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File 131808162646.jpg - (3.43KB , 93x125 , 131547339417s.jpg )
10109 No. 10109
Hello there.
I would like to talk about books. It does not matter if they relate to TF2 or not. I just feel that with all the great artists and writers, there certainly must have been a book read here or there.
I hope that this isn't too offtopic to even be in offtopic. I mean, I don't want to start a book club or anything. But Let's talk about the books of our childhood, the genres of books we like now, the writers we like. The absolutely amazing books we have read, and the absolutely shitty ones that we feel like complaining about. Books, books, books.
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>> US No. 10110
Anything by Terry Pratchett!
>> DE No. 10112

This. A hundred times.

I have MANY books and i may ever suggest some than now and here.
Starting with one other favourite author of mine.
I like some of the books of A. Lee Martinez which are under the genre fantasie. Gil´s All Fright Dinner is a funny book which in my opinion can be easily made into a B-Movie. Nothing better than a Werewolf and a Vampire trying to rescue the world before Armageddon and fighting against ghouls, zombies, fallen gods and bored teenager girls who should think more about using black magic. Also his book The automatic Detektive is more into the scie-fi genre, but still nothing better than a killer roboter who tries in the City of Tomorrow to find a little girl and her family. That he normaly just drives in a taxi around doesn´t matter anymore.
But his best book in my opinion maybe A nameless witch. Call me sappy, but i just love to read a slight romance adventure about a woman who would like to nibble on her beloved.
Literally. Oh yes and something like curses and a wizard, who tries to conquer the wolrd is in there to.
>> SG No. 10113
File 13180840511.jpg - (749.51KB , 3040x1840 , Optimized-SFSignalNPR100Flowchart-1-1.jpg )
First, let me share this huge flowchart on which (sci-fi/fantasy) books to read next. I found it pretty handy, so hopefully someone else would benefit from this.

Right now I'm reading 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Before that was Sense and Sensibility, and afterwards I'll be reading Madame Bovary.
>> US No. 10116
File 131810167259.jpg - (74.10KB , 600x936 , s.jpg )
Hot damn. This might actually be pretty useful for me. Thanks for postin' it. I've been meaning to get back into reading, I kinda fell off reading novels when I started university (a weird trend among our nation's youth).

Can we talk about graphic novels and shit all up in here too? I love this book to death, I'm sad that more people don't know about it. It has a pretty horrible bad end though that's extremely bitter, with only a tiny smidge of sweet.
>> No. 10118
OP here. I'm not a Moderator so anything goes I guess. But for the sake of the chan, Let's keep any manga out of this. No offense to any manga lovers.

As a kid, I read a lot of Junie B. Jones. But my personal favorite was Stand Tall Mollie Lue Melon I have always loved picture books. I still go into my local bookstore and buy a few that catch my interest while I'm shopping for other things. Just the other day I went to go buy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and happened upon Where the Wild Things Are. My Mother used to read that book to me. So I bought it and shed a few tears as I read. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, however, admittedly turned out to be a very boring read with a perfect Mary-sue character that enjoys strangling ninjas with thier own intestines and slicing up zombies with her Katana sword. I am hoping Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be better.
>> CA No. 10120
What if it's non-manga graphic novels? Like Neil Gaiman's 'The Sandman' series. I read it for my Fantasy class, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I think many people here would enjoy it as well.
>> US No. 10121
The Black Company and Garret PI stories by Glen Cook are pretty awesome.
>> No. 10122
>Anything Goes
>> US No. 10127
I don't see a problem in discussing graphic novels. I find they're of equal value to written works and it sure would be more economical to discuss them here alongside books rather than making a separate thread.
>> GB No. 10138
File 131816411010.jpg - (33.31KB , 326x500 , the-help-stockett.jpg )
The best book I've read in long time hands down was "The Help".
The book is ALLOT better than the recent adaptation to film (which sugar coated characters and situations to the point of face palming). The only complaint I have with the book is it's told from 3 different point of views. I only had the urge to put it down during the bland white woman Mary Sue character's viewpoint chapters, and read through those as quickly as possible just to get them over with.
A book to avoid at all costs is "Skyward". What I thought was a book about a family overcoming a childhood illness and familial indifference, turned out to be a cheesy romance novel between the husband character and the child's nanny...somewhere between the predictable story-line, the fact the child is practically forgotten towards the middle of the book, and the unintentional double negatives littered throughout,I desperately wished had I not bent the corner of the cover which made me unable to return it.
As far as older books go, I rather like stories written by John Irving. My fave still to date is "The Ciderhouse Rules". Still have not gotten around to the new one he wrote.
>> US No. 10139
I'm in the middle of reading The Help as well. I wanna smack that Leefort woman for hitting her kid over stupid shit and ignoring her
>> GB No. 10144
File 131817971967.jpg - (191.80KB , 369x605 , homothug.jpg )
The only thing funnier about this timeless classic is the fact that it warranted a sequel.
Agreed. Further made sad by the fact that I have relatives that act like that.
>> GB No. 10149
File 131819499067.jpg - (19.82KB , 200x296 , prettymonsters1.jpg )
I found this recently in the teen section of my local-ish bookstore. It's a set of modern-fantasy short stories and there really is no way to describe it other than this is the trippiest shit I've read since Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Heartily recommend it, approach with an open mind.
>> DE No. 10152
File 131819744676.jpg - (122.11KB , 480x678 , labyrinth-traeumende-buecher_thumb.jpg )
Any other Moers fans here?

Ever since I found out some of the people on Hipstr that I follow love Moers to bits, I gotta wonder just how popular he is outside of Germany. I can't vouch for the quality of the translations, but his worldbuilding and his writing style is an absolut delight and joy to read and I recommend his books to anyone who loves Terry Pratchett and wellcrafted, outside-of-the-box Fantasy!

Pictured is the follow-up to the excellent "The City of Dreaming Books". The first one was basically one huge loveletter to reading, writing and overall enjoying books; so I have high hopes for this one. It came out in Germany a couple of days ago and I will start my copy as soon as I'm done reading "Rumo and His Miraculous Adventures" to Chi.
>> US No. 10153
File 131819765266.jpg - (42.41KB , 510x320 , stitches-david-small_l.jpg )
Oh ho ho ho, that cover slaps me on the knee and makes me want to post this http://www.goodshowsir.co.uk/ sort of related.

I'm glad we can talk about graphic novels. I did a brief stint at a cartooning school with a huge comics library; I don't think most people realize the medium is as broad and diverse as it is.

Stitches is a good old cathartic auto-bio, very depressing but very good from a structural standpoint. Finished it recently, couldn't put that shit down.

I also recently read Anonymous Rex; its alright, but for some reason it doesn't seem to have much 'replay' value.
>> CA No. 10465
File 13196571523.jpg - (53.80KB , 329x500 , a-game-of-thrones.jpg )
Recently got into this lovely series a friend had bullied me into reading. Probably already known, since it has been recently adapted into a rather true tv series.

Very well written series, if a bit long at times. Though this is a more realistic politically based series, where a lot of things go terribly wrong, and many do not have a happy ending.
>> US No. 10466
File 131966129019.jpg - (12.97KB , 256x351 , John_Dies_at_the_End.jpg )
Uh, I don't read a lot 'cuz I'm dumb. When I do read, it'xs pop-culture styled stuff. Read Caroline/Firewing in elementary school, the Harry Potter series in middle school, The Stranger, Monkey's Paw and The Great Gatsby (admittedly, 2/3 of those were mandatory class-readings, but I still enjoyed them) in high school and, most recently John Dies at the End.
I'm thinking about Picking up the Wheel of Time series (again) as I've so attempted several times in my life, but I got to find where litterally half of the first book went. As well as House of Leaves (I might have to order this online, though).

Also, I'd like to note that the books listed are what I enjoyed most, not strictly the only books I've read.

I might pick this up sometime

These too. I know two people who have the series already and speak highly of them.
>> US No. 10470
File 13196762247.jpg - (84.70KB , 268x365 , osmsnoipah.jpg )
Finally reading "Dancing With Eternity" (aka Sniper's Book). I'm only three chapters in and I'm laughing really hard at a lot of the things the main character, Mohandas (aka Mo), says.

And I love Steel (the filthy rich space pirate captain) because I swear her and Mo are based on Ellen McLain and Lowrie himself. A woman with a beautiful voice marrying an actor? Makes the book even better.
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