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File 132871563540.jpg - (122.78KB , 1700x630 , fyispy.jpg )
11315 BG No. 11315
Play a game you like alone or play a game you don't like with friends?
>> BG No. 11316
Bonk! (bump)
>> US No. 11318
Fuck you I don't have any friends.
>> US No. 11320
I have plenty of the former, but hardly any of the latter in terms of people to actually play games with. Thus, I say it would be better to play a game I don't like with friends. That's how I got into League of Legends, after all! :V
>> US No. 11390
In order to be able to play a game I don't like with friends, I must first obtain a game that I am capable of playing with other friends that isn't minecraft or tf2 lol. But I would rather, I think, play with friends because they make me dislike the game in question less.

But a part of me will always nag to go play by myself more.
>> US No. 11563
Nearly any game is fun when you play it with friends, no matter how much it sucks otherwise.
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