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File 133356486143.png - (261.23KB , 431x354 , jabbawockeez.png )
11790 US No. 11790
Hi, guys. It's me, Invader Fluff. This is a post for all my Aussie friends out there that visit the chan.

I don't know if you're interested, but I heard the Jabbawockeez are in Gold Coast Australia right now. They're one of the world's best dance crews, and some of the cutest, sweetest guys you'll ever meet, in my opinion...so if you're in Australia and you're a Jabbawockeez fan, make plans to go see them. Follow their Twitter for more information, too. That was the only way I even knew they were in Australia right now.

If you get the opportunity to meet them and take pictures and video of them, post them here in this thread, so we can all see. This should be fun, even for those of us who don't live in or anywhere near Australia, and are too busy to go see them out there. Let's make their stay in Australia awesome :)
>> US No. 11792
Here's a link to their official twitter page


KB's page


Swaggerboy's page


Kid Rainen's page


Punkee's page


B-Tek's page


Phi's page


Christyle's page


And Tony Tran's page


These are really them. They even say so in some of their videos, so you know it's not posers trying to hide behind their names for popularity. They're worth following, too. They leave a bunch of interesting stories, photos, and they just have such fun personalities. They're all serious and robotic when they dance sometimes, but when they're just being themselves, they're friendly, adorable, and a lot like us. If you have the opportunity to meet them in Australia, or anywhere else, I'm gonna be so jealous. I only met them for a while, because I was brought on stage during their Las Vegas show. I didn't get to talk to them very long...but if I was to get the chance to hang out with them, I'd be so happy!
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