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File 132531934477.png - (237.03KB , 638x349 , haley.png )
11071 US No. 11071
This is sad, and I'm a coldhearted bastard... so for me to feel anything... yeah.

>> US No. 11077
  Someone had reported a concern with this post and it's actually not a phishy scam like what we usually get. It links to a video about a father looking for his run away daughter, which I'll embed out of convenience and that this post is harmless.
>> US No. 11083
something doesn't sit right with me. one doesn't just get up and leave home with just a note unless:1.they are mentally ill
2.there is abuse in the house.
>> US No. 11087
I'm going to have to agree with you there. When I googled the girl's name nothing in the news came up. It was simply going viral in social media websites. Seems to me like if my daughter went missing the first thing I would do would be to contact the proper authorities, not create a video with the background music being a song from the father's own band. It just seems super fishy that all these kids have been disappearing lately and the parents have "no idea" what happened to them. That's my two cents.
>> AU No. 11094
...And she has been found. She went missing 26th Dec, and was found 3rd Jan.
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