone who personally knows a guy who did it with one for their first time. A lot of shame and disappointment and regret lies down that path. Never worth it.

File 139202612097.jpg - (49.59KB , 718x538 , 0APC.jpg )
13531 NO No. 13531 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Post your rigs
>> US No. 13538
I just have one computer, a pre-built factory standard rig that handles both my school/work stuff and my gaming. Yes, I sacrifice power, but I've never seen the point in having multiple computers.

File 134194701560.png - (151.18KB , 600x337 , X9UvW.png )
12326 US No. 12326 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So most of the current anime season is pretty bad, but you should totally check out Humanity Has Declined.
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>> US No. 13295
  Get ready to get depressed!
>> US No. 13384
File 137819148974.jpg - (56.74KB , 600x800 , BS_6lmaCcAAFkpg.jpg )
Best daikamura.
>> US No. 13464
Something I noticed that's becoming a pet peeve of mine is the "doomed anime mom" trope. She always, ALWAYS has those sad doe-like eyes, a braid, and maybe an apron on. And she always lasts only a few episodes before catching an incurable disease, or being maimed horribly, or doesn't survive to be included in the show at all and died in childbirth, or is always seen only in flashback.

I've ruled this out being sexism, because it happens a lot in series that show how badass women can be, particularly magical girl shows. And Disney pulls this shit a lot too, so it's not anything Japan-centric. It's just lazy, shitty writing.

(Captcha: terminal keyourho. Appropriate.)

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