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GB No. 10179
  Movie Topic? Movie Topic.
Bonus points for "So bad they are good" movies.
Which leads me neatly to "Hobo with a shotgun"
>> CA No. 10181
  Oddly enough, that movie was shot just a few hours away from me. I've worked with like, half of the local crew, too. And yet never seen the movie. I should.

Anyway, the move I am posting is La Vita E Bella/ Life is Beautiful. It's not awful in any way, but the trailer makes it look it. But you really have to watch it with the subs. I don't think the dubs do it justice.
>> GB No. 10190
  This was very, VERY good. A nice surprise.
The Troll Hunter
>> CA No. 10194
  One that has a terrible name, but is a very good vampire/zombie apocalypse is Stake Land.

I started watching it, preparing myself for some cheesy vampire hunter movie, as the name just sounded terrible, but was pleasantly surprised that it had a good storyline, albeit a bit cheesy at times, some interesting characters and some good make-up.
>> US No. 10211
  Captcha says 'experienced', and if there's one thing I am experienced in, it's movies so-bad-they-are-good.

Robot Jox.

(hope for once I've embedded properly...)
>> US No. 10217
I've had that on my Netflix queue for a while now. Should really get around to watching it.

As to movies so bad they're good, The MST3k edition of Space Mutiny is one of the bestworst.
>> US No. 10232
ok I looked up the plot for this movie on wiki and I just gotta know: Did they really kill a bunch of kids on a school bus with flamethrower? I know it's a movie but now I'm kinda depressed lol
>> US No. 10246
  Rubber is just.....weird, even for a horror parody. A little good weird, kinda bad weird, but I came away with 'wtf did I watch?'
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