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File 132609450570.gif - (586.27KB , 500x302 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-i-know-yo.gif )
11119 US No. 11119
Do you have a computer problem? We'll try to help! JUST DON'T DELETE SYSTEM 32 EVER. NO, SERIOUSLY, IT WILL FUCK YOU UP BAD.


I don't know where else to turn!

Hey, guys - just your friendly Neighborhood Stout Shako here, and I have been having a ball-throbbingly hard time with Steam lately. Went to the FAQ site, and apparently, it's been silently terminating. That is, I click it, and nothing happens - not even an error message.

This happened a few days ago. I was trying to hook up my computer to the TV since the screen blew out. I was talking to Izzy on Steam Chat just fine at the time, when all of a sudden, I severely fucked up the resolution and my TV went black and I had basically no way of seeing anything. I panicked for a while and hit the "esc" button like a champ. Long story short, I got the TV working again, but Steam no longer works on my computer, and I have no idea if it's related.

I've already done Task manager, and Steam is not playing in the background. I have also contacted Steam Support, but that was DAYS ago, and I GOTTA HAVE MY NEXT HIT OF TF2, MAN. I'VE BEEN CRAVING IT LIKE CRAZY.

The closest thing I can get to an answer of what's wrong is the "blob" file names in the Steam operating folder. I've deleted them, renamed them, everything. To no avail. As soon as I hit the steam Icon, a little updating bar pops up, and even if I cancel it, another Blob filename pops up again, and once again, everything is rendered useless. I've let it continue uninterrupted before, and the result was the same.

GUYS WHAT DO SERIOUSLY. I NEED TF2, MAN, AND STEAM CHAT, PLEASE HELP ME. I've done everything I can to make sure I wouldn't look like an idiot coming to guys, but I've done everything I know how to do! MEGA sad faec. :c
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>> DE No. 11121
Okay i went through the net looking for something. Ya sure that not a other programm of yours is interfering with steam? I mean i know of experience that if Antivirus Updates hl2.exe breaks down and even my graphiccard has problems than. Maybe you need to update your graphiccard driver. I dunno about the blob files. If nothing helps, you should try to uninstall steam and reinstall it (Lazy and easy i know. Note all your friends in the list and how you can get to them again to add them. Make sure they know of your problem than, they may add you again from themself, so you don´t have trouble finding them.)

Asked a colleague of mine. She says should´t be a problem with you hooking up your pc to the tv, because the tv is just a output device. Maybe not good in it´s quality and can lead to lose of it, but it shouldn´t blow it up. (even if i can swear i heard something about it)
>> No. 11122
Thank you, but I already have my TV hooked up to my computer and it works fine. The problem now is Steam. Just a question, but if I uninstall and reinstall Steam, you said I'd have to add all my friends and groups all over again? I really don't want to do that. Some groups I'm in are white-list only, and it was a BITCH to get through (took about 3 weeks of waiting time to get listed and all the privileges). Also, I've looked, and a lot of people who have had the same problem said uninstalling Steam didn't help the problem.

As for antivirus things, I have avast!, but it's never interfered with Steam before. Assuming it IS the antivirus software, how would I go about fixing the problem without leaving myself defenseless in the cold, harsh, internet landscape?
>> No. 11125

I don´t know if your antivirus is REALLY the problem. As i said maybe there is a other programm of yours who is suddendly playing bitchy on you. Or you have a virus which went through your antivir and now is troubeling you. (It happened to the best of PC´s.)

Just check here if one programm which you use here may be the problem.


There are other free antivir programms out there who can help. On the steamsite they even have some links to such ones (and to ones who remove viruses).

To the deinstall/install thing. Asked again, no your account will still be in the steam maindata bank. It is just so your steam application is deleted from your pc, but your account still remains. I´m sorry for confusing you, but it just happened that it reminded me on a friend who has sometimes troubles with steam, too and we went through weird things already with his accounts.

The steam client was just recently updated. Maybe it was broken through the new update by you now?

I hope steam will soon response to your request and offer real help.
>> US No. 11133
File 132624174288.gif - (265.61KB , 500x305 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-study har.gif )
Thanks for the support, guys! Steam is working again, and it's all thanks to y'all! I CAN FINALLY GET MY ROCKET-JUMPING FIX. ON A 47" TV. SO EXCITE.
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