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File 132134684810.jpg - (636.43KB , 799x750 , b5ddf6319ab6a168737b9ca7d4cf0b3b.jpg )
10699 US No. 10699
I just don't even.
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>> US No. 10759
I sure hope that's the hilt of a sword up there, because that's the only thing keep this picture ridiculous enough to not terrify me beyond belief.
>> US No. 10794
File 132218559586.gif - (89.18KB , 341x479 , hermann goering.gif )
It's a marshal's baton.
>> US No. 10798
That character Suwako seems to be in a lot of WTF-type pictures...
>> US No. 10800
Ok something I feel like I should know but never did. That cross the guy has around his neck? What is that and what does it symbolize?
>> US No. 10801

That is the Iron Cross, a Nazi version to our "Medal of Honor", award to Germans recognized for their exceptional battlefield bravery or successful leadership. The design actually first appeared in World War I in the Prussian military and was adopted in 1939 into the Nazi regime.

You can learn more about the history of the award here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iron_Cross#Grand_Cross_of_the_Iron_Cross_.281939.29
>> US No. 10802

Is it really tied to the Nazis if they used it in WWI and still use it today? I know Germans go out of their way not to do anything associated with the war.
>> US No. 10803

I guess it depends on the design of the Iron Cross, as I've seen variations associated with biker clubs and whatnot. Most people will probably think on that instead of being something from WWII, unless they're big into history, etc.
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