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File 131767774487.jpg - (38.76KB , 460x345 , birdman9_1113871769.jpg )
10041 US No. 10041
Here's a new thread since the last one is forever-a-saging on the second page. Got any questions you're too embarrassed to ask? Need some advice? Simply just curious?

This is your place.

Have fun, y'all.
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>> US No. 10042
File 131767785072.gif - (480.08KB , 350x198 , 106kfhe.gif )
Oh, yeah. I was wondering.

Anyways. Confession time. Was going to anonfag, but i had a feeling anyone I was trying to hide from would figure out this was me, anyways. Man, sometimes I hate being a Christian. Or, rather, a Christian who has a body that REEEEALLY wants some action.
Fuck hormones.

I always feel guilty for watching or writing porn and sometimes starting to masturbate, and usually just can't even finish. I end up just sitting in bed with blue balls and a headache and a huge load of guilt and shame.

I wish I could chose one or the other, but I don't WANT to. I LIKE being a Christian. It's just that I also really, REALLY want to get off sometimes, too, and it seems like there's no way I get both to coincide, and I just end up feeling really depressed for not being a "better" Christian or being okay where I am spiritually... Which isn't a great place.

I guess it's one of those things where you really want to commit, but don't have the chops, or even the desire, to do the right thing. Like going on a month-long diet, then deciding, "But I REEEEEALLY like steak..." and then wasting a week's worth of money at the nearest burger joint.

Sometimes I wonder why I even lurk here, since it's obviously not a very "spiritual" place, but I've kind of grown attached to the people here, and the art, and everything... I don't WANT to give it up, even though all things are pointing to the fact that I should. Sometimes I just don't even know what to do sometimes, guys.

I'm not here to discuss giving up my religion, because that's just not an option. Believe it or not, I actually do legitimately like it and it's helped me through a lot of tough times in life. It's just... I have no idea about the rest of my life.
>> DE No. 10043

Okay i know, this is a highly risky theme, but still i´m ready to play on this field.

Why do you feel guilty? I mean i would want to know at first what your views are what you think is good and not. I heard from some christians masturbating is okay and having a sexualrealtionship without beeing married and all. But still it would be good to know how you think what the big man above would say to such things, because this really goes more in the interpretation of the religion.
>> US No. 10044
Well, the thing is that things I'm okay with for other people, I'm not okay with doing, myself. I actually don't think of masturbation as against the Bible, and while porn technically is, I wouldn't think any less of someone else who's a Christian who watches it.

It's just that I guess I abide by the whole belief or whatever that "If you wouldn't do x while Jesus was sitting in your room, don't do it at all, because he's ALWAYS WATCHING YOU ANYWAYS."

I guess, at the core, it's faulty logic since having sex while married is perfectly okay, and I'm pretty sure a husband a wife wouldn't bone in front of Jesus... that'd be kinda awkward.

But still. It makes me feel uncomfortable because I know what I'm doing is wrong. It's small, yeah, but I feel like I should be trying to move past it instead of just... wallowing in it. It's the reason why, even though I frequent the /afanfic/ section often, there's not much sex in my stories. Because I just get so bent out of shape before I can really do anything worth writing about.

Sometimes I wonder if this has anything to do with me being a Christian or if I'm just crazy.
>> US No. 10050

When it comes to spirituality and masturbation I believe that it only becomes a problem when you let it control you. I'm not Christian (I consider myself Hindu) but I would assume that porn is only "morally wrong" because otherwise, people would forget about God and become caught up in their selfish desires. A big part of being spiritual is overcoming base feelings like lust, which is why porn is frowned upon.

However, if we want to live a healthy life we have to be mentally and physically stimulated. We must eat right, increase our knowledge, and take care of our temporary body, and if that involves masturbation than so be it. Personally I consider masturbation to be much better than illicit sex or accidental pregnancy; those just create suffering. As long as you don't let porn or masturbation become an addiction, you shouldn't be punished for stimulating the body you were given.

Hope that helps a little and wasn't too religious for the chan.
>> US No. 10051
>I know what I'm doing is wrong.

Haha no.
If it is physically ailing you to not masturbate, I'm pretty sure you should just go ahead and get your rocks off, Jesus voyeur or no Jesus voyeur.
>> US No. 10052
No, that made perfect sense - thank you. I will keep your kind words in mind. Once again, thanks for choosing to talk about something like this on the chan.

Oh, the headache thing? Well, I get headaches all the time for a lot of different reasons. I have a tendency to teeth grind, especially. I also get them when I'm really upset, so it could just be the fact that "I let Jesus doooown!" that's giving me the headache more than actually not finishing.
>> US No. 10054
File 131775279175.jpg - (365.29KB , 1000x1409 , 1316648057191.jpg )
I had to study Advanced Theology in ye old Catholic high school; what I took away from months of studying dogma and doctrine was that, if you're strictly following 'Jesus rules' its basically "Don't make your neighbors suffer and treat everyone with love and kindness". Keeping yourself from having a fap every now and then has nothing to do with the supposed Jesus voyeurism. Frankly, I like to think God/Jesus/Flying Spaghetti Monster has better things to do then keep tabs on our sexuality.

Besides, TwoRefined, you write some of the best dirty on the board, where would we be without you? Don't make your neighbors suffer!

In other news, I keep forgetting other people are less comfy with the strangeness that goes on here, and I linked a friend who doesn't know about this place to a picture of Medic having bloody sexytime with Pyro. The reaction was interesting.
>> US No. 10057
Good news: Scoutpapa is finally coming to understand the extent of how submissive I am and he's totally fine with it.

Bad news: He's trying to get me to either a) bite him so hard it draws blood or b) choke him. I keep trying to explain that I will not do it because of personal reasons like being raped by the last person I dated, she choked me and forced me to bite her and carve my name into her stomach against my will. I keep trying to explain that I don't want to every which way I can think of, but it's not working. What do?
>> US No. 10058
Self diagnosis isn't that reliable I know but damn, aside from the thinning hair and weak erections that does sound like me from last year. Fortunately I don't have the urge to do it as often as I used to but it I still tend to fap around three times a day, and I think it might still be zapping my energy. Trying to cut it back. I do wonder if women can have the same issues...

Have you told him the exact reason? If he's not taking that seriously that's hella insensitive, but from the sounds of things you haven't. You might have to.
>> US No. 10059

He knows. His hands got too close to my neck in a kinda choke-y position once and I broke down crying, we couldn't have sex for a couple weeks or so without me flashing back and ending up a sobbing mess.
>> CA No. 10062
So this might be a tad inappropriate considering the recent previous posts, so pardon me and skip over it if it is.

Last night after 3 years of inching his hands closer my boyfriend and I tried some asphyxiation. I danno if it's cause I'd been masturbating a bit before we even started, but the all busting orgasm this caused me was a shock. It was one of those, eyes roll in the back of your head and you go blind for a few second type good orgasms.

Now I went and told him I totally approve of this and he said if there's anything I want to try on him to go ahead. Now in the past, the last guy that said this later accused me of rape so I'm not even sure what to do. Mamma loves the butt but I'm a tad weary cause I know how straight men can some how have a crisis over "does liking this make me gay".

One of the other things I'd like to try has a tendency to freak people out generally. I'd like to get some of those surgical needles and get poked.

Advice? Do I go for the butt? Do I ask to get stuck with needles? Or do I pussy up and just not?
>> CA No. 10063
I've got a serious phobia of needles, so I'm not even going to suggest that one because merely thinking about it gives me the willies.

As to the butt, I think you two should maybe have an open and frank discussion about it. Encourage him to try it once, but don't force him if he's not comfortable with it. Inform him about the prostate, how it doesn't make him gay any more than getting fingered makes you a lesbian, bla bla bla.

Just talk about it with him. He might have thought about it himself for all we know. All he has to do is try it once, right? If he likes it, great, if he doesn't, you don't do it again. Simple as that.
>> CA No. 10064
He could have picked up on my hinting about the butt. I'm kind of feely with the whole taint area on him. I'll have to, but despite my open talking about it here I do get a bit shy around him, even aft 3 years, when it comes to such things.
>> US No. 10065
Just so you know, I don't take offense to it. Other people's kinks don't bother me as long as they're not forced upon me, no worries.

As for advice, I say you should go for the butt. My man absolutely loves it and think there's nothing gay about it. It'd only be gay if it were a guy doing it with him.
>> CA No. 10069
Went for it, we both loved it and he admitted he hadn't asked for it cause he wasn't sure how I'd take the request. I told him he was adorable.
>> CA No. 10075
Aww! I'm so happy for you! Congrats! I hope you both have many nice bum-related endeavours in the future.
>> US No. 10076
Okay. Just wanted to put this out there since, why not? I've been curious about this since when I was in highschool, but never really talked about it.
I don't, uh, get turned on as much as what other people seem to? I always had thought that when people would say, "hnng so hot" and "I came", in reaction to naked photographs and the kind of things you'd find on afanart, that they were kidding. Photographs and drawings just do nothing to me. I like them for their aesthetics and art, not because I'm turned on. Watching porn does get some reaction out of me, as does personal fantasies (sometimes), so it's not like I don't work. Masturbation gets some more out of me, but it doesn't really get anywhere.
Is it that I just, I don't know, not have as strong of a libido as other people do? Was I right that people really are kidding? Are most women like this?
If it helps, info-wise: I'm a virgin, too scared to buy a vibe, and identify as bi.
>> US No. 10078
Your libido just works a different way from them. No they're not kidding, a lot of people can get off to just pictures. Just seems like you need more. ;)

Haha awesome. I'd quite like it if somebody I was with went for my butt too, not sure why so many guys have hangups about it. I'd just maybe be a little self conscious about the hairiness, but that's about it. Then again most guys have hairy asses so I doubt she'd be expecting anything else.
>> US No. 10150
File 131819673837.png - (93.16KB , 575x600 , 130995477696.png )
Half a question, half a confession, all too much information.

I've been lurking here for a few months now, writing some, RPing some with the nice folks here. I've come to really enjoy all these, ahem, manly interactions, and I even have favorite pairings and all that jazz. My browser has declared that the 'adult fanfiction' tab is my favorite place to be on this site.

Thing is though, as much as I enjoy watching/writing/reading the genitals of one fictional mercenary clashing with the appropriate orifice of choice of another, I don't 'get off' on it. Not a hint of arousal. But its an awful lot of fun, if that makes any sense. Its entertaining to me, clearly, or I wouldn't be browsing about so much.

This may or may not have something to do with the fact that I am a heterosexual female, but I'm starting to suspect that there are many ladies here.

So uh...do you get off on the adult content, or what?
>> DE No. 10151
I do not get off on it.
Don't ask me why! It arouses me, pleases my dirty mind, but I don't masturbate to it or orgasm or any of that jazz.

Personally, arousal is much more of a brain thing for me than a body thing. I never get the wish to touch myself or get off. A round of a welldone sexual RP makes me happy without the physical release - Maybe I orgasm "mentally", so to speak?

I'm straight as an arrow, love dicks, and am also female. I love sex with my boyfriend. I love dicks and manly things and everything! But it's all a mental thing, and I'm fine with it.

So no worries, gal! Enjoy your RPs and fanfics. As long as you feel good, there is no harm done.
>> US No. 10154
File 131819803328.jpg - (157.33KB , 1600x1228 , Just another day at the Pyro orgy.jpg )
Thanks darlin'. But I am not worried about it, so to speak, but I just find it weird that I've been staring at naked killers doing X-rated things to one another for hours without any excitement in my lady parts, and I was wonderin' if anyone else felt the same way.

Didn't Freud once say the only bad sexuality you could have was not having any?
>> US No. 10155
I have never been aroused by anything on here either.
>> US No. 10193
Well I'm a heterosexual male so yeah I don't. :p
>> CA No. 10198
Adventures in rimming.

So yeah more boyfriend's butt adventures, also hair pulling.
>> US No. 10202
I jelly.

Also... rather curious, any of you particularly care about how dicks curve? The impression I get is that guys who ask about it are a little too self-conscious and most girls don't really care, but hey, thought I'd ask.
Mine goes downward. I would hope it would be easier to take down a throat, and apparently it does make doggystyle feel better.
>> CA No. 10203
Honestly curve doesn't matter to me, as long as it's not like at a 90 degree angle, but even then that might be interesting.

And yeah there are some benefits to a downward curve, but there are benefits to all dicks.

I think guys are a tad to self conscious about their junk, just like women are with their tits. the first guy I ever really did it with was about 2.5 inches and it didn't make orgasm worse but in some ways better since it didn't slam the cervix and was fun to suck on. I actually got a bit self conscious about if my vag was to big for him since he had a hard time cumming from actual sex.

I think everyone really needs to relax about their bodies, no one looks like the people in porn and honestly it would get really boring if they did. I'd 100% of the time rather have sex with someone with a curve or a smaller dick or anything they consider a flaw in that way that I care about, than a guy who looks perfect but I have no feelings for.
>> US No. 10210
I don't think curve matters, they all do in some way and nobody's exactly the same, but so far all my... dick appreciation, has been purely visual.

I've read about women being really self conscious about the appearance of their lady-parts after watching porn, but I don't know... I'm kind of the other way around. If I'm watching porn and some woman's downstairs business looks too different from mine, I tune out, and if it's different enough, I have to stop watching completely.

It's not that it 'ruins the fantasy' or whatever, either, because I'm not trying to imagine any of the activities portrayed as happening to me. I'm not into penetration-- rather, not into being penetrated, I'm purely there for the visual. I know every vulva is different, for some reason I just get turned off if I'm presented with one that's really different from my own.

Well, guess it's healthier than developing a 'mine doesn't look like porn parts' complex...

(same with nipples, which is weird, because I have no problem with breasts that aren't like mine, or naked women whose figures are not like mine. It's entirely the nipples which have the power to weird me out there, and it's kind of awkward, because apparently my nipples are not at all average...)
>> US No. 10230
You guys sound like saints. I, personally, actually don't like curve much. At all. It just weirds me out. It's purely visual, though. If I was actually having sex with a guy and he was bent, I don't think I'd mind that much, but in porn, it's enough to totally turn me off.

I hate to sound like a douchebag - I know lots of girls just figure a dick is a dick (most, judging by the comments), but I'm just not one of those girls. That's just one of those things I can't get past. Got one testicle? Well, alright. Hairy as fuck? Sure. Tiny dick? Whatever. But bent penises just squick me out.

Thought I'd go ahead and share my opinion on the matter for... ya know... research or science or some shit.
>> US No. 10233
File 131847737016.jpg - (112.24KB , 666x921 , 81912483.jpg )
Interesting if true
>> CA No. 10241
Everyone has a squick when it comes to sex, so that's normal. I've never really heard of this particular one.

The worst one I have also involves something I'm already phobic about, vomiting. My guy made the mistake of thrusting a tad to fast during oral once and I blew ramen noodle acid all over his dick. Then he had to run to the bathroom cause of the pain or spicy ramen and I cried.

On a positive note, it seems crying like an embarrassed little girl does it for some guys.
>> US No. 10252
I know by personal experience that 3 is true, at least with masturbation. It's helped me during nights where I can't sleep from congestion.
>> CA No. 10257
Warning everyone against 11. Not saying it doesn't work, but have you ever had your pulse beating so hard you can hear it in your head? Yeah. I had that happen, and I have very, VERY clogged sinuses. Ended up in the emergency room.
>> US No. 10258
Everyone has their favorite masturbatory methods!

What're yours?

My personal favorite is getting my crotch under the bath faucet and using my feet to adjust the heat/pressure while the tub fills, but some tubs are more comfortable/better positioned than others.
>> CA No. 10259
I have done that, and nearly drowned myself by accident. My butt happened to suction itself over the overflow valve.

My preferred method is on the floor of the bathroom, on the bathmat, through my underwear. Don't know why I prefer it, but I do.
>> US No. 10260
In bed. It's comfy, even if the damn cat stares at me sometimes. It's been a bitch trying to get off at all lately though.
>> US No. 10261
File 131857040541.jpg - (31.64KB , 474x360 , 1295635851897.jpg )
Can't masturbate on a bed, lord knows I've tried. Has to be some kind of hard surface, like a hard backed, non-swivel chair, or the edge of a bathtub, or so on. Since this is already TMI, I'll just say that friction and pressure plays a crucial role.

No one must ever know the real reason I've kept my desk chair since my teen years. Its more then sentimental.
>> US No. 10269
I'm a little creeped out by 13. Not the factoid, I already knew that. The art just... just really insinuates some things I am not comfortable with...

And yeah, 11... 11 technically works, I suppose, except that before it works it's way more uncomfortable than having the headache is to begin with. Not really worth it when it's so easy to take an Advil...

Generally while seated, can't get a good angle when I'm lying on my back, though once in a while I give it a shot... So I don't go the whole nine masturbating in bed, but I will feel myself up first thing in the morning sometimes, start the day off right. Unless it's really cold out, I sleep topless, so... a little light self-fondling sometimes improves my mood whether or not I actually feel like getting off. Sometimes it's a calming thing, too.

As for the down-and-dirty masturbation, I am all about friction, and I prefer to have a layer or two of something between me and my hand. I think because when I first started masturbating it was through my panties, I don't know. Well, that and I tend to get really wet really easily... which is great in its way, except getting my fingers messy isn't a sensation I enjoy.
>> US No. 10274
My favorite is probably in my chair, pants down, with paper towels handy. Unfortunately I often forget to pull down my pants and they get soaked in jizz.

Also, instead of jerking up and down like most guys I actually rub my dick against my right leg with my left hand. I -can- do it the normal way but it takes longer and I've been doing the leg-rubbing thing since I was 8. :p
Why yes I did fap when I was 8.
>> US No. 10275
I started around that time too. Was just randomly playing with my self one night and had an orgasm or something and I was like "woah...what was that?!"
>> CA No. 10276
I feel like an oddball now. Didn't start till I was 18.

But I'm female, so I don't know if that's a factor or not. Plus, I hadn't even heard of masturbation until I was about sixteen.
>> CA No. 10278
I got bored of laying on my back in bed, so while I was travelling I was feeling rather randy and so I laid down in an awkward uncomfortable position bent all out of shape on the cold hard bathroom floor. Perhaps I have a thing for awkward painful positions, but it got me off like no one's business.
Lately though, on my knees, legs spread, and face smooshed against the floor or a pilloe, only one arm holding me up. I don't know why I decided I was going to do it this way one night, but for whatever reason I did and once again the awkwardness of it (plus the fact that when it's on my bed I am suffocated by the pillow a little.) makes it really intense for me.
>> US No. 10279
I'm a female too and it was just luck. I didn't know how sex worked til I was like in 6th grade. I think mom tried to explain it once but I didn't get it. I only recently learned that women can ejaculate. I made that comment in game once (forget why) and someone's like "how old are you?" "uh...27?" "and you just now learned?" "what?! I never had sex before, give me a break" "wait you're a virgin" "oh no, I'm not letting -gamers- tease me about being a virgin" Talk about feeling stupid. But whatever. Sometimes in life you just miss on things everyone else knows somehow. Nothing wrong with that.
>> US No. 10391
I hate to ask but I need ideas. I take anxiety medicine for panic attacks. I LOVE not having horrible panic attacks anymore but I kinda miss my libido. Most of the time I have trouble getting off. I don't date or have sex. I hate to admit it, but I tried using two vibrators today (inside and on my clit) and I couldn't get off that way. The only way I can usually get off is with my hands and even then it's difficult. I've tried everything. Any suggestions? I'm afraid to take anything that might give me anxiety cause I'm a wuss. I tried watching porn, fantasizing. The last time my libido picked up was when I took the generic version of my medicine. I couldn't figure out why I was aroused more (liked it though!) but I was getting panic attacks again (not HORRIBLE ones but bad enough). Turns out that stuff don't work as well as the brand name :( Is there an herb or something? A creme?
>> CA No. 10400
You may want to talk to your doctor about that being an issue for you.

Another suggestion is if you just think the sensation isn't intense enough then try a vibe that plus into the wall, they are more powerful. Alternately get some ginger root and cut off a small bit and rub it on your vibe, I haven't tried it, but have heard that it gives a tingling sensation.
>> No. 10422
File 131934329758.gif - (229.66KB , 500x281 , tumblr_lgot6gl1ib1qafrh6.gif )
I've been avoiding this thread for the longest time - people being so open and honest about their sexuality makes me so unbelievably uncomfortable, but I keep coming back to it because I have so much I wanna get off my chest and no place seems better at the moment.

I have no idea what "sexuality" I am. I am a massive jumble of hormones that all tell me something different.
Sexually, I am attracted to women. But occasionally (and I mean VERY occasionally,) I find a sexual aspect of a male attractive - never the kind that could actually lead up to an orgasm, it's just nice to think about.
While I am for the most part a lesbian, I find relationships with men to be more preferable. I'm always questioning my intention to have sex with him - I like the guy, it's nothing about HIM exactly... it could be that it IS a 'him'.

I find sexual acts in general to be very impersonal. Any sexual aspect of me I almost find to not even really be a part of who I am, like it's just something to get done and over with.
("Oh hey look, I'm horny." MASTURBATION MASTURBATION MASTURBATION ORGASUUUUUUM "Okay, back to whatever the fuck I was doing before.")

I am a virgin, if that wasn't apparent, and I'm in no hurry to change that. Sometimes though I can't help but think "you can't know your sexuality until you've had sex" but I ALREADY KNOW what I find attractive so I don't think I really HAVE to have sex, but then I'm left back in my confused little spot alone.

My main problem (beyond finding out what I want out of myself) is relationships. I never know for sure if I want to be in one, for starters, and I don't know how to straight-up tell a guy "Hi, I'd like to be in a romantic relationship with you but I have no interest in ever going past 1st base. You game?" it sound so joke-y, but it's painfully realistic and frustrating.

It feels so good to at least say this since nobody I know personally would even bother taking this seriously, so it feels good to say this in a place where other people experience similar problems. It's also taken writing all of this down and serious manning up to bother putting a name up there. Never stop being amazing, TF2Chan, you've got some bitchin' folks here.
>> CA No. 10423
If sex doesn't interest you then it doesn't interest you. People all have different libidos. However if you still want a relationship that's not out of the question either. There are people out there who are asexual, impotent or otherwise who just want a companion.

As far as needing to have sex to know your tastes... Well I'm here and there on that one. Before I had sex I KNEW I wanted a guy my own age with longish hair. After a few relationships I realized I didn't want that at all. I found out later that I like bald guys.

Not having sex does leave it all to fantasy and fantasy is great, but it can also have it's down sides, there are parts of your body that you can't reach on your own while masterbating and that does change things. Kissing changes things. Being on the giving end of oral changes things. It's a different experience. It's not better, but different. Trust me sex can some times be as unfulfilling as getting blood tests.

I don't see anything at all wrong with you, however you might want to try looking in other places for what you need. A good friend might be more fulfilling than a traditional relationship sans physical stuff.
>> US No. 10446
My parents raised me to think that my body was disgusting and that I wasn't good enough for anyone or thing. I haven't been able to successfully schlick more than once in my life (hand, I don't have the money or guts for toys), porn is still too intimidating, and the fact that I can't just spread my legs whenever my boyfriend wants and that anything close to my opening really hurts, and that I'm not ready to go down on him after one time of seeing him naked just caused him to break up with me. That, and the fact that I want him to wear a condom once I became ready. I've wanted to go on birth control for hormonal reasons even before I met him, and my parents gave me a very clear "No, because if you do you'll become a slut".

I'm legally an adult, but for whatever reason, I'm not ready yet and I'm not...I want a relationship where we can talk and reassure each other. Sex isn't my main goal, it's finding a spouse and a partner and someone I can live and possibly have kids with. I sound so sappy and feel bad that I couldn't do exactly what he wanted. The desire was there, but it was more to make him happy than anything else.
>> CA No. 10447
I think you really need some counciling or at the least a workshop on self esteem. I had the same issue about being touched for years and in the end it's very true that you can't love someone if you dont love yourself. That doesn't mean it's your fault, just that you need to work on this seriously. You might want to earnestly talk to your ex and explain this if you haven't and explain you have this baggage to deal with right now. Getting turned down like that can be a kick in the ego and just hurt him by bringing up any of his own body issues.

Really thus is worth working on even if you need to save up and find a councilor in your price range because it's not going to just go away. Also if you still live with your parents consider moving, that freedom in itself would help your self esteem a lot as well as giving you your own space to grow in without their influence.
>> US No. 10448
No offense but it sounds like your ex was kind of an ass. I hate when guys expect things of you so soon. Combat Baby was right, some counseling would help. There's nothing wrong with not wanting sex. I'm nearly 30 and I don't really want sex.
>> US No. 10449
>>10446 I'm agreeing with >>10448 about your ex sounding like an assclown. Not wearing a condom is irresponsible, even if you were on birth control. Might as well take all the contraception you can. (Then again, if I didn't think of my lady bits as something as dangerous to my well-being as, let's say, the exhaust port on the Death Star, maybe I'd be a little more lax.)

There are perfectly valid reasons to go on the pill outside of being a contraceptive measure. My sister had to go on it because she would get almost homicidal. Hell, I'm thinking about going on it to even my mood out, and I'm not even active.

Never rush to having sex. Just find somebody who's going to be patient and nurturing with you. You'll know when you're ready.
>> US No. 10555

Thank you so much. A psychologist/psychiatrist is an option I'm definitely looking into, but apparently none of the doctors near my college take our insurance.

I don't know why sex is so nervewracking for me. It's something I want eventually, as are kids, but even if I can think about it, I have trouble looking up smut or touching myself or actually doing things related to it. I've never been molested, so I'm mystified as to why it's so worrying to me. My ex said he understood and would help me on it, but clearly, he changed his mind about it or forgot. Talking to him is still somewhat of a sore subject, but he's playing it off as if we never had an argument.
>> US No. 10560
I'm not sure where you go to university, but I know around here by law if the place has some kind of counseling service, they must offer students at least two sessions per semester. In general, if the uni has some kind of service like that in place they can't really turn you down.

Guess what, its free! You've already paid for it! Look into that shit, trust me.
>> US No. 10574
My sister insisted they only know how to deal with family deaths and homework stress and stuff like that, and that it was a waste of time. She doesn't know the full story, just that I have depression. I'll go seek them out, though- I trust your word over hers. I'm not sure how much of this to tell the counselor when I do, though.

I tried schlicking again, but I was rubbing my clit a little, and the feeling suddenly vanished after a minute or so. I don't know whether it was because I "finished" or because something happened and I got turned off. I'm still not quite sure what's arousal and orgasm and what isn't, and when I have feelings for someone and when I just like them as a person. Someone offered the idea that I was demisexual, because I only ever seem to be interested in having sex with people I know very, very well and care about very deeply.
>> US No. 10579
If their program isn't extensive, they might refer you to someone after a session or two if they don't think they can help you. Regardless, they should have SOMEONE you can talk to, even just once, and they might be able to help you find an affordable/insurance taking doctor in the area.

I've found one should take the advice on seeking help from someone who probably never has with a grain of salt.

I'd also STEER THE FUCK CLEAR of any psychiatric (that's different from psychological/counseling) services a uni might offer. Those guys are part time working QUACKS who will over medicate the fuck out of you to cover their own asses. (not bitter at all I assure you).

Best of luck to you anon.
>> US No. 10580
I'm the same way, anon. I don't have these super sexy explosion orgasms that other women brag about, I just know when I'm done. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy sex or some high-quality alone time, it just means there's no fireworks display afterwards.

I've never met anyone else like this so thank you for sharing. I didn't think I was broken but I suspected perhaps everyone else was exaggerating.
>> CA No. 10584
See, I'm sort of like this. I vary. Sometimes, I have wonderful orgasms that make me see stars.

Most times it's just fapfapfapDun. Kay, what's on TV?
I thought I was doing it wrong, for a bit there, after watching porn and these women were all "OH GODDD YESSS I'M CUMMING OOHHHHH OOOOOOOH YESSSS!" And I'm sitting here, like, 'Unh. Unh. Phew.' at the most.

Now I know that the orgasms I have are perfectly natural, and I enjoy them. I won't be screaming to the heavens, but I enjoy them, and that's enough for me.
>> US No. 10587

Ahh, I'm relieved to hear that that's normal! I was just wondering because it sort of...stopped abruptly, like there was no warm, content feeling afterwards. I just went back to the way I'd been before I started, and it was a little...unsatisfying, maybe?
>> US No. 10611
Porn is just completely ridiculous in general. That's why I prefer watching homemade stuff, generally they don't try to act.

The main thing I feel after an orgasm is just really sleepy and derpy. Helps me sleep, though it's a problem if I have to do homework or something afterwards. I'm talking "2+2=fffFFFFFFFFFFFFFF" derp.
Trying to train myself to orgasm without ejaculating, because apparently that doesn't happen then. Have yet to get the hang of it though.
>> US No. 10613
I've never really had an AMAZING orgasm before, honestly, but I'm not really upset about it. I mean, the feelings I've gotten before were good, and knowing that those super exaggerated orgasms in porn are so ridiculously fake that it's mainly just embarrassing, I feel almost bad that I tend to exaggerate the way I portray it in my drawings or fics.
>> AU No. 10769
What vibrators/toys would any of you reccomend for someone who is tight/virgin?
>> CA No. 10773
Are you secretly me, Anon? Because I was just going to come here and ask this.


But yeah, same question. I'm especially looking for something quiet and easy to hide, because I still live at home. Waterproof would be nice, too.
>> US No. 10780
Alright, because whenever I try to discuss this with my friends they get really quiet and weird and "why-are-you-telling-me-this"-ish, I'll ask about it here because you all seem very trustworthy and give good advice.

I have no problem getting turned on, but the thought of masturbation freaks me out really badly. Like, I want to do it, but as soon as I try I feel really light-headed and kind of sick so I stop. And even then, I'm left with blue balls and shame and embarrassment. I'm closing in on 19 years of age now, and I don't want this to get to a point where it's too distracting in my day-to-day life.

In short, any tips (emotionally and/or physically) for someone who wants to try to start masturbating but is horribly afraid to?
>> CA No. 10783
Maybe try doing it through less conventional means? Go slow, and maybe hump a pillow or hold it under some running water or something. I find when I get dizzy spells (mine are due to sinusitis), it's easiest for me to orgasm when I can completely relax and just have it.
>> GB No. 10787
Okay so this is extremely awkward and difficult for me to say. It's something that's been plaguing my mind for a very, very long time and this is literally the only place I can go without fear of panic attack (despite feeling one coming right now).

I lost my virginity when I was fifteen, to a man who was twenty five. I thought it was love, to him it was obsession. He steadily managed to make me more and more depressed over a period of nearly a year and a half to the point where I contemplated suicide without even realising why I was thinking like this. When I explained this and tried to break up with him, he tried to drug me.

I recently saw him DJ-ing at MCM Expo (Alice can vouch for the fear I felt that day).

Now, I have no proof about the drugs (I've long since thrown the last of them away) but what do I do now? It's been years, do I still have a case? It was consensual then but I wish it had never happened now.

I just don't know what to do.
>> CA No. 10788
Depends on what sort of case you're looking for. Prosecuting him for sex with a minor? For drugging you? Trying to get a restraining order? It depends on what you're trying to do, but all in all, I'd talk to a lawyer about it. They'd know better than most of us.
>> US No. 10791
Alright, thank you...I'll keep that in mind the next time I think I can work up the courage to go through with it. Phew.
>> US No. 10897
Man, shower sex was like my biggest kink ever.

Turns out, it's just sex in cramped quarters with some water thrown in.

Oh well, it was nice anyway I suppose.
>> US No. 10905
Dude, get this guy registered as a sex offender if he really did that to you. But also consider that you were 15 at the time and though I'm not questioning your experiences, I would say that depression/emotional breakdowns are not uncommon for people that age. But if he did drug you and knowingly have sex with a minor, you have a case. And you should probably talk to a lawyer and see this through, if only to get some closure on that part of your life.
>> US No. 11144
Guy I was dating was going on and on about how his penis was too long/thick for a condom to ever possibly fit and how he refused to put one on. Even though we broke up as a result, I still think he's bullshitting.
>> CA No. 11145
Never been so horny in my life. I started dating a new man and he turns me on like nothing else.
But it's a long distance relationship so I don't see him often enough to satisfy my needs so I'm wanking like crazy.
Going from fapping once every week or two to once (sometimes twice) a day isn't a problem, is it?
>> US No. 11186
Alright gals, question.
I'm a bit of a well endowed guy (not gonna get into details), and every time my girlfriend and I have sex it goes pretty well and she usually gets her rocks off at least three times during the act.
Thing is, though, that my uh, length and girth prevent me from going all the way in (when I do she says it's like somebody slugging her in the gut) and if we get even the least bit rough she enjoys it right then, but can't have sex for a couple of days.

Most guys would just pat me on the back, but it actually really, really sucks because we'll plan vacations that last four days and have sex the first night and she'll be out of commission until after we have already gotten home.

We try being slow and gentle, and even THAT hurts her the next day. We have copious amounts of foreplay, we've used extra lubrication, hell we've even switched to anal for a while (oddly enough, it doesn't hurt her and she doesn't feel like she got fucked with a bowling pin the next day, plus she really likes it) but no matter what we do we can't seem to have her NOT walk bow-legged the next half a week.

Ladies, please help?
What can we do that we haven't already done?
She doesn't have that condition where her muscles tighten up and cause her pain during sexual activity, she enjoys the sex while it happens. I'm just tired of inadvertently hurting her.
>> US No. 11191
Go homo.

No, seriously. I don't think there's much you can do about that problem. It it's not gonna fit, it's not gonna fit. Anal is your best bet. Guys with big cocks have turned to gay sex before due to their size. Since your girlfriend likes anal, though, there should be hope for you as far as this is concerned.
>> CA No. 11194
Have you tried different positions? I've heard that girl-on-top helps her to stretch out more. There are probably others out there too to maximize vaginal flexibility.
>> US No. 11195
Can I get "Let me help maximize your vaginal flexibility" tattooed on some part of my body?
That is the best thing I've heard all day.

It's mind boggling to me that she's into anal, and it doesn't hurt her, but the actual part of her body designed for penis is having an issue. For perspective, I'm about as wide as her wrist.

What the hell, human biology is weird.
We'll do more with her on top, it limits my range of motion so I can't get carried away. Actually in retrospect she's not really all that sore after we have sex in that position.
>> US No. 11196
File 132718530283.gif - (485.24KB , 450x270 , MHMHMHMHM.gif )

>For perspective, I'm about as wide as her wrist.

Sorry, I've got no useful advice. But goddamn.
>> US No. 11197
Puberty was hell. Random erections in knit shorts during gym?

also brilliant gif
>> CA No. 11198
Lube is a best buddy as well if you haven't been using it then do. And if she hasn't cum yet at least once then don't even try. Orgasm loosens it up a bit so foreplay.

Also you can bet when you are in the back door like that it's hitting her g spot pretty hard through the vaginal wall.
>> CA No. 11199
I'm glad I wrote something memorable, then.

Also, I second that 'goddamn'. Hooooolyyyy.

Another thing you might try, too, is frottage. Rubbing your genitals together. Basically fucking her labia. Some people like it, some people don't. Might be worth a shot if you haven't tried it already. One of my friends, she had a boyfriend that was like, as long as her arm I guess, and he'd end up pretty much hitting the roof of her mouth when he boinked her. So they tried frottage, so there was no issue with going too deep, and she loved it.
Again, not for everyone, but when you have any sort of problem, the only way to fix is it by trying new things.
>> US No. 11206
We've tried that as part of the foreplay, but we sort of just go "....Alright fuck it we'll be gentle" each time.
Cut to the following day, when she's telling me that it hurts to even think about sex. It's pretty rad though, and works well with my natural upwards inclincation (I don't fish-hook, but when erect I'd say my penis itself hangs out sorta at a 45 degree angle to my body, as opposed to a 90 degree, doesn't bother me or anyone it's just how I am plus I can put things on the tip and the springboard launch them at stuff behind me) so I'll give it another shot.


Can this now be a lube thread.

What types do you guys use?
We use Liquid Silk, a high-quality water base lubricant the emulates natural lubrication and has just a touch of silicone for that extra "slick" factor. oh and like a pennys worth is enough for me, her, fingers etc.
>> AU No. 11210
I would suggest using the Pjur silicone lube, and then slathering the waterbased stuff over the top. Just for that extra slide.
>> US No. 11260
I had a dream the other night that I had a dick, and had sex with a football (American) player guy. I don't even like football, but I was awfully proud that my dick was bigger than his. I wish those kinda dreams came around more often.
>> US No. 11280
>>I had a dream the other night that I had a dick, and had sex with a football[.]

Stopped reading there because the mental image is too funny to give up
>> CA No. 11290
So yesterday my boyfriend and I took part in some mutual masturbation via webcam. At home my net isn't fast enough for us to cam, but I'm staying at a house where I'm working and I've got like seven hours free during the day so we decided we were gonna do it. I'd never done anything beyond like phone sex before, and it was the hottest. Damn. Thing.
I could go on for hours about it and how hot he was and how hard he made me cum, but I won't. I'll just go back to raving to him about it and hope that we do it again soon. Makes me wish I didn't have to return home to my shitty net on Monday, since I can't wait for my next chance to see him all laid out naked and moaning again.
...I'm kind of more into this guy than I've ever been into another person. Hngh, yes.
>> US No. 11298
I feel entirely too silly for asking this, but I figure it wont hurt since Im anonymous.

Im 20, female, and have never really tried masturbating to orgasm. Ive touched myself, yes, but never really to the full extant that I could. I just sorta stop myself.

Should I go through with it?
Its not a huge deal to me, but Ive got a bit of pent up... frustration that I cant seem to get rid of, but chicken out as soon as I start getting that feeling. I just dont seem to know how to handle the intensity, I guess? Im not really sure what my problem is.

Im a total virgin, by the way. That actually may be my problem.
>> CA No. 11300
Well your age isn't that big a deal, like, "OMG YUR TWENTY AND NEVER ORGASMED WHAT'S WRONG WITH U" or anything. Girls do tend to start later on the whole self-gratification front.

If you don't like going that far, or if it's too intense for you that it's unpleasant, then don't do it.
Masturbation is about pleasure. If you're not happy with what you're doing, then why do it?

That said, I was tentative about that intensity the first few times, but once I got past it- OH MAN ALIVE, it feels pretty damn good.

And once you've had the first, it's so much easier to do it again.

What I might suggest is watching or reading or listening to something pornographic while you masturbate. Focus on the material, and just let your body do what's natural.
>> CA No. 11301
As soon as I got to "Man Alive" I started reading in Wheatly's voice.
>> CA No. 11302
As soon as I got to "Man Alive" I started reading in Wheatly's voice.
>> CA No. 11304
If it helps, I wrote it in his voice, too.

Captcha: man (where the a looks like a heart) gorout. Interesting phrase.
>> US No. 11325
My boyfriend and I are both FtM (male, but physically female.) We have great sex and understand each other's bodies and what we're comfortable with, but he doesn't like the strap-on because of how cold and plastic-y it feels. It's a pretty basic dildo. I really love wearing it, but obviously I want him to enjoy it too.

Can anyone recommend a more realistic feeling dildo compatible with a strap on harness? Do you think warming lube would help it feel less like plastic?
>> US No. 11328
I finally achieved multiple orgasms. Yes.

My boyfriend was going down on me, and when I came, he kept going, and I came about four more times.

In a row, within seconds of each other.

Fuck yes.
>> CA No. 11333
Am I the only person who can't have an intense orgasm unless someone else is providing it?

When I fap it's like twenty minutes, done. Back to whatever the fuck I was doing before. When there's someone else, I cum more quickly and harder than I ever do when fapping.

Is it all the emotional stuff and maybe nerves attached to the experience? Like I appreciate it, the orgasms my partner provides me are all the more special because I just can't get the same sensations myself, I'm just curious.

I wonder in all the sex studies conducted, has a reason beyond 'someone you love givin' it to you is gonna be better than a quick fap' been found? I don't know if I'm asking a question or making a point here...
>> CA No. 11334
I can't speak for the 'solo versus together' thing, simply because still a virgin, but I know that my orgasms are just sort of 'Unf, unf, kay done.' typically.
Once in a while, I'll manage a REAAAALLY good one, but it's like, once every 100, so it's not often.
I think it's probably a case of if there's someone else doing the work, it might be easier for you to relax and just enjoy the sensations.
Or it might be a subconscious thing when we masturbate. We know what we like, and we stick to that. A lover wouldn't know exactly what moments your pleasure is reaching a small peak, or a dip, and would just keep going, taking you higher rather than slowing down as you yourself might.
>> AU No. 11347
There's obviously going to be the emotional intensity along with the nice sensations, and the lack of feedback from yourself (if you were fapping) makes the sensations even stronger.

Keep at it. After five different playmates and a sexlife old enough to vote, I finally have a partner who not only can make me cum from intercourse, but also squirt. And he's also learned that if I fap until I cum, then he takes over, he can literally keep me cumming for almost ten minutes without coming down. Of course, at the end of it I can barely string a sentence together, but what the hell.

The best part is that he aint some sort of sex guru. We discovered all this stuff together. And you can too.
>> CA No. 11353
I've been having the weirdest dreams the last few nights. Mainly that I'm a man and this is completely natural and normal and even comfortable. Now I know I'm pretty bloody gender queer mentally already, but what the hell brain? Why do you give me this and let me really enjoy it when I guess I'm ok with my female outside. Hell if I really think about it I'd really rather be a herm than either specific gender but have just kind of settled for female because it's what's there and I can't be pissed to go to more doctors who'd probably just disregard my kind of... I danno.... omni-sexuality?

Tl;dr I want a penis but I don't and fuck gender I am confuse.
>> US No. 11378

I know that feel. I'm biologically female and don't have a strong desire to identify as either gender, but when I fantasize, I'm much more aroused by the idea of being male (or having the same body I have now, just no tits and a dick)- but only during sex. Any other time, I wouldn't care either way.
>> GB No. 11380
I know that feel all too well.
>> US No. 11382
Likewise. When I'm giving a handjob to my boyfriend I like press the shaft of his cock between the lips of my cunt and stroke him there so that when I look down I get the visual impression of stroking a cock all my own.
>> CA No. 11384

That Freudian feel.
>> US No. 11396
Another weird thing is that I get really intimidated by pictures of large penises.

I'm really tiny physically and I've always been too spooked to buy a vibrator/am a virgin, and for whatever reason was always convinced something that big would really hurt. I'm probably just worrying too much.
>> CA No. 11399
I've had a few sizes, still don't see the appeal of big ones. They are kind of scary, but I guess it's different for everyone.
>> AU No. 11403
Looking at drawing of people drinking cum - not bad. Watching porno of people drinking cum - I involuntarily dry retch. Suffice to say I think I can never go down on a guy.
>> US No. 11404
I have issues with it too, I usually have to force myself to do it. Just tell 'em to warn you if they're gonna pop. If they don't retribution is in order.
>> CA No. 11408
Can't say I agree. Even before I'd ever sucked a cock, the idea was appealing to me. I love sucking cock though, and I always always always swallow like a boss. The process of getting him off with my mouth is thrilling to me and even when he warns me that he's cumming and I have the option to pull off, I never do. It's like hot cum flooding my mouth is a well-earned reward or something? I've heard lots of people complain about the taste of cum and the consistency of it and stuff like that, but I like it. Maybe I'm just a cum-guzzler, lol.
>> US No. 11411
It's things like this that make me love you more and more.
>> DE No. 11413
I´m happy to hear that, because i thought ever maybe something is wrong with me for thinking like that. Good to know i´m not the only one here. But i need to say to swallow it or something else was never a thing i thought about it that hard. I just tried and noticed for myself that i seem to lack all the disgust and what i expected all of a sudden.
Where i really get the creeps is snowballing. Swallowing - okay. Keeping it in your mouth and playing with it - no.
>> CA No. 11416
I just love when people announce that they're cumming.

No idea why. The word 'cum' turns me on. 'Make me cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming, cum for me', etc. etc. Obby.
>> CA No. 11419
Mm, yes. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm a sucker (no pun intended) for dirty talk in general. What really gets me is when I'm almost there, and he says into my ear, almost growls it, 'are you gonna cum for me?'
Just so so hot.

It turns me on like crazy knowing you could read these posts. Btw.
>> US No. 11424
I call that a seriously unfortunate incident (or series of incidents). Asexuality isn't wrong, you simply don't have an interest in a sexual relationship, and one day when you let friends and family know, they'll grossly misinterpret it in a variety of ways, sadly. I figure the reason why it feels wrong to not like sex is because it's a cornerstone of society and social media in a good number of countries. When it gets to be too much, just tell them to stop or at least let up on the stories/images and hope they don't ask if you're not ready to say; it may work on account of sex still being a somewhat touchy topic to talk about.
>> DE No. 11432
Than i need to say these people don´t know MUCH about relationships. Even if sex is a nice and elementar subject in some relationships i heard of some which are possible even if one partner is asexual. To degrade a relationhsip just on the sexlife is not how should i say it... a adult and normal way, but sounds more like a medien propaganda and teenage way. Your sexlife isn´t great or you have no one therefore you are not normal. That´s bs. It is by everyone different. If these people are okay with telling about their sexlife why not beeing okay by someone who doesn´t like it? Because the answer is so easy and almost ridiculous in itself by beeing so easy: They don´t know how to deal with it. Making your lack of liking sex a touchy subject for them, because they can´t understand it. You should just stay on your way and tell them straight: That for you sex is a touchy subject and you feel uncomfortable. If it ever happens again that your sexlive becomes a subject in a conversation where they try to judge your ability of a realtionship by it, tell them kindly to mind their own business and say that sex isn´t everything for you and that it isn´t okay to judge someone by his sexual preference. In this case that you prefer it not at all. I know this sounds bitchy, but in all seriousness what they did wasn´t right and they had no right to judge your relationship problems by this bit information.
>> US No. 11436
that makes at least 6 asexual people that have come through the chan at some point. which considering the userbase size seems higher then the average ratio of a handful of people.
>> CA No. 11437
Yeah, but you can't really go by chan standards. Probably 90% of the people I've seen on here have some sort of mental problem (anxiety, depression, anorexia, cutting, etc.), but the stats for general society are lower.

The internet just attracts a different crowd.
>> US No. 11440
We should do an anonymous poll, for curiosity sake
>> CA No. 11487
I have questions for all men who masturbate.

1- Do you use your dominant hand primarily, or your non-dominant hand?

2- For those who masturbate in their beds, what do you do about mess? I've heard comedians joke about sock drawers and such, but I have no idea how true that is.
>> CA No. 11493
My ex had a dirty towel drawer. These things do exist.
>> US No. 11497
1. Non-dominant. Makes it a lot easier to fap while looking at porn, as my right can still use the mouse.

2. At first I just let my shorts or underwear collect it but it's a little uncomfortable. These days I try to have a paper towel in there to collect it then quickly throw it away.
>> US No. 11510
I was curious, so I got two of my guy friends to answer this:

Friend 1 - Both hands + Handkerchiefs FTW
Friend 2 - 1. Non-Dominant, because it is easier to scroll with the mouse, plus my right does enough in the day, that my left needs some work as well!
2. I don't lay down, I put myself in a position where I can hop out of bed after the work has been done, then I go to my bathroom to clean up.
>> US No. 11518
Speaking of porn, how does...one find it?

I know, it's the internet, I can find it anywhere, but...I've gone years with only seeing (mostly drawn) images and reading fanfic. I don't know the movements or what it looks/sounds like in motion. I've been wondering if I should find something amateur and really vanilla with a lot of kissing and just try it out.

It might finally curb my aversion to schlicking. I find it damn near impossible to get aroused, or I get excited and my hand slips downwards and suddenly my stomach cramps up and my vaginal opening/clit start to burn and I can't.
>> US No. 11532
... um...
Quite shocked that you've managed not to see porn with live people in it one way or the other without deliberately avoiding it. Unless you have.

In any case, yes I would highly recommend videos made by regular people filming themselves instead of regular porn. No bad acting.
Sites like xtube, redtube, youporn, yuvutu... pretty much anything with just random clips on it you can narrow down to amateur stuff just by searching "amateur". Yuvutu even has it as an advanced search option. Xtube is pretty nice for that too but it does have a lot of sponsored professional stuff.
>> CA No. 11535

>> US No. 11558
That too.
>> US No. 11565
I have been avoiding them deliberately. I'm sorry. Once in awhile I'll find a picture of a real person naked that I can actually look at, but I usually feel wrong and voyeuristic if I do. Hentai has been out of the question as well, if it's an actual video instead of still images. I can't explain it- I mean, I did grow up in a family where talking about sex was very frowned upon, but we're not religious and I have no traumatic experiences to make me feel guilty about masturbation or looking at porn. I can't understand it.

I will definitely check out those links as soon as I can.
>> DE No. 11569
>I did grow up in a family where talking about sex was very frowned upon

There you have it. Just because you never had a traumatic experience or have a religious background doesn´t mean this isn´t the reason for it. I would say with your family making it a taboo theme it became something for you, which is not okay to talk about or really think about. The human mind is something weird and complex and horrible wonderfull. Even such a simple circumstance like not talking about a theme, making it a taboo theme can lead to not beeing with it comfortable later.
It is good that you try in little steps to go on this theme as something natural for humans. But don´t push yourself to much. It is also okay to ever feel maybe a bit of shame or not later on this theme. This is something everyone needs to find out for himself how far he wants to go. So don´t forget just because some persons are okay with porn doesn´t mean you need to push yourself to like the same stuff others like.
>> US No. 11576

Thinking about getting this without my mom knowing about it. I was raised in a very religious house, and still consider myself to be Christian, but DAMN IT, I'VE JUST BEEN SO HORNY LATELY.

It's gotten to the point where it's almost painful, but it's hard for me to masturbate on my own. My fingers are kind of rough and my pussy is really sensitive, so it always feels like I was scratched down there or something. Not to mention, it's kind of hard for me to retain my wetness, once I actually start delving in.

What do you guys think?
>> CA No. 11590
You might wanna look at getting some lube, too. If you can't buy it, my friend says there are recipes online to make it out of household ingredients, if you google it, but be sure to check and make sure the shit won't give you a yeast infection or something first.

I also wish to purchase a sex toy, but there is literally no way to hide it from my mother.
Second I move out though, I am going SHOPPING.
>> CA No. 11595
I rofled so hard during the buttsexings of Sunday night. First time I've done it in the butt with my man, everything was really hot and intense and loud, holy christ loud, and he's getting close, moaning like 'oh god, oh god, oh god-' and he gets interrupted by a loud cry of INCOMING from the RED Soldier crouched at the foot of the bed.
We both shriek and jump off the bed in a naked joined mass, backing away from the RED on the floor. He offered (and by 'offered' I mean 'shouted') critique to my boyfriend on his thrusting technique, then proceeded to beat us senseless with his shovel upon seeing the piles of discarded clothing on the hotel room floor and realizing that we were both cosplaying BLUs.
True story.
I'm lying though, really we were having awesome buttsex and right as he was speeding up and gasping to me that he was gonna cum - he got a text on his phone, triggering his tone, which is the Soldier's INCOMING cry. If I wasn't being thoroughly fucked at the time, I'd have collapsed onto my front and rofl'd myself hoarse.
>> US No. 11596
And that's why I love my phone.
In a related story, on Saturday night, after a nice session of sexy times what song has to play on her iPod? Why, it's "I just had sex", naturally. We naturally found it hilarious. The people in the hotel room next to us probably wanted to kill us by the time the weekend was over.
>> US No. 11644
Hi, I've been masturbating a lot lately. At first, I'd start off about once a week, maybe twice if it's a holiday. But now, I've been doing it every single night. Do any of you know if that's normal? It's not causing any trouble nor do I think about it every single minute. (Well, sometimes if I'm nervous or bored I do) But what concerns me is that it's a night time ritual now, when it never used to be.
>> CA No. 11647
Totally normal.
>> CA No. 11648
Well, I have something of a problem. I`m 21 years old and horny.
All the time.
Well, wait, 'all the time' wouldn't really decribe it well. I am horny most of the time, uncomforably so, and normally during a very incovenient time. Work, class, 1:00 at night. And masterbating once won't make it stop. I'll have to masterbate a good 20 times (not even over exagerating) and even then I will sometimes still be horny.I've tried thinking of horrible things, but that just make being horny more uncomfortable then it already was. The doctor said "this is completely normal for a healthy young adult" (although I didn't go into much detail about it, I'm pretty shy as is and my doctor creeps the crap outta me).
Any help guys?
>> CA No. 11650
The doctor said it's normal because it is. Hormones shift a lot, especially in the late teens and early 20s. It dies down eventually but I know I personally amassed a collection of 10 sex toys in months for the same thing. Just try to stop worrying, enjoy the ride and rub one out in the bathroom at school if you need to (just don't get caught) cause they make vibes pocket size and silent mode for a reason.
>> US No. 11653
There's a condition where people are like that all the time. Not saying you have that. I hear it sucks.
>> US No. 11709

Usually I can only ever get off by clitoral stimulation, but it happened! This is the first time too! The first time ever in my seven sexually active years. Boyfriend is understandably proud of himself.

It was a little disappointing though, I expected it to feel different. I don't know how or why I thought that, but I did. And then got over it because, hell, I came!
>> CA No. 11712
Congratulations! The reason they might not feel all that different, though, is because they are set from the same organ, recent scientific studies have shown. Even though it's vaginal stimulation, your clitoris was still the one being pleasured. The roots of the clit stretch all the way down, along your labia, in your vagina, and even around your anus. It's like the shaft of the penis. An orgasm is gonna feel a little different if you're just rubbing the head, rather than stroking the shaft.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Captcha: Ejunge hand. Better than Efreude?
>> CA No. 11733
So my friend is telling me all about a LOVELY sexual experience she had with her boyfriend last week, and I thought I'd share some tips I've learned from her, about it.

Tips for when you're having kinky, sexy foodplay:
#1. Shower. Both of you. Especially whoever it is that's getting hot fudge licked off of them.
#2. Hot fudge is hot. Remember that.
#3. Do not leave hot fudge unlicked from your partner's chest hairs, while you go down on him.
#4. If you do do #3, do not use a razor to get out the hot fudge.

Needless to say, I thank god this was a text message convo, so she wouldn't hear me laughing so uproariously.
>> CA No. 11742
I shudder, shaving out chocolate from your chest hair. Couldn’t you just have a very hot shower? That could melt out the chocolate without...clogging your razor.
>> CA No. 11747
I didn't say they were a smart couple.
>> US No. 11765

But isn't hot fudge being hot the whole point? It is with my boyfriend and I at least... Especially after the incident a couple nights ago where I meant to drip little drops of hot wax on his back and ended up dumping a good tablespoon on him at once. Thrash, knock candle out of my hand, almost burn down the house, hot wax splattered EVERYWHERE.
>> CA No. 11793

Nah, with them, I guess it was the 'Yum yum fudge and sex' thing. And then they forgot 'Oh, hot things burn and can hurt'.
>> US No. 11797
Eeeeh. I'm not too big on foodplay myself. To me sex and food are two great tastes that do not taste great together.
Feeding her as a cute start to foreplay, sure, but not licking chocolate off her ass...
>> CA No. 11798
It was mostly on her breasts, I assume, by the jokes she made about how her 'nipples are going to have third degree burns', and she has to 'rub aloe vera on (her) tits'.
>> CA No. 11924
K, so this is pretty embarrassing. Had a bit of a sex accident last night cause of the boyfriend being a bit too eager. How I fix anal fissure?
>> GB No. 11926
Butt nipples Izzy. Gawd, human anatomy much?

I blinked when I read anal fissure. Lil google work says a small one should be self healing, along with a high fibre diet to help make sure
stool passes faster and speed up healing.
>> CA No. 11934
Ouch. I'm tempted to say "I feel you man" But that doesn't sound right given the context.

Rest up?
>> CA No. 11936
I'd say rest up, but if you're in like, constant pain, I'd go to the hospital. They've dealt with worse, don't worry.
Also, from what I've read, don't each too much. Stick with a bit of a liquid diet for a bit. The less pooping, the better. Of course that's assuming it's really REALLY painful. Otherwise you should be okay with a bit of rest.
>> GB No. 11938
Going anon because yeah this is embarassing... I gave myself one last year. Don't ask how. However, tips:

- Change your underwear regularly. No, I didn't. It stung. I probably could have gotten an infection. It should go without saying even normally but... obviously it didn't with me.
- Like Donny and Iz said, be careful about what's going to come out your anus. Avoid sticking stuff in it too. Yes I also did that and yes I am a little retarded.
- If it bleeds/bleeds again, consider taking the day off. And don't panic.
- Just... take it easy. Don't irritate it. Don't pick at your scabs so to say. I touched it all the time and in retrospect I spent a few nights restless because of some (temporary) burning.
- When you think it's better, give it another one week or so of continued care.
- I didn't make this mistake but, I wouldn't recommend any anal play for a while.
- Don't pee on it.

I'm done. ಠ___ಠ
>> CA No. 11939
Thanks all. I'm sitting on a pillow and just hoping it heals enough for me to go to this Gala comfortably in a few days. Didn't realize it was a fissure until this morning when it re-opened in the bathroom. Didn't bleed much but hurts like a mother.
>> US No. 11962
Question brought up about something in the feelings thread. Thoughts on bestiality? Is it wrong? ALWAYS wrong? I can certainly see it with male humans having sex with female animals, but what about female humans having sex with male animals? The act of submission is likely stressful for female animals, but males (at least male dogs) hump everything, anyway. Is it a double-standard to think like that?

TBH, I've looked at a few bestiality pornos before, and I'm a little ashamed to admit it got me a little wet. I don't consider myself a furry, and have never considered having sex with animals I've seen in real life, but anything with a penis can go into anything with a vagina without harm, right? Am I sick? Should I see a doctor?
>> US No. 11964
I consider it wrong, simply because animals are like kids to me. Small boys can get aroused, but that doesn't mean it's okay to have sex with them.

To be honest, the whole subject makes me feel sick to my stomach, but that's my two cents.
>> CA No. 11965
I will admit, I've fantasized about it before, once or twice, but I would never, ever actually do it. Way I see it, an animal can never really consent the way a human can, and I'm not okay with that.
>> CA No. 11967
Sup, chick who brought it up the le feelings thread here. Just tossing in here that I don't have an obscene hatred for anyone into that shit, it's just that my brother is creepiest fucker you'll ever meet and this makes his seven thousand times more creepy than before. People over the internet can have whatever sex they want, I hardly care, but when it's my brother, whom I've been living with for the past twenty years, I don't want to know about him fapping to an actual legal human girl, much less to animals or little kids. And I'm not talking furries, I'm talking full-on girl-sucking-a-horse's-dick-then-fucking-it. There was guys fucking dogs and stuff too, and I can't deal with that. I have dogs. That's not right in my opinion.
Ultimately, people are gonna keep fucking things that they shouldn't, and I can't do anything to stop them. I just think looking at bestiality and child abuse porn while on your grandmother's computer without clearing the history and leaving one of the videos up for your grandmother to find is definitely not okay.

Now bestiality, I think is wrong, I'd never do it, I don't even like furries so I'd never even think of it. If something doesn't have the capacity to give consent or not, then people shouldn't fuck it. Be it an animal or a naive little kid brainwashed into thinking that what's being done is okay.

Teal dear; Children and animals both play a very important role in my life and the fact that someone I know gets off on them being sexually abused is not something I am comfortable with. My brother disgusts me.
>> US No. 11969

Well, see, the thing is that, with little boys, it's totally different in my mind. Mostly because little boys grow up, can think about those past experiences, feel regret, shame, dirty, etc etc. But in my mind, a dog can have sex with a woman, and still live a totally happy, healthy life. I would never put a child through such trauma, but I'm not sure if male animals having sex with females ARE traumatized by the act. They're just just acting out of instinct and pleasure, and I'm not completely sure if such an act with a male animal can harm it. Unless, of course, it was forced to do this with drugs, or coerced into having an erection, etc. But otherwise?

It's just really curious to me - it's got me really thinking about it. I'm sorry about bringing up such a touchy subject - I just got really curious, especially after hearing your complaints.

I'm sorry about your brother. He should get help. In my eyes, there is NO excuse from getting pleasure from the abuse of a child - male or female, physical scars or not.
>> CA No. 11970
If you fap to it maybe stick to drawn stuff since in more than a few places photos are illegal.

I understand no one can control what arouses them but having control over what you do is something you can control.

Animals have no ability to consent. Even is a dog has a boner it can't understand the ramifications of what's happening on a broader spectrum than that it feels good. But it's been proven that dogs who have been used for sex are more aggressive since it feeds their dominance instincts and as a result are more likely to be put down for biting or dumped at a shelter for humping someone else. These animals have social issues as a direct result of sex with humans not unlike how kids who are molested often have social issues.

There are also stds that pass only as a result of sex with animals. If you don't want some cases of warts or worse then don't do it. If you can't explain to your doctor how you got those animal warts without having the cops called than don't do it.

This isn't about just what makes you wet, it's about being a responsible human and understanding that this isn't something that is in most places legal, let alone ethical and there is a reason for that. Just like there's a reason why having sex with dead bodies is illegal and unethical.

Please just stick to drawing and a toy shaped like an animal's parts for your own sake and the sakes of those people and animals around you.

So yeas it's always wrong to have sex with something or someone that cannot consent because they literally do not have the brain power to realize what is happening.
>> US No. 11971
Wow. I actually didn't know all that stuff. Especially thee things about the dogs having to be put down for it later on because of increased aggression. I feel really foolish and rather ashamed of myself for every entertaining the thought.

You're points were especially clear and thoughtful - I especially liked the one about how necrophilia (the actual act - not word filters) is wrong for the same reasons. Yes, the dead cannot literally be HARMED by having sex with someone beyond the grave, it's still desecrating them, and just alksfndckdsnvger

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I need a shower now. I feel terrible. Thank you for talking to me in a frank and honest way. I'm just going to rock myself to sleep and cry in a corner for a few days (I wish I was joking).
>> AU No. 11973
You are not a bad person for finding bestiality arousing. Fantasy is fantasy, and if you don't act on the impulses (by buying, downloading or godhelpusandyou, making porn of it) then you're an okay but unlucky human being.

You cannot help being turned on by it. You cannot help what you like. It's not your fault.

There are websites where you can buy toys shaped like animal members, whether for a fetish or just for novelty's sake. Bad Dragon is one, Zoofur dot net is another. Good luck.
>> CA No. 11974
Don't get down on yourself, I think most people at some time or another have to confront where they want to draw the line sexually. I had to do the same with some of my more weird tastes. Just know that you're pretty brave for even being able to admit to yourself, let alone others that this is one of them. All the best, for reals.
>> GB No. 11976
Pleeaasee for the love of god never recommend Bad Dragon. Ever. They're a horrendous business. I have a few furry friends, one of which shared a room at a convention with the owners and they made that awful cum lube in an unsanitary blender in their room of all things. The toys have been known to break in transit and during use; they're extremely fragile. Although they've recently got it back, they lost their sellers licence for a long time but continued selling their toys.
>> US No. 11984
I can't do beastiality or even furries (for whatever reason...I actually felt guilty at one point because I was in a group of people online, and I was the only one not interested in anthro porn), but there's a few characters in fiction that I know I'd bang the hell out of if they ever turned human.
>> GB No. 12009
Question: What other meter sticks are there to judge if something is sexually devious or not besides consent or religious values? Those are the only two legit ones I can think of offhand, besides having no moral structure at all. What point of justification has bestiality in the green? Do fantasy and reality come on the same deviancy scale or do they both have their own? (As in, perhaps for somebody drawing bestiality would be fine but doing it is sick... actually I think I already answered that question for myself.)

I kind of want to make a chart. A chart on a line where you can see where different sexual deviancies lay on it and different moral ranges are imposed on it. I doubt it would be linear but it would be fun to try, like making a timeline for DW season six.
>> US No. 12013
Beastiality, child molestation, and rape are all things I considered more moral issues than religious ones.

Stuff like birth control only has religious reasons for opposing it (I think, I could always be wrong).

I think the reason yiffers justify furry porn is because the character is more humanoid and can talk, and therefore voids the reason beastiality is taboo. It's like "are werewolves furry" and "are vampires necrophilia/also possibly beastiality". I consider it a grey area and try not to think about it too much because it's all hypothetical anyways.
>> GB No. 12158

Define "Deviant", but only once you've defined the point from which these behaviours deviated from.

And you can't just say normal sexual behaviour only includes sex for procreation, because just about every species of animal gets up to shit that would put your uncle's christmas orgy to shame
>> CA No. 12159
well then you've clearly never met my uncle.
>> GB No. 12164
Deviant meaning the things you would consider "abnormal".
Like, some say homosexuality is deviant while others say it's natural... etc.
>> US No. 12170
the term is utterly fucking meaningless tho

you are trying to make an objective chart/graph/something based on something which is inherently subjective, and that is impossible

(and like novichok said, pretty much every "deviant" sexual behavior takes place "in nature")


(we are not magical aliens who exist separate from the planet which bore us)
>> GB No. 12171
It being subjective was the point.
To try and narrow it down to a single set of systems for all peoples would be silly, but there's no harm in crating a simplified spectrum based on certain common definitions.
Definitions like religion, consent, or even anarchic free will/having no limit at all.
>> GB No. 12172
File 133886637095.jpg - (53.73KB , 911x1000 , mlfw5060_large.jpg )
Oops. No more anon for me.
>> US No. 12194
HOLY FUCK, EVERYONE SHOULD BUY THIS. It was worth every fucking goddamn cent. I'm usually not able to obtain orgasms due to my shy nature, but this thing is... holy crap. It's small (easy to hide), quieter than a vibrating phone (on the lowest setting, which I usually use), and POWERFUL! Perfect, perfect, PERFECT. One thing, though - it'd be better if you shaved your pubes before trying it out because they tend to get stuck somehow, so, yeah.

It also came in a pretty nondescript package - my MOM was the one who received it, and she was all, "Hey, _____, something came for you - what is it?" and I was all, "Oh, my <something related to video games>! Thanks mom!" Took a few days before I got up the courage to use it, and months before I achieved my first orgasm with it (not due to the device - I was just really cagey about putting it to use).

For me, though, I find it helps to be patient. When you first press it against yourself it's like kanckrfvkrf oooooohhhhhhh...." But that wears off for a while, which is when I would usually give up before. DON'T DO THAT. Keep going - just rub it against yourself or even keep it stationary as you watch porn or something. Usually, for me, the orgasm comes from NOWHERE and hits me like a truck of hot, oily, naked babes in the VAGINA.

>> CA No. 12208
So I was on Literotica.com earlier, and happened to notice a little logo in the corner. "Share this story on Facebook."

Ummm, how about no? Who actually shares their porn on fbook?
>> GB No. 12209
I do, with the permissions set so my family and stauncher friends don't see it.

Usually coupled with a comment about how ridiculously contrived the plot is or how funny a certain line is.
>> US No. 12213
I had a disagreement with my friend recently and was wondering your opinions on it.

See, my sex drive's always been low and single-focus on one person I'm really super attracted to. So someone suggested I was demisexual (an offshoot of asexuality, where you only want to have sex with people you love). And the friend disagreed, saying everyone has different levels of sex drive and that's just their thing.

>> US No. 12216
I think, if you don't mind labels, demisexual is the appropriate term here from what I understand of it. Some people don't like labels, though, and I understand that too.
>> US No. 12219
I think her argument with me was that she didn't think it existed, that people with low sex drives were just people with low sex drives, there was no specific label for them.

I don't know, myself. I just...fuck, I was a really late bloomer sexually and I still don't know how to define myself. At all.
>> US No. 12221
I see. Well, there are labels out there for people of all sex drives. It seems to be a very human thing to try to put everything into a category. All that matters is whether or not YOU are okay with that label. I know, for myself, it's taken several years now to even consider the fact that I might be asexual, not because of what the word means, but because I don't like labeling myself. I'd suggest checking out asexuality.org/wiki/ when you get a chance. It's a very insightful site about the whole spectrum of sexualities.
>> US No. 12224
Question: would lube help with a very large vibe? I'm talking 7" insertable length and 1.5" diameter at the widest. And it is wide in a LOT of places. (I really, really regret not double-checking the size before I bought it.) I've never had to use any lubrication before, I can get myself pretty wet and the only other insertable vibe I've ever had was a lot smaller, so I'm wondering if slicking it up will help, or if this thing is just too god-damn big to be serviceable.
>> CA No. 12225
It probably would. Granted it's bit thick, but it's not like pop can sized.
>> US No. 12226
Thanks, I thought it might. It's kinda intimidating for someone whose last battery-operated buddy was only 4", but the motor is so much better than anything I've had before, I'm willing to go to a bit more trouble for it.
>> US No. 12238
I understand why you wouldn't want to label yourself- not everything's black and white. Asexuality.org's been helpful...I think it fits 99% of how I feel, but not entirely.

The other 1% really wants a sexual relationship, but something I can't entirely explain is holding me back. I've never been terribly religious, but for some other reason, I feel such immense guilt when anything sexual comes up. I feel like a creep when I look at pictures of real people naked, I can't make the jump to video porn, and I feel uneasy/can't get aroused trying to schlick with my finger (and I don't own a vibrator, I've chickened out every time I've considered buying one). I feel like unless I can get over this, sex won't even be an option.
>> US No. 12242
I feel the same way looking at porn and about sex in general and I'm not religious at all. My partner doesn't mind that I don't care for sex, but I hate that I literally blush at seeing sexual imagery or even just naked people. I'm certain you'll be able to get through this. I can tell you, from personal experience, that seeing/imagining it doesn't prepare you for the real thing. At risk of sounding cheesy, the most important thing about the real thing is that you are okay with it, want it, and don't feel pressured whatsoever; it's different for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that.
>> CA No. 12245
So I RP a lot, and sometimes it goes sexual. I'm not in any sort of relationship with the people I RP with, aside from rp partner/friend, nor do I see myself ever being in a relationship with them, as most of them are female, and I'm heterosexual.
I'm not saying I've never fapped to an RP, but my primary goal going into them is writing.
Now, I have a boyfriend, and he knows I RP, but I haven't outright told him "Oh, btw, I'm collaboratively writing a really hot man-on-man scene right now. Lots and lots of penises, and it is wonderful" or anything like that. He knows that people out there RP that sort of thing, and doesn't seem disgusted by it.

My question:
Knowing what you know, from the information I've given you, if you were my boyfriend, would you consider it cheating?
>> US No. 12246
This was the exact situation I had with my fiancee until a few months ago. He knew I RP'd gay sex scenes with friends and he had no problem with it. He told me it wasn't cheating unless I was actually involved with those people in real life and, like you, they were females and I wasn't interested in them. Also, our RPing had no impact on my relationship with my fiancee. Long ramble short, NO, I don't think it's cheating. But, I'd suggest telling your boyfriend anyway to get his opinion on it. Communication is a wonderful thing.
>> CA No. 12247
I wouldn't consider it cheating... I'm in a similar boat on the RPING ALL THE GAY SEX front (as you well know) and the boyfriend is well aware of it and he doesn't really care. As far as I know at least.
There's a difference between writing sex scenes with people you're entirely platonic with and actually cheating on your man. If you were feeling bad about it or concerned about how he might feel, I honestly cannot see any perspective from which is would seem like cheating.
>> CA No. 12255

You could think about it as, If you found your boyfriend writing lesbian scenes with another man online, how you'd react or any worries you'd have
>> No. 12262
I'd ask him if it was okay, and point out that I wasn't having actual sex or romance with these people, but a fictional character was, and I could detach myself from this character. It's like if you were an actor, and you had to have a sex scene with someone other than your boyfriend.

I think I'd feel differently depending on whether it was a close or long-distance relationship, though. If I couldn't have physical sex with my partner, and they were having lots of RP sex with other people, I'd be more pissed.
>> No. 12263
I'd ask him if it was okay, and point out that I wasn't having actual sex or romance with these people, but a fictional character was, and I could detach myself from this character. It's like if you were an actor, and you had to have a sex scene with someone other than your boyfriend.

I think I'd feel differently depending on whether it was a close or long-distance relationship, though. If I couldn't have physical sex with my partner, and they were having lots of RP sex with other people, I'd be more pissed.
>> NL No. 12266
this problem.

I have this problem, but I'm the female in this case.
Thing is we tried different things, and like you and your girlfriend, we use lube and foreplay and whatnot, but I once even ended up calling in sick at work because it felt all odd and hurting and weird when I walked. It is even worse when I cycle (And being dutch, I cycle a LOT.)

We've tried different positions, and even anal.

It took us at least 4 tries (stretching over a few months) Before I could even take anal, and to be honest, I can barely enjoy it when it comes to the actual anal sex, because it hurts too much. But it's worth it I guess. I just hope someday it'll be as enjoyable for me as for him.

I really feel guilty when we can't have sex day after day, because I'd really like to myself, but I'd even like it more for him. I feel tremendously stupid telling him it hurts too much and that I'll give him a blowjob instead. (I really REALLY enjoy giving blowjobs though, and he enjoys them a real lot as well)

I just wished I wasn't so fucking tight and hurting all the time and I hope there's something I can do about it?

He's a bit more than 7 inches and about four fingers broad, if that's a measurement?


we've been windowshopping for a decent strap-on for me. I found out I really enjoy prostate-pleasuring him. Does anyone have any tips and tricks on this? Would I tire quick moving in a humping way? If so, can I train that?

spoketa imperfect

thank you captcha those're just the words I needed.
>> CA No. 12267
There's not a whole lot you can do, good sir. If she likes anal then maybe consider having more of it, if not than remember that as far as Statistics Canada is concerned most people only have sex 2 times a week. You might just be expecting it a bit too much and, as endearing as that can be, it might mean that you, like me, just have to keep that in perspective. Sex is great for sure but the waiting in between a good fuck can make it even sweeter.

In short, consider making anal more common than vaginal, or have nights where you just bring each other off orally/hands. Or, just choose not to worry about it because it's pretty normal, no matter what the penis size or how much you love each other to not get it wet for a few days or more.
>> US No. 12272
I'm sort of hesitant about this myself- I've always been so narrow that I'm scared to get a vibrator, let alone have sex.
>> CA No. 12275
Don't be too worried on that end. My gyno just finally switched up from the child size speculum and I'm 25. There are many smaller vibes out there for those of us with small set bits. You have to remember too that with use things loosen slightly. So if you are really concerned about sex being to painful than start with small toys and try to figure out if you even have a hymen or not (some don't). Seriously exploring yourself and being comfortable with your own parts will make you worry less about having sex. At least it did for me even with a history of sexual assault and non penetrative molestation.
>> US No. 12279

Do you have any recommendations for smaller-sized toys? I have the same tightness problems expressed here and frankly it's quite bothersome.
>> CA No. 12287
File 134135849055.jpg - (487.68KB , 828x599 , bzzzt.jpg )
Ok, for ladies toys, there's clit ones and actual insertable ones. I haven't tried all of these, they are just recommendations as far as shape and size.

http://www.adameve.com/sp-g-gasm-delight-g-spot-vibrator-9825.aspx One inch at widest
http://www.adameve.com/sp-waterproof-prostate-massager-9080.aspx Half inch at widest

Standard insertables
http://www.adameve.com/sp-waterproof-prostate-massager-9080.aspx Graduated width
http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/bullet-eggs/sp-long-power-bullet-vibrator-13657.aspx Half inch wide

http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/bullet-eggs/sp-b-onye-vibrator-14038.aspx I've owned this and it was great for using only AAs.
http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/pocket-rockets/sp-adam-eve-clit-dancer-waterproof-mini-massager-15163.aspx Pocket Rockets are good for their size too, but only have one speed usually
http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/vibrators/wand-massagers/sp-hitachi-magic-wand-massager-9465.aspx Generally anything that plugs into the wall will be a lot stronger. I have one, but it sees little use cause the tips a bit clunky for me.

http://www.adameve.com/adult-sex-toys/dildo-sex-toys/sp-adam-eve-crystal-teaser-glass-dildo-11498.aspx glass is good if you just want something to fill you a bit while working on the clit, this one is pretty small

I tend to avoid a lot of dildos, especially if they are made of a gel plastic, the attract dust and no matter how closed off I keep them I have to rinse them right before using and it kind of kills the mood. As far as hardness in them goes gel are the softest latex are some where in the middle, depending on mix, and glass are the hardest.

Yeah know, I am far to versed in sex toys.
>> RO No. 12304
File 134150554355.jpg - (57.08KB , 400x418 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
While on the topic of toys, I admit that the moment I heard about the OhMiBod I've been wanting it like burning.

So my question is: What are your thoughts about this device?
Any of you who do have one by any chance, is it really as good as it sounds like?

And if I may, what would you put in the special playlist?
>> DE No. 12308
i just shortly myself pursude a toy vibrator for me as i finally had the guts to go into a sexshop alone for the first time. i got quite a good advice for it (like touching it to get a feel for the different materials or demonstrated how loud they are). the saleswoman also recommended not to take as starter a gel plastic one even as i wanted to take one which i looked up in the internet. she said the same as combat babe, with addition that the things smell ever a bit after their material no matter what. so i got me a small one i saw the big ones exactly beside it. i´m not a virgin far from that still i didn´t want to start with such a big one made from a combination of silicon and tpe. the one which is also used for medical products. good to touch and feels not so plastic. which i would recommend: get yourself some lube. the best would be a non flavoured, non perfumed one. it helps to make things by the first use easier. non perfumed, because out personal experience the sudden foreign scent of it is just irritating. also look up how hard some are. some are more flexable while others tend to be more hard. for you i would say look out for something flexable and not very hard, if you find out it is just too soft for you, you can still buy a new one.

put into the special list all the songs which let´s you tingle

whatever let´s you feel in that special mood of being slightly aroused, a bit drunk of adrenalin and thinking something more would be nice... these are the songs which i would
d put on the special list

I would call the list Hello Joe. Not because i know a Joe, but more of a song which brings me to smile ever
>> US No. 12369
I watched Boku no Pico. And kind of liked it. I feel like a pedophile now - and a weeaboo yao*i fangirl, on top of that. How do I deal.
>> US No. 12371
Deleted your other post for linking that shit. FFS, Even Rule34 doesn't allow pedophile drawn stuff anymore.
I will have to ban a person for CP.
>> US No. 12372
Oh, duh. Should have figured that. Guess I was kind of thrown off by the fact that it popped up on such a mainstream site like RedTube (though it's probably removed on there, too).

Sorry about that. It was stupid. Won't happen again.
>> CA No. 12373
So I can't help but notice that, in a lot of Japanese porny-stuff (smut games,hentai, etc.), there's a lot of nipple biting.

I wince every time.

Thoughts on nipple biting?
>> US No. 12375
I like nipple-licking on either gender, or even taking the nub into their mouth, but I've never considered full-on biting.
>> CA No. 12376
K, full disclosure time (again) from the girl with no shame.

It's not a big deal. There's no issues with simply being attracted to the taboo or fantasizing about it. The only issue you could have is disclosing thoughts about it to those who are going to freak about it or taking this into reality which would be a pretty shitty thing to do on way to many levels.

I've got my own messed up things that get me off and as far as most people I know, they have one or two things as well, even if they say they don't. Don't shame yourself over it if it's just a personal fantasy. It's your head, and you're hurting no one. Just make sure it stays that way and you're fine.
>> CA No. 12377
No, they like, take the nub in their teeth and tug on it. I just sit there screaming 'WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT OW there goes my ladyboner'.

A lot of the adventure games on wetpussy.com have that in it. Not a fan.
>> CA No. 12379
It actually doesn't hurt as much as you would think it does. I like it, personally, but I don't want my nipple CHOMPED ON or anything. Nipping at them and tugging on them a little is awright.
From what my experiences have told me, it's sheet-clutching, toe-curling, panting-through-gritted-teeth good for guys too.
>> CA No. 12383
Wait, toe-curling for guys having it done TO them, or doing it themselves?

I think it varies from person to person, too. I've tried some nipple play when I have my 'alone time', but nothin'. Doesn't arouse me at all.
>> CA No. 12384
Well not being a dude, I don't know how good it might be to do to one's dudeself, but judging by reactions it's great to have it done to you. And yeah, like most other sexual things, it's all a matter of preference.
>> DE No. 12386
I can tell by my experience, that one of my guys was like getting really turned on if i went for his nipple and used some teeth, while a other said: man don´t like it that much. It really varies from person to person.
>> CA No. 12388
Since we're on the topic of teeth, let's discuss this:

I see the phrase in pornfics sometimes, "He nibbled my clit."
Now, ladies, do we want teeth down there? personally, I say fuck no, but thoughts?
>> US No. 12391
no no no NOPE NU UH

Yeah man I would ollie the fuck out

get your chompers off my special lady parts
>> US No. 12405
I wondering if I could get some advice...is it weird to be a virgin at 20? Does it mean theres something wrong with me?
>> US No. 12516
Nope, not at all. I'm a virgin at 21. Mostly just circumstance and me not really feeling like trying to get laid.
(not asexual, not in the slightest, just lazy.)
>> US No. 12712
Going to be a 26 year old virgin very shortly.
>> DE No. 12749
Okay nothing against you anon. But can i just take a moment here and say how sad i am everytime i see someone ask this in such a thread? Everytime i get so saddened by it. I mean i was until 21 a virgin too, until i thought i found the man for a longlasting relationship, where i can trust and love him. I was okay with beeing one until i lost it, because in all honesty i needed to get with myself in sync and went through some times of doubting myself. But i also knew i didn´t want to lose it like one classmate who just lost it on some switzer bimbo in a drunken state. I thought what i am worth to myself? Because it was my first time and i wanted to have it with someone who would thread this delicate matter as something special too.

Because now here i need to say the ultimate truth. There is a market for everything. It is not about finding a sexual partner who would want to sleep with you, but rather about a partner which you could trust and where you later don´t feel like you where just used for his needs.

It is nothing to be ashamed of to be still a virgin or to have already lost it. Like so much in your life this is a thing between yourself and YOURSELF. And yes sometimes you see in the mirror and think. Curse the world and that everyone finds someone. And than you listen to TMSI and think you rather never went over this line. There is no generell approbiate age to lose it. If others say: There is a to late, there is a to soon. Than tell them politly that this doesn´t matters to you, because you are you and not them.

Also the average japanese woman loses her virginy with 22. I hear of german teenagers who already lost it with 14. But than they just got the concept of the mechanics and the deep trust you feel with a partner to which you build up a emotional relationship is not there.

To the end you should be aware how you think your first time should be. Should it be rather with someone you have friendly feelings for (some want it like this) or you are maddly in love. Or just someone you trust.

Please just spread the word there is no wrong for still beeing a virgin with a certain age. There just isn´t. It is not wrong or bad or anything else. It just is.
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