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File 133139742797.jpg - (184.81KB , 1280x1209 , Scarlet Macaw03.jpg )
11546 US No. 11546
Any photographers on the chan? Want to share your work? Post here!

I apologize in advance if there's already a photography thread in here, I went back several pages and didn't see anything.
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>> US No. 11549
File 133140416643.jpg - (180.58KB , 1280x853 , JaguarRE.jpg )
Those are both really nice. I love the docks, that's an excellent example of perspective.

The jaguar and the parrot were shot at the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha. Fantastic zoo, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone visiting the area.
>> US No. 11552
Fuck yeah! Henry Doorly Zoo is awesome! I love the Desert Dome and their aquarium!

..Ahem. The pictures are lovely, too.
>> US No. 11553
File 13314071689.jpg - (205.13KB , 1301x1076 , TheMoon02.jpg )
Thanks! I'm a little disappointed that the aquarium was closed for renovations -both- times I went, this year - but, I'm sure it'll be awesome when they're finished.

One time, I shot the moon.
>> US No. 11554
File 133140855993.jpg - (923.64KB , 1296x864 , Desert DomeRE.jpg )
Oh, the joys of an incorrect captcha because it was still unreadable after refreshing 8 times.

Speaking of the Desert Dome...
>> RO No. 11556
File 133141743173.jpg - (216.50KB , 1024x768 , priorities_by_ladyscale-d48rb6d.jpg )
Great thread idea! I'm not much of a photographer, though here's one of my latest ones.
Photo taken during a trip to Prague in February last year, and used Saturation and Contrast Enhancement.
>> US No. 11557
File 133148465840.jpg - (893.70KB , 1548x596 , Lied JungleRE.jpg )
I really like this picture. It's very poignant, and the filters definitely help with that. Great shot!

More from the zoo - this time, the Lied Jungle.
>> CA No. 11671
File 133282920656.jpg - (719.86KB , 1544x1159 , DSCF0327.jpg )
Me and best buddy went on a roadtrip down to Victoria Island to get some crab from an old co-worker of hers.Got some nice pictures of an old hotel across the street, and she snapped a few on the ride there.
>> CA No. 11672
File 133282946945.jpg - (578.88KB , 1030x772 , DSCF0325.jpg )
Another of the hotel..
>> CA No. 11673
File 133282963636.jpg - (617.99KB , 1545x1159 , DSCF0389.jpg )
Mountain on the ride home. It's alittle blury... (Mainly because we were in motion and it had snowed 10 feet in places. Walls of snow.) Still, I like it.
>> US No. 11695
File 133296985896.jpg - (808.53KB , 1339x1028 , Dragonfly008crop.jpg )
Those are gorgeous photos - and, that is one of my favorite styles of home!

Macrophotography is one of my favorites. I just use the 'poor man's macro lens' - a cheap 50mm lens with some Kenko extension tubes. It's about $700 cheaper than the real thing, and still works wonders!
>> SE No. 11714
File 133312840375.jpg - (373.98KB , 1100x733 , 1.jpg )
I took this photo a few days ago on my way to school.. Yeah, my school is located in the middle of an industrial area.
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