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US No. 10183
  It needed to be done, you guys. I need some Bronies to fanspaz with - I really do.

So. As of now, this is the Brony Central of the chan. All I ask is no MLP porn. Not only is it probably against the rules, it's probably melt my eyes. And my heart.

So, yeah. You got any MLP micspams, reaction avis, videos, or whatnot, post 'em here, and maybe we can save the rest of the chan the headache whilst creating our own little mini-herd of LOVE AND FWIENDSHIP.

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>> AU No. 10184
>Equestria Daily
>Derpy Hooves.com
>/co/ generals
>Numerous other fansites and community groups
>Hundreds of Facebook, Twitter and Hipstr dedicated blogs

Is this thread really necessary?
>> AU No. 10185
yeah no fuck off

>> CA No. 10186
>> CA No. 10187
While I'm not a brony, nor am I even a huge fan of the show, there are lots of things here that I'm not a fan of, but I recognize there are people here that DO like them, so I can respect that, and I don't see why there shouldn't be a thread for things that interest particular people here, so long as they're not breaking the rules.
>> GB No. 10189
Not a shot at ye here, but the chan is largely against MLP, and there have been many topics removed for this already. The reason they are removed is because it is a huge flame bait, wether intentional or not, and generally sours a lot of people.
>> US No. 10191
File 131834623122.jpg - (29.66KB , 400x393 , memes-hipster-kitty-point-counterpoint.jpg )
Oh, hurp. Sorry about that - I didn't know people would flip their shit like that. I kinda wanted to do this for the chan to build on relationships of people I already knew instead of having to go to some new place I might feel uncomfortable with, but whatever, you guys. That's cool.
>> US No. 10192
I'm locking this now, because as expected SOME maggots are fucking WHINY BABIES and can't stop themselves from being such.

But they have a point that there are SO many other places for ponies. TF2chan just isn't one of them. It's just not a topic that one can bring up without people turning into total dicks about it. So yeah. No ponies allowed anymore, folks.
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