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File 132565489714.jpg - (84.79KB , 500x693 , tumblr_lnfdaj3bVO1qamahyo1_500.jpg )
11085 US No. 11085
This might seem like a really random request, (And I'm not even sure if this is the right board, where did the lost and found go?) but does anybody still have the songs/ at least the listings of some of owl tiem's playlists she posted way back when? I just lurk sporadically, so hopefully there are still some oldfags that might have the ones for the TF2 classes, L4D, James & Bond, etc? I've lost all my songs recently and they were honestly my favorite.
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>> US No. 11101

James and Bond Theme is the only one I have.
>> US No. 11110
yo I got linked to this thread just now

OK SO: I still have my files and everything, but I can't get sendspace or megaupload to let me UPLOAD anything (it just sits there saying 0% of 0mb uploaded, duration 0:00 estimated time 0:00 speed 0mbps. thank you, you piece of useless shit, for all those incredibly valuable zeroes.) If anybody knows a place that will host large .zip files and does not use a completely flash-based interface for its uploads (which seems to be the problem) I can try to get you these.

I'm flattered you want 'em, btw.

also I'm a he these days

I was considering just posting the covers since they have track listings on, but I made a lot of mixes so it'd take a while plus then you'd still have to go find all the music...


TF2 Class Mixes


Additional Tangentially-TF2-Related Mixes
The Contents of Spyro's iPhone (this is a multimedia experience rather than a playlist - zip contains photos, mp3s, and none of the files are logically named)
The Adventures of James & Bond playlist was previously linked; I started to redo it when I started work on the sequel to the story, but both projects ended up abandoned
Golden Dreams, for the mine cart on payload maps, released when Gold Rush was new
Engineer Dance Party, which is all electronic music
Your Devastating Backstroke/No Bees In December, depending on which version of the cover art you picked up, which is a "soundtrack to a movie" (read: ficmix for a fic that was never written) about an Engineer and a Spy who are in a Complicated Relationship (obviously this was "my pairing" for a while when I was in the fandom)
A mix for the "1920s gangster AU" that went around in the circlejerk for a while years ago

L4D Mixes
L4D general
L4D: Zombies
L4D2 general

(I also have mixes I did for non-chan groups which include themes such as The Nuclear Apocalypse, World War One, Supervillains, and Felix Leiter's Relationship With James Bond)
>> US No. 11113
I still think this is the best thing I made, musically. Could check out some of my other stuff here if you like, even though it's not related so much.

Just so this isn't a shameless plug for myself though, I zipped up the Sniper mix, Voting From The Rooftops for you, since it's the only one I still have myself. Enjoy!
>> US No. 11134
dropbox? I'm sorry I can't help, I don't know many uploads. And sorry about calling you a she, I haven't been around in a while. I remember having each of the classes, No Bees in December, and a L4D general. If you can't upload the actual songs, do you mind just listing the tracklists? I can go hunting, I have a lot of free time.

>>11113 >>11101
Thank you so much! Downloading right now!
>> US No. 11213
File 132734409735.jpg - (786.14KB , 1804x1804 , class-mix-covers.jpg )
np, i came out after i stopped hanging out here anyway.
SO here are the covers of the nine class mixes, hopefully you can read them, and if you have trouble finding any of the tracks let me know (i have hosting enough to give you a track or two, but not enough to put everything i ever put in a zip up, y'know)
>> US No. 11214
File 132734431157.jpg - (367.70KB , 1202x1202 , l4d-covers.jpg )
and here's the l4d-related covers

no bees in december consists of the following tracks:
1. Vampire Weekend - The Kids Don't Stand a Chance
2. The Shins - Mine's Not a High Horse
3. The Lucksmiths - Music to Hold Hands To
4. The Pernice Brothers - Weakest Shade of Blue
5. Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe You
6. Sportsday Megaphone - Ever Fallen in Love
7. Jukebox the Ghost - Under My Skin
8. The Hush Now - Roleplay
9. Modest Mouse - People as Places as People
10. Andrew Bird - Not a Robot, But a Ghost
11. Damien Rice - Volcano
12. New Radiant Storm Kings - The Opposing Engineer (Sleeps Alone)
13. Spoon - 10:20 AM
14. Fleet Foxes - So Long to the Headstrong
>> US No. 11229
I can find everything from these playlists. You are amazing! Thanks owl tiem.
>> CA No. 11537
Thanks a million Ashe, got a road trip in an hour so thanks for the fast/easy download.
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