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File 133311821150.jpg - (633.88KB , 1440x900 , phonei.jpg )
11719 No. 11719
As the name implies. If you want to get in contact with someone, just ask for their information here and/or post your own.

My email is linked in my name, and you can find me on Steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/TwoRefined/ . Feel free to hit me up any time- for RPs or input on your works - anything! Open to the public.

I made this thread specifically to ask Furei if he'd be willing to share his info with me, as I have a bit of a man-crush on him, uguuu~

Call me.
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>> No. 11720
So, yeah this is me. I actually have a huge internet crush on you Tworefined so... Gonne shove a foot in my own mouth. I'm all for makig internet friends with people.
>> No. 11721
Someone gunna die...
>> No. 11722
File 133316496251.png - (42.21KB , 322x184 , GLARE.png )

Added! Thanks for the compliment - hopefully we'll hit it off outside of the chan. You seem to be pretty active around here lately, so I imagine we'll have plenty to talk about.

>> US No. 11728
Moved to Off-Topic? Kay, that makes sense. Wow, though. It's so dead in here.
>> BR No. 11729
File 133324721884.png - (216.81KB , 441x334 , 000.png )
This is kinda creepy, I aways tought you hated me
>> CA No. 11730
I got a new computer~
not that you care anywaysehehehe
>> CA No. 11731
My name's Izzy. My steam name is Izzy41630 (currently calling myself Izzy, Princess of Spam). Email's in the field. I have facebook, too, but I don't add people willy-nilly, so ask me first if you want to add me, and don't be offended if I don't reply. It's probably because I don't know who you are and/or you frighten me.
>> US No. 11732
File 133326114725.png - (167.86KB , 413x352 , WHAT-2.png )



>> US No. 11735

If Furei was hesitant to talk to you before, all capsing at him is sure gonna change his mind...

Stepping in as a close friend of Furei, to put it bluntly, you're looking like a rabid fangirl on top of whatever impression he has of you before. While some people find fangirling flattering, Furei doesn't and expressed that he is now uncomfortable about posting any response to you after your reaction to him being creeped out.

I'm only reason I'm saying something is so you know what his boundaries are and drop it before making him any more uncomfortable about this, and so you don't expect that he will contact you.
>> CA No. 11737
Huh. Wow, the peeps in my fanfic thread from forever ago were wrong. Over-the-top satire isn't always obvious.

If it helps, I got it. Might be because my friends and I engage in silly, obviously-not-seriously-spazzing behaviour all the time, but still. Maybe it's a theatre nerd thing.
>> US No. 11738
I can't say anything except how legitimately that comment hurts me, and that I'm sorry for any discomfort felt. I was trying to be humorous, but now I see that typing things high on Nyquil at 3 in the morning isn't the best idea. I feel like I've lost a chance to get to know someone I thought of as a great person and inspiration. Today has been pretty bad.
>> US No. 11739

But would you do that to someone you didn't know personally? Furei felt that even if it was a joke, he was STILL not at all comfortable about being asked for his contact information from someone he had trouble with in past.

(Banned: Thread Derailment)
>> CA No. 11740
Honestly, yes, I do it all the time. That's how I break the ice with people. I suffer from anxiety issues, so acting like I'm a different person makes it easier to meet and deal with new people. It's a fairly common reaction, actually. At least common enough to have a little blurb in my Character Writing book from the psych section of my university's bookstore. Under the methods of coping. Some people withdraw, some avoid, and some perform. It's a way of making others avoid seeing the real us, which many of us fear.

And, like TR said, high on nyquil doesn't help your brain think 'Oh, someone may misinterpret this as being serious, when no one anywhere acts like this'.
Haha. Captcha had illness in it. Little bit ironic.
>> US No. 11741
I seriously don't even know what I did.

Also, Izzy, I appreciate you coming to my defense, but I don't want to make things worse. Today's been bad enough.
>> CA No. 11743
File 133331454466.jpg - (27.49KB , 300x300 , puppies_4372.jpg )
Everyone love everyone
also here, have a puppy.
>> US No. 11746
LittleMeesh, if you read this, I saw you at DragonCon, your costume was awesome, sorry I didn't say anything, I was frazzled and in pain from having my foot broken thirty minutes prior.


That BLu Spy you said hi to who kind of walked away like a derp.
>> GB No. 11748
Internet. Not real life. No one here is really who they are offline.
>> CA No. 11750
Not sure if this is along the right vein in this thread, but oh well. Might as well try.
Any Canadian channers! Where the fuck are y'all from, and do you go to Canadian cons? I would love to hook up with more channers at cons and have dorky cosplay shenanigans with them.
>> DE No. 11751

To the first one. Why can´t Furei now answer now to TR? I mean i know it can be difficult, but it IS the internet where we have the huge opportunity to get over our learned behaviour which we normally show in social life and to be these persons you want to be or feel you can be. (Like me extreme shy and insecure by new persons. Physical contact INTIMIDATES ME SOMEHOW AND I´M SUCH A HEDGEHOG WHO CRAVES HUGS BUT TO THE SAME TIME I REJECT PHYSICAL CONTACT BECAUSE I FEEL AWKWARD, BE IT FRIEND OR FAMILY PERSONAL LIFEISSUES I TRY TO CHANGE!)
If Furei has now no internet. Okay fine. Understandable, but right now it looks in a bad light to me here, Kilo; that Furei doesn´t answer to TR rather LATER than but uses you as middleman NOW. I mean okay you are Fureis friend and want to help, but this really looks like white knighting. And well why do you treat TR like she hit Furei or something if TR clearly states here, she has no clue what is going on. I myself have no clue either. No one has that, so would you please stop dramatizing it and rebuke TR for something no one really has about a clue or which may lay in the PAST?
Maybe she went a bit over the line here (hello chan, people offer their firstborn here on a regular basis for pics,fics,whatever. TR`s behaviour seemed tame to me. Just personal opinion.) she already said sorry, so we may all go on now with our respectable internetlifes? And if they had a disput why bringin it here now in the chan? Shouldn´t they have it not soemwhere else like... uhm Circlejerksteamchat?

To Iz. Thumps up for bringin that up.

Last argument. 100% Right. Oh for heavens sake people, this is the oldest most solid argument or point since the VERY EXISTENCE OF INTERNET!!!
Internet is internet. I know it is tempting, i know some peeps i know in internet i would be not that much friends like in reallife. And i nearly freak out because close internet friend is visitng me thursday and how will we both be? And can i be that crazy with her as through chat? And we may not forget all this:

You can ever just read a post, get angry about it and than walk away with a: I´m to old for that kind of bullshit and therefore will not react to that behaviour.

Internet is internet. Don´t overdramatizes things or start deep discussion, which takes me and a friend TWOfreakingHOURS to talk about, in a thread which just was there to have contacting lists. (Yes had this theme just recently. We talked and we didn´t came to a agreement and everything was fine and nothing hurt.) And yes Kilo, you just did that. You just started drama.

(A whiteknight of a whiteknight has been slain.)
>> CA No. 11754
Also, jumping in on this WHETHER ANYONE WANTS MY INFO OR NOT
Sup I'm stubs, I like writing and cosplaying and drawing and rping. Lots of other interests too, but who can really think of all of their interests and list them without taking up pages and pages and pages? Not me, that's for certain.
Steam name is paperzigurrat, though I'm not online often due to le shitty internets. Msn is in the email field, I'm on it pretty much daily, AIM and skype are stubliminalmessaging, and I'm on them occasionally.
I am on the book of faces every day also but you'd have to get to know me a little first before I'd be willing to accept a friend request. I don't accept them from peeps I don't know.
Anyways I guess that's all for now. Open to rp partners or writing collabs (for anyone who remembers me lol) or even just chatting. Hit me up!
>> BR No. 11755
Wow, i never saw this topic!!

This surely gonna totally change my life ([s]yea rite[s])

Well, i will falsely swear that the whole thing happening up there didn't caught my attention, ignore it and just say...

I need a beta.

Anyone that's good with grammar&spelling, likes to talk about story and structure of fanfics and have lots AND LOTS AND LOOOTS of patience...please, contact me.

Mail is linked in my name...and, well...guess this is...appropriate: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ilana_/

Oh lord.
>> CA No. 11756
....should prolly add that email I mentioned.
>> US No. 11764
This goes without saying, however, it should be said anyways because a few of you maggots are either very daft or are playing dumb on purpose: Dropping the subject means dropping the subject, this also goes without trying to get the last word in to try to make yourselves appear holier-than-thou. Trust me, you're only making yourselves appear dumb.

Also, cut it out with the Care Bear bullshit and cut it out with the whiteknighting bullshit that a few of you have going on. Or you may find yourselves crossing paths with a mod having a bad day. Mantreads will be worn, and goomba stomping will happen. Let my post serve as an example. If I find any more Care Bear bullshit or any dumbassery in general after my post or on another board, I won't hesitate to dole out punishment on my own accord. And it by far will be a lot harsher than what any of the mods are capable of. Don't test my patience, maggots. This is TF2chan.. not Ponychan or 4chan, and it is by far not Marysuetopia.
>> BR No. 11780
Oh, so, i'm so dumb, i put an incorrect link to my Steam Account. I deserve to die.

So, here it's: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048214687

I guess is everything fine now, hehe.

Oh, and i'll follow >>11754 example, and i will be more...sympathetic.

So, eeer...hi, i like to cosplay, video games, to sleep, cook sweet dishes, to listen music, read, to write and draw. I like to RP too (but it was a long time i don't do it, so i might have lost practice, hehe).
And i'm totally in a search for a beta, so i can improve. People around here had said i need to improve a lot, and i agree. So, anyone good with grammar&spelling, slangs, accents and stuff, please, fell free to contact me. Oh, and if the person likes to talk about stories, fanfic scripts, structure and writing style, way better! I love to discuss these details!
Also, I am very shy and dumb (i have met bathroom sinks that are brighter than me), so, please, have patience with me.

My mail is linked to the name. Oh, and don't worry: i am very polite and friendly, i'll make my best to not make you feel unconfortable.
>> US No. 11784
Heylo everyone!

Kuhzka here, your friendly neighborhood beta. If any of ya need somebody to quickly proof for grammatical errors (mostly) and possibly the more obvious mistakes story-wise, I am pretty much always available. You can either shoot me an e-mail with the above link and/or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kuhzka/

Other than that, I am always open to chat, play some tf2, share hilarious youtube vids, etc. Hope to hear from ya!

P.S. I also might RP/art trade but I am kinda shy
>> US No. 12471
I'm surprised I wandered back here after so long.. Anyway, I'm hoping to see some friendly, familiar faces. My steamID is Notebook99, and I tend to lurk circlejerk chat. It's been a very long time, and I miss some of my friends who have wandered so far from me, as well as the feeling of being in a community. I hope to get that back, even just a little.
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