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File 131909185754.png - (83.45KB , 214x209 , redmondWAT.png )
10364 US No. 10364
Have you ever been identified as the wrong character?

I haven't seen much Doctor Who, although I like what I've watched quite a bit. It was just weird seeing people asking Mr. Foster "Are you my mummy?" and having a little girl get all excited when she saw my Meet The Medic cosplay because she thought I was The Doctor.

...Although it was definitely adorable and a crossover I'd love to see.
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>> US No. 10365
File 131909632628.gif - (486.89KB , 381x268 , 129509190620.gif )
Dunno if thsi counts, but... NDK 2010 my costume fell through so I was wearing random shit and a Sheryl Nome wig. Some girl in the dealer room pulled me over and was squealing and hugging me. I don't even know what she said to me, I was WTFing too hard. But apparently I was somebody without my knowledge. mfw it was over.
>> DE No. 10367
There was a rage comic about this that summed up my feelings perfectly but I can't find it on my HDD for the life of me ... Blarg.

Basically, Engineer cosplay will ALWAYS get mistaken for Bob the Builder at least once. It's like an unwritten law of cosplay. Your con trip is not complete if nobody called you Bob the Builder.
>> US No. 10369
Hasn't happened to me YET (though when I was Silent Bob, while no one mistook me for me-dressed-as-someone-other-than-Silent-Bob, a couple people mistook me for some-guy-not-wearing-a-costume. Feels good, man).

HOWEVER, I once mistook a cosplayer at a con for my brother, from behind. He was the same height, had the same hair, and was dressed as Indiana Jones.

My brother was not wearing a costume. On any given day, my brother looks like he is cosplaying Indy. That is just how he rolls, and I am pretty proud of any influence I might have had on him. (FACT: In fifth grade, I wore a bomber jacket and fedora to school every day for months. None of the other kids would talk to me, but my grandfather taught me how to crack a bullwhip, so...)

I guess people didn't know what I was supposed to be dressed as when I was Klinger, but nobody thought I was something else, they just maybe had no idea what I was doing...
>> AU No. 10372
oh god that was annoying. i cosplayed Mr foster at a small con and for every "are you that dude from killing floor?" i got at least 2 "ARE YOU MY MUMMY?"s

although at the american cons i went to i only got DOSHs and LOAAAAAAAAADSAMONEYs
>> AU No. 10373
oh and the only time i've had my sniper mistaken for someone else was when i wore it to an event in a mall. i was off shopping and someone called me Indy
>> US No. 10376
It's the little within-series mistakes I find forgiveable, considering I find myself cosplaying from older series lately. This past Otakon, someone mistook my Lady Une for Noin, but I kindly pointed to the Noin next to me and said "Do I look like a lieutenant to you, Lieutenant?" She replied with "No, Colonel," and we left it at that until the person walked away, and then we laughed about it on the way to our photoshoot.

Back when I was a weaboo, though, I used to have Roxas mistaken for Sora and Cloud all the time, to the point where some girl attacked me screaming "OMFG I LOVE YOU SORA!" My only confusion was that there was a weaboo at the con younger than myself, because I was thirteen at the time.

Although, I have meen mistaken for a boy before, not at all helped by the fact that I was changing from one crossplay to another in the mens' bathroom because the ladies' line was too long. And the time I wore a battle-scarred ninja outfit to middle school for Halloween and the nurse thought I had been attacked on the way to school and freaked out until I told her it was makeup.
>> GB No. 10379
Once upon a time, I did Aziraphale for a teeny con (think 360 people). One person recognised me as being the man-shaped angelic Southern pansy I was supposed to be, and someone else asked me if I was something completely different. I don't even remember what it was, I hadn't heard of it before.
On the other end of things, I tend to wear bits of my cosplay amongst my normal clothes - once, I was wearing my Sniper shirt and akubra into town and a girl appeared over my shoulder as I was trying to buy a slushie and was like, "Are you Sniper?!". I wish she'd got me at a time when I wasn't distracted, I might have said something cooler than "YES!" in reply...
>> CA No. 10384
Dunno if this really counts, but I dressed up to go see Rocky Horror a few weeks ago. Had my hair all frizzed, pink feather boa, pink and black crinoline skirt, pink hooker boots, and a black tank.

Some old lady asked me, on the street, before I went in, if I was one of the ballerinas for tonight's show.

...really did not know what to say. I still don't know why an 80+-year-old woman went to see Rocky Horror without knowing what it was, but oh well.
>> US No. 10385
i was at a really small con once cosplaying as medic, and someone saw my ubersaw then asked if i was from bioshock

i could understand if i was holding a vita-saw but ehhh
>> US No. 10386
When I was dressed as Sniper at my local con last month, someone took my picture and found it on D.A. entitled "AWA 2011 - Cowboy"

... okay? Sniper's a cowboy? I would expect the "Crocodile Dundee" but I guess that gives the locals weeaboos more credit than they're worth where I live.

Although I thought it was hilarious last year when I wore a "Grammar Nazi" costume and carried around a dictionary when someone at the costume party thought I was a police officer. Sure a nice way to put it...
>> US No. 10393
OP again. I actually thought the Mr. Foster I saw this year at NYCC/NYAF was you for a moment, because I know very few people who even know what Killing Floor is, but then I reminded myself that I don't know whereabouts you live. I think exactly one booth had KF merch, and I was very tempted to buy it, because it was really well-made for a fan t-shirt (all the official shirts are $40-something, yech), but my boyfriend talked me out of it on the basis that we could probably find it online cheaper.

I kind of want to meet your brother now.
>> AU No. 10395
i wish i was at nycc, but alas, the flag dont lie
>> US No. 10401
I wore my BLU Engineer to Ohayocon 2011. And got mistaken for Bob the Builder twice and then Handy Manny. Though the friends of the girl who called me Handy Manny got on her about how "I was the Engineer, gosh! Don't insult him!"

Overall, I find incorrect identification more awkward than funny or annoying. For both parties.
>> CA No. 10403
File 131925786829.jpg - (381.60KB , 1280x960 , Photo0036.jpg )
so I cosplay Engie and-



though on halloween last year i had a series of mothers lined up to take pictures of me with their kids.

then at my big yearly con this year it happened a couple of times again. except i had this. not exactly bob the builder material.
>> US No. 10404
File 131925815456.png - (77.19KB , 400x395 , 130887098183.png )
>> US No. 10405
Excuse me sir, but may I carry your babies?
>> US No. 10410
I have to say something else in this thread, because Captcha says 'Style.'

This Hallowe'en, he's just going with it and dressing as Indy, too. Which is to say, he is wearing his own clothes to a Hallowe'en party, but not being surprised when people identify it as a costume. All because his Raccoon City PD t-shirt is now too torn up to even be worn by a zombie victim.

Oh. Yes. That is a thing of beauty...
>> No. 10416
Part of me actually wants to see cyborg Bob the Builder now. Just for the hell of it.

As someone who has no idea how to make props, I'm even more impressed by this.
>> GB No. 10430
I think I read a porno like that once.

(captcha: what torysoc. WHAT?! TorySoc?! Get off the internet and go back to arguing with CommieSoc, cretins.)
>> GB No. 10432
I can tell you now that there is indeed somewhere (I have read it) a Bob/Engie fic.
>> US No. 10435
One time I was cosplaying BLU Scout's mom.

Three people thought I was Bubbles from the Power Puff Girls.
>> DE No. 10438
File 131945847747.jpg - (53.68KB , 248x500 , 3026998610_acc9e5b6d2.jpg )
They didn't mistake you for Betty? For shame!

(I mean, really, Bubbles very prominently had blonde hair)
>> US No. 10445

I know right? I had a black beehive, dark lipstick and a fake cigarette. It was like two years ago and it still makes my head hurt.
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