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File 131904777343.jpg - (156.38KB , 943x2000 , 69345.jpg )
10340 US No. 10340
With Halloween just around the corner, figured we should discuss our plans, hopes and dreams for the most glorious night of the year.

And also talk about dem terrible costumes; I was parousing one of those temporary pop up Halloween stores that appear like welts on a bedbug victim around the shopping centers this time of year, and I saw this sexy little number. its supposed to be LEATHER FACE .

Shit like this makes my blood boil for no particular reason yo.
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>> US No. 10341
File 131904810855.jpg - (26.38KB , 324x791 , the name of this costume is naughty nem-oh i swear.jpg )
>> US No. 10342
That counts as a costume?
>> US No. 10352
That costume would be about 10 times better if it had a skin-mask.
>> US No. 10353
File 131907044695.jpg - (399.26KB , 1000x835 , linkzelda.jpg )
This is what Scoutpapa and I are doing for the best day of the year. Except, you know, he looks less girly in the tunic.

My Zelda costume is entirely done already, but I've still got a laundry list of things to do for him yet. Hat, bootcovers, bracers, tights (I can't believe he agreed to tights!), Master Sword and Hylian Shield.

My plan is to make the back of the shield a bag so he doesn't have to put it down to carry things, though I'm not quite sure how to do that just yet.
>> US No. 10354
I'm just going to be a plague doctor, partly because I already had everything except the mask, but mostly because I really wanted to get the mask. There is only one strip of fabric i have to cut, so I need to get around to finding the fabric scissors sometime. I just hope this halloween is more interesting than the past few years'.
>> US No. 10355
Both my Soldier jacket and Aperture Scientist Lab Coat got put in storage by accident, so I may have to settle as being a generic soldier type character since I still have my helmet, tank top, boots, and camo pants. Not even sure if I'm doing anything though. The family keeps talking about going to one of the theme parks in the area, since the neighborhood does not have children to give candy to.
>> CA No. 10356
Non slutty, fem version of Freddy Krueger. It can be done folks, it can be done.
>> DE No. 10359
File 131908084142.jpg - (31.89KB , 325x394 , The_Undertaker.jpg )
Remember this guy?

That's who I'm gonna try to do for Halloween.
Aw yeah.
>> CA No. 10360
i'm going to zumba with my mother. we're going to dress as zombies.

i mean


seriously though, i've got no friends so i'll get to hear great stories about all people doing fun stuff while i hang out with my mother.
>> US No. 10362
It's totally cool to hang out with your mother! At least, this is what I tell myself, because I'm going with my mom to her church's Hallowe'en part/UNICEF fundraiser.

I'm Harpo Marx. Gives me an excuse to not talk to people if I become overwhelmed by the socializing, and to wear a top hat and carry a bunch of weird stuff in my pockets.
>> US No. 10366
File 131909727175.jpg - (124.80KB , 900x506 , 290346_10150315505062365_816232364_7858988_1501520.jpg )
I'm putting on my Amnesia Grunt cosplay again and trolling the fuck out of local haunted houses with one of my cosplay buddies.

Picture related: It's me and my cosplay buddies who are trolling with me. We enjoy being potential nightmare fuel.
>> GB No. 10380
I go to conventions with my mum. Ain't no shame in that.

As for my plans, I expect Rocky Horror and Psycho will be involved.
>> US No. 10394
File 13191660512.gif - (116.80KB , 650x800 , vriska got tiger.gif )
Hamsteaking it up this year.
Vriska Serket in God Mode.
Last year, I was Puppet Nurse, felt good.
>> US No. 10427
This year i'm trying a L4D witch. I decided it might be fun to sit on the lawn and scare kids since i've never done that before, but my mom is getting in a hissy fit about it telling me that i shouldn't be scaring kids off our property. Gonna do it anyway. It'll be fun.
One year, a friend of mine was a hunter (that year i was Gordon Freeman...sort of.) and we were taking a walk around the block when he tackled me and i pretended to hit him with my crowbar. It was a beautiful moment.
>> US No. 10453
File 131958206044.gif - (189.68KB , 500x642 , tumblr_ltmzvkkSg91qeiih8o1_500.gif )
Neat, I was going to go as god-tier Jade from Homestuck but, now that her canon design is out I don't know if I can do it.

I might just throw ears on my outfit and call it a day.
>> US No. 10454
why did I write neat there
it does not belong
>> US No. 10456
Well, doesn't look like I'm able to make any solid plans with the crew this Halloween, so I'm probably going to do what I did last year, but classier; wait around in costume on the porch, keep fucking teenagers from egging the house and terrify little kids.

Last year I hung around as Freddy, but this year I have a whole Plague Doctor get up to sit around in. No one will get it, I suppose, but its better then coming to the door to give candy to small children while dressed as a child molester murderer.
>> US No. 10457
Oh man, I love her canon design. As soon as I saw that picture in the flash, I knew I wanted to cosplay it.
>> US No. 10463
You and everyone else. I'd be doing it to if I could figure out how to get the damn space symbol.

Also isn't there a Homestuck chan or something? It feel awkward talking about this here.
>> US No. 10468
http://sburbchan.net/ is the closest, I think. It's not wholly active anymore, though.
>> US No. 10519
File 131992154547.jpg - (61.61KB , 317x490 , alice-in-wonderland-costume.jpg )
Going as Alice this year to work because it looks like Halloween will be rained out.

Wigs, how the hell do they work?
>> US No. 10521
What do you need to know about them?
>> US No. 10522
File 131993280269.jpg - (7.49KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
I just can't seem to wear them to save my life. I've got this curly blonde wig to go with my costume, but when I put it on it seems overly poofy and not like how it appears on the package.

Any ideas on how to wear it well? I don't have any hairnets I could use...
>> CA No. 10524
When you first get them you have to brush them out a ton, also make sure you've got one of those wig caps under to tame your real hair and hairspray the fuck out of that wig to get it in order after you've got it looking ok on your head.
>> US No. 10526
File 131995519980.jpg - (45.40KB , 604x453 , 379609_10150354099911708_660136707_7966357_5371157.jpg )
I knew this box of soymilk had a purpose.
>> US No. 10528
File 131996254212.jpg - (37.33KB , 604x453 , 312669_10150354169116708_660136707_7966935_1847464.jpg )
Finished! :D
>> No. 10537
SUCCESS. A Hallowe'en party filled with little old church ladies? The best place to dress up as a Marx Brother.

Plus, got to chat a little with a friend of mine who was dressed as Vincent Price. (he was awesome, and while he mostly didn't, I know he can do Price's voice as well)

Have no photos of myself... But in the costume contest, won a Starbucks gift card. Aw yeah, coffee.
>> US No. 10546
File 132009190569.jpg - (54.94KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20111031_1.jpg )
I'm being a crack whore on Halloween.
>> US No. 10550
I dressed up as BLU Sniper and gave out candy to trick-or-treaters and a bunch of the neighborhood kids recognized my costume. It made me happy soul. C:
>> CA No. 10578
File 132028847256.jpg - (152.14KB , 968x1296 , Zumbies.jpg )
My mom's pretty cool when you catch her at the right moment.
>> AU No. 10582
i wish we had trick or treaters.

i have bloodied clothes and a hockey mask from costumes past which i could have answered the door in. that, and i have a working chainsaw until someone comes to pick it up
>> DE No. 10585
File 132034235926.jpg - (882.68KB , 1459x1094 , Cosplayhalloween 2011 006.jpg )
Wig not right yet, but oh well, working on it!

Deadman walkin', bitches.
>> No. 10596
File 132042301886.jpg - (242.43KB , 640x480 , DSC04176.jpg )
i kinda went as Zombie schoolgirl.

the blood was concentrated cherry juice...
>> US No. 10689
File 132129439337.jpg - (35.47KB , 473x479 , chell.jpg )
Only surviving picture.
>> US No. 10691
File 132131318330.jpg - (614.20KB , 1024x850 , file.jpg )
I like this
I went as Chell as well, but at first I wanted to be a witch(as i've previously posted about.) I went through a few different decisions before coming down to "zombie Chell" though.
>> US No. 10770
I went as a chessboard this year.
>> US No. 10771
File 13219631651.jpg - (92.99KB , 720x960 , zentaisuit.jpg )
>> US No. 10772
I like that costume, it amuses me.
>> US No. 10940
File 13234849724.jpg - (668.89KB , 933x1400 , Spoiler Picture.jpg )
Whelp it took forever, but here is my shitty costume. Spoilered for HamSteak
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