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File 135905123889.jpg - (885.21KB , 1425x1425 , DHMD the Soundtrack.jpg )
13037 US No. 13037 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Hey all. I have a thread in /fanart/ but since this isn't the one with all the TF2 songs, I'm putting it here instead.


So for the past two years I've been working on songs for my friend's internet series called "Dino Hunter MD" and recently I got around to redoing all of the tracks.

Captcha: ndSeed South. So North Dakota and South Dakota are having a baby? That's... nice..?

File 132626552459.jpg - (34.95KB , 358x358 , Picture 15.jpg )
11139 AU No. 11139 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]
oh look the camwhore thread has hit its limit.

only one person can fix this...
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>> CA No. 12531
File 134542438344.jpg - (36.22KB , 640x480 , oirdtfyujh.jpg )
.....well posting the fucking picture to go with the bad joke is, i guess.
>> US No. 12533
File 134543618937.jpg - (176.13KB , 1280x1024 , Picture 2.jpg )
My friend said this pic was cute in a "seedy, low-class hotel room hooker" kind of way.
>> PL No. 12991
File 135675665269.jpg - (11.83KB , 206x387 , rare gpoy.jpg )
Like the filename says.

US No. 12943 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
  i wasn't sure where to put this, or even if i should make this post to begin with, but i figured it's better safe than sorry.

this is the anon who wrote It Could Be Worse a few years ago, sorry it's been so long since i was last here. i wanted to say thanks to all the people who supported my writing, and who still sometimes talk about it fondly.

on that note, i wanted to say that i've rewritten ICBW as an original, non-fic story. published it as an e-book to help pay the bills. i'm only posting here about it out of worry that someone might come across it online and think it was stolen or something, and spread that around. i'm laying that worry to rest, and if people elsewhere start spreading that rumor around, i hope the people here will help me put it to rest.

i know it's hard to prove this sort of thing when remaining firmly anon. if you need proof, i've edited my fanfic.net archive of the fic with an author's note stating this as well. if it's not showing up now, it will later this evening.

thank you all for your support over the years, i hope you have a lovely holiday season. danke schoen.

note: sorry about the random seuss video. the site was giving me an embed error and wouldn't let me post without.

File 134066389465.jpg - (20.36KB , 519x519 , diabeetus.jpg )
12257 US No. 12257 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So these tiny bottles of applejuice I have each have 28 grams of sugar in them. Where as I have no-sugar-added ice cream with only 3 grams per half cup.

fucking milkshakes with that stuff are healthier than apple juice.
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>> US No. 12695
Whole foods and exercise. Though you should probably talk to a actual nutritionist instead of the internet.
>> US No. 12696
I don't have the money, unfortunately.
>> CA No. 12700
Use a calorie counter. I've used myfitnesspal. You input your height and weight and it tells you how many calories a day to eat in order to gain/lose weight

File 133671140965.jpg - (107.37KB , 640x478 , horrible truck mural.jpg )
12031 US No. 12031 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
So it's been a while since we had a good, old fashioned bad art thread.
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>> US No. 12639
On the plus side, the coloring isn't that bad.

Although I noticed a lot of artists use their coloring skills to distract from awful anatomy. Which is why I focused on anatomy first myself, before learning to color.
>> No. 12642
It's not awful, but it's generic, boring and the light/shadows are pretty off in some places.(talking colouring)
>> CL No. 12651
File 134733282144.jpg - (33.68KB , 500x651 , tatuajes-raros-feos1651-16.jpg )

File 134362469682.jpg - (118.03KB , 1680x1020 , headset.jpg )
12442 US No. 12442 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
Been looking for some more wallpapers (or artist credit on the ones I do have, as I yanked a lot of these from other chans) and figured we could all swap and share.

I mostly have TF2, Batman, general geeky stuff, and wallpapers of pretty girls with headphones on. And a few anime ones, if you're into that kinda stuff.

File 134285313729.jpg - (260.66KB , 1096x1130 , 1332982732237.jpg )
12389 US No. 12389 hide watch quickreply [Reply]
i dunno.
>> CA No. 12410
File 134326012390.jpg - (44.32KB , 500x394 , 28u66c5.jpg )
Watch out for snakes

File 133640209226.jpg - (70.97KB , 500x552 , Feelings_o_85947.jpg )
12000 US No. 12000 hide watch quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Holy shit, last thread got a little too big. Time for a new one, guys!
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>> US No. 13159
If you both love eachother, then you will be happy and nervousness will fade. You have the advantage of having known eachother for years before. Better chances of things working out well.
>> US No. 13160
Apparently the reason none of my relationships stuck so far is because we only really act like close friends, not like significant others. I wasn't having sex with anyone when they broke up with me. I don't know how to act like "more than a friend" with someone but not be sexual.

The reason I haven't had sex is because either I was told at the beginning that we weren't going to have it, because they didn't want to have sex with anyone, which I was fine with, and the people who didn't tell me that weren't interested in negotiating when was the right time and under what conditions. They refused to wear condoms, refused to wait until I was comfortable. And I was within my rights to say no, as well as being not the only person who would do so.
>> DK No. 13161
I had to go to the united states for a few weeks because of work.

And holy shit, I'm sorry Americans, but never have I been more happy to live in a country that isn't filled with religious nut-balls.

I mean, some of the people I met there, would be locked up and considered insane where I come from. But in a America, not only do they roam freely, if they forces their beliefs on you, then you are the one told to be open-minded and respectful - not the one forcing their beliefs down your throat.

I met a lot of people, who told me "God is speaking to me. I can hear him talk to me", say that sort of shit, where I'm from, and you would be locked up and diagnosed with schizophrenia.

File 131767774487.jpg - (38.76KB , 460x345 , birdman9_1113871769.jpg )
10041 US No. 10041 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [First 100 posts] [Last 50 posts]
Here's a new thread since the last one is forever-a-saging on the second page. Got any questions you're too embarrassed to ask? Need some advice? Simply just curious?

This is your place.

Have fun, y'all.
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>> US No. 12516
Nope, not at all. I'm a virgin at 21. Mostly just circumstance and me not really feeling like trying to get laid.
(not asexual, not in the slightest, just lazy.)
>> US No. 12712
Going to be a 26 year old virgin very shortly.
>> DE No. 12749
Okay nothing against you anon. But can i just take a moment here and say how sad i am everytime i see someone ask this in such a thread? Everytime i get so saddened by it. I mean i was until 21 a virgin too, until i thought i found the man for a longlasting relationship, where i can trust and love him. I was okay with beeing one until i lost it, because in all honesty i needed to get with myself in sync and went through some times of doubting myself. But i also knew i didn´t want to lose it like one classmate who just lost it on some switzer bimbo in a drunken state. I thought what i am worth to myself? Because it was my first time and i wanted to have it with someone who would thread this delicate matter as something special too.

Because now here i need to say the ultimate truth. There is a market for everything. It is not about finding a sexual partner who would want to sleep with you, but rather about a partner which you could trust and where you later don´t feel like you where just used for his needs.

It is nothing to be ashamed of to be still a virgin or to have already lost it. Like so much in your life this is a thing between yourself and YOURSELF. And yes sometimes you see in the mirror and think. Curse the world and that everyone finds someone. And than you listen to TMSI and think you rather never went over this line. There is no generell approbiate age to lose it. If others say: There is a to late, there is a to soon. Than tell them politly that this doesn´t matters to you, because you are you and not them.

Also the average japanese woman loses her virginy with 22. I hear of german teenagers who already lost it with 14. But than they just got the concept of the mechanics and the deep trust you feel with a partner to which you build up a emotional relationship is not there.

To the end you should be aware how you think your first time should be. Should it be rather with someone you have friendly feelings for (some want it like this) or you are maddly in love. Or just someone you trust.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

File 13412748728.png - (152.85KB , 600x473 , 12781381328.png )
12280 US No. 12280 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]
Stuff like TF2's backstory and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Some find them funny, some find them insulting. What's your take?
1 post omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> US No. 12290
I feel the same way. I remember hearing that the writer did a lot of research into Lincoln's actual life when he was doing the book, and the actor who played him was known as a period actor, so they know what they were doing there, even if the movie wasn't so good.

I don't know. I take it and TF2's backstory as lighthearted (though possibly some of it is Soldier making shit up) and not intended to be mean. If after I died people said I went around killing vampires with flamethrowers and saving my country, I'd take it as a compliment, I guess.

My mom was bitching about it because she said you shouldn't say anything about a real person, especially a president, unless he actually did it. And even though I disagree, I can see where she's coming from.
>> US No. 12293
My sister is a huge Abraham Lincoln aficionado; she had her doubts about the book but the rich detail and attention to history won her over.

She absolutely hated the movie.

But my own opinion on alternative history stuff? It can be pretty interesting. It only rustles my jimmies if its done without much research or falls back on cliches of the 'genre' (Nazis doing anything supernatural comes to mind. Not bashing Hellboy or the like, mind you, but its been done to death. Give it a rest!)
>> US No. 12295
I remember hearing Adolf Hitler was interested in the supernatural, but I don't think he did anything with it.

Another thing that sort of fits in the alternate universe genre that I really liked was an anime OVA called Read or Die. Brittania still exists, Beethoven had a book with a doomsday device plan in it, and a bunch of steampunk influences. Apparently they're making an alternate-universe series that's more like Fahrenheit 451 and the cute bookish protagonist is all "dark" and has silver hair and...eh. No me gusta.

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