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File 131744302127.png - (339.55KB , 311x700 , gpotf2.png )
10008 US No. 10008
Because hats were always funny and awesome even before the vidya, and because I know others here collect 'em.
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>> US No. 10009

>> GB No. 10012
Hello TF2chan, my name is Annie and I have a hat problem. My current count is 12, including a white stetson, a real Russian ushanka made of real small furry Russian animal, an akubra, a pork pie, a coachman, a pith (French-style) and an opera hat.

And I still don't own a bowler or a trilby. Help!
>> US No. 10013
I collect hats like you would not believe. It is, in fact, one of the factors that led to my getting into TF2. 'Hat simulator?', said I. 'I do believe I shall!'

My hat pictures are all oversized, but if you remove the spaces from the following addresses, you can see 'em all:

http://annethecatdetective.tum blr.com/page/4

http://annethecatdetective.tum blr.com/page/8

One hat photoset on the first page, and a crapload of hats on the other. Just scroll until hats show up.

There will doubtless be more hat pictures in the future.
>> GB No. 10015
I am unbelievably jelly of the idea of a purple suede fedora. Nnngh.
>> US No. 10016
Hey so I'm planning on getting a multi-cam boonie to replace my MARPAT boonie I've had since MARPAT stuff started showing up on the civilian market because it's getting fairly thrashed. However the MARPAT boonie is sized extra-large whereas all the multicam ones on Amazon list the sizes in inches, Is there any way to convert hat sizes to inches?
>> AU No. 10038
File 131764510217.jpg - (73.89KB , 640x480 , Picture 3.jpg )
helmets > hats
>> US No. 10047
File 131768370085.jpg - (101.90KB , 640x480 , 111003-181146.jpg )
I may partake in wearing hats from time to time.
>> AU No. 10049
File 131769920284.jpg - (110.42KB , 670x897 , hats.jpg )
Did someone say HATS?

Pictured from bottom to top:
- A navy blue wool/cotton ushanka that I bought from a strange asian dollar shop in Sydney;
- A kangaroo leather akubra from Tamworth (this hat happens to be my favourite);
- An old black chauffeur hat
- 6 different baseball caps that I salvaged from my old collection (I originally had over 15 baseball caps, but my father threw them out during a spring clean)

Not pictured:
- Another cap that I bought in Sydney that I got soley because it looked almost exactly like the Grenadier's Softcap.
>> US No. 10213
My top hat just arrived in the mail! The package got here seconds ago, so I have yet to photograph it.

(It's a cheapo costume one, I couldn't afford a nice one in time for Hallowe'en, though I plan to get a real good top hat eventually)
>> GB No. 10221
File 131842527456.jpg - (24.41KB , 320x240 , Picture 2.jpg )
>> GB No. 10222
File 131842558732.jpg - (28.13KB , 320x240 , Picture 4.jpg )
You freaks and yer normal ass hats!
Spine chilling skull anyone?
>> GB No. 10223
File 131842565322.jpg - (27.79KB , 320x240 , Picture 5.jpg )
Still not TF2 enough for ya? WELL FUCK YE! HAVE A FESTIVE TREE!
>> DE No. 10224
File 13184299827.jpg - (110.61KB , 1024x768 , That Spy.jpg )

>> FI No. 10229
File 131844956675.png - (367.43KB , 640x480 , picture_5.png )
>> US No. 11100
Assuming Pyro isn't British, I kind of wondered why TF2 has no British class. And then I realized that British humour is essentially the tenth class- "hats are funny" is an onrunning gag in a lot of British shows.

Just look at Monty Python and a lot of Top Gear episodes.
>> US No. 11153
File 132657620567.jpg - (20.14KB , 288x260 , 120114-151818.jpg )
I got new hat that I have been wanting for 14 years.
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