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File 132370409160.jpg - (818.60KB , 867x1100 , pyro_saves_christmas_by_theminttu-d4ijys3.jpg )
10951 US No. 10951
Well, I simply cannot believe it. The New Year is creeping up on us like a voyeur at the window, and with it Christmas (or your winter holiday of choice).

What are y'all up to? Post your wishes, unfortunate family visits, and grumpy musings about the rampant conspicuous spending that goes on this time of year here.
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>> GB No. 10955
Man oh man I have so many presents to make. My dad wants a knitted Dalek (I have made one already, it is huge and squishy and deadly), some of my friends will be receiving doll clothes and my sis already knows she's getting a My Little Pony dressed as the Opera Ghost. What she DOESN'T know is that it's a G3 'Styling' pony and absolutely HUMONGOUS.
Also I seem to have volunteered to deal with the turkey this year. I'm cool with this.
>> US No. 10956
Oh, there will be much fun to be had this Christmas. So many mentally ill people congregating in one area. Myself included. (Just a disposition towards depression; my hobbies make it manageable.)

The highlight will be the awkwardness between my grandmother and my cousin, who is A. bipolar, B. pregnant, and C. unmarried to the father, whom I can only remember by the amount of hair he had on his ass-crack. Dude needed suspenders badly. Seriously--Grandma was so upset by this news that she almost didn't write her rhyming Christmas letter.

At least my parents, my sister, and her boyfriend are stable enough to have a Christmas together. One day, maybe we can replace the holiday chaos with just a little event with them, and God willing, their descendants. Maybe I'm not interested in man-hunting/having kids, but by God, I will be the best damn aunt I can be.
>> US No. 10958
We celebrate Chanukkah, so on Christmas, my mom, my younger siblings, and I are all going to see Tintin together, then eat Chinese food. It's rare that our family all agrees on a movie, so I'm excited.

I'm not asking for much this year- everything I really want is intangible. I had some CD's and DVD's and comics on my list that it'd be cool to get, though. And I'm art trading with a couple friends.

I got my brother some gaming swag (he has enough actual games for now) and left my sister's presents up to my mom to figure out, because my sister's interests change every five minutes.
>> CA No. 10959
May I ask you something?

Hannukkah vs Chanukkah. Just what is the difference? I've seen both, and I'm just wondering why there's two versions.

Just curious.

As for my own plans, my parents know I have literally no money, so they're giving me cheap, easy-to-find gift ideas. Mom wanted chicken bones (they're a candy, not actual bones), and dad wanted socks. So I've gotten them, and I've even painted my mom a picture of a cardinal (she loves them), so that's something.

As for actual plans, we set up the tree on the 21st, and my mom and I are going to be baking like fiends up until New Years. Her friend just found out she has breast cancer, so we're doing all her baking this year. Lighten the load a bit, you know?
>> US No. 10960

Its origin is in Hebrew, which has a language that doesn't resemble the Romance languages at all, so there's multiple "correct" spellings of it.
>> CA No. 10965
Ah. I see. Thank you very much.
>> US No. 10971
It's transliterated from חנוכה. The first letter,ח , is a voiceless uvular fricative, for which the Latin alphabet has no letter.

I am looking forward to Chanukka since I'm actually going to get to be home for it this year. Christmas with my dad's crazy family is going to be a nightmare, as usual, and I am dreading that.

I hope I get enough cash for a new GPU with a sealed liquid cooling unit and CPU cooling block. My mom has offered cash or a new phone though, so I'm kind of torn.
>> CA No. 11016
Probably just gonna stay in with the Boyfriend this year. Mom's a too worn out to host something and I'm to apathetic to host.

I'm a closet Muslim still (a quaranist too, so even other Muslims don't consider me a Muslim), so it's more for tradition than any actual connection to Christianity that I do things like holiday cards. What the hell, Festivus for the rest of us.

My boyfriend and I traded gifts all ready. Got a Tassimo and I got him Rocksmith with a guitar. We'll probably do out boxing day thing as usual. Avoid all the sales and hit a movie.

Should be a good time.
>> GB No. 11021
File 132458032537.jpg - (78.82KB , 352x300 , 4bcb5a16ba0c1-santaanddevil.jpg )
Spending my Christmas with my Husband and his Mom this Christmas. First time I've ever spent the holidays outside the US.
Going to cook tons of food and open gifts, which is something I really haven't done since my nuclear family started to disperse. Never had a Christmas pudding before, nor have I had the British equivalent of shrimp cocktails so I am looking forward to both the food and the festivities.
Going over to Nan's house on boxing day for Chinese, and might try and talk my husband to go see The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo the day after.
>> CA No. 11022
File 132459529766.jpg - (26.91KB , 400x307 , mst3k_santaclaus.jpg )

How will I spend my Christmas? Watching this movie with a nice bottle of something. It will be glorious.
>> GB No. 11023
File 132459738018.jpg - (142.02KB , 560x413 , mst3k-4-santa-claus-conquers.jpg )
>> CA No. 11032
File 132469021757.jpg - (62.59KB , 500x333 , manosMST3K_torgo.jpg )
yeah, here I go, vrooom.
>> CA No. 11052
Seems my plans have been ruined, spent xmas in bed with a 24 hour flu, a hang over and my period all at once.
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