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File 133671140965.jpg - (107.37KB , 640x478 , horrible truck mural.jpg )
12031 US No. 12031
So it's been a while since we had a good, old fashioned bad art thread.
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>> GB No. 12044
these are usually funny but these threads get locked because of butthurt
>> US No. 12047
As long as it is obviously bad art and not nitpicking an artist on here instead of their own thread, We're good. If someone comes here from Sparkledog Central bawwing, they can get banned.
>> US No. 12049
However, I must clarify between bawwing and politely asking. If they ask politely to have it removed, then we will stop on that person. if they come in here whining how we're all haters blah blah blah etc, then it is open season.
>> GB No. 12050
File 133693402791.jpg - (104.69KB , 500x383 , tumblr_l90s13DfxM1qc40j5o1_500.jpg )
So why don't we keep it to art like the OP pic with either no discernible source or trainwrecks like Liefeld's stuff. Everybody likes a bit of snark at Liefeld.
>> GB No. 12051
File 133693430813.jpg - (121.88KB , 759x1053 , helpmepleaseiaminsomuchpain.jpg )
Butthurt is my main source of protein - it is well known to be rich in L-asspainamine
>> CA No. 12053
File 133693773097.jpg - (91.49KB , 500x794 , ratchets_son_freezer_by_tailsandbumblebee-d4z0ika.jpg )
http://tailsandbumblebee.Sparkledog Central.com/#/d4z0ika
>> US No. 12061
File 133695155318.png - (631.99KB , 900x600 , dear god why.png )
butthurt is great and all but I'm wondering how great of an idea it is to post sources
>> US No. 12203
File 133953120650.jpg - (20.34KB , 399x600 , tumblr_m5hyopPJ351r7sjqoo1_400.jpg )
>> FI No. 12248
File 134044925279.jpg - (72.21KB , 374x501 , superman.jpg )
>> AU No. 12318
File 134184015390.jpg - (66.80KB , 427x315 , ken_done_is_the_worst.jpg )
Whenever I take a walk to the habour, I see Ken Done art plastered on all the tourist junk they try to flog people. He's an acclaimed Australian artist, the recipient of an Order of Australia and the owner of a clothing range.

Has no one noticed how shit he is? I swear it's a conspiracy. Is he secretly being sponsored by Crayola or something? None of his paintings are original, well done or interesting. I could make a better picture by drinking paint and farting on a canvas. Pah!

Anyway, that's enough complaining. I'm apologise to the Ken Done fans out there.
>> US No. 12319
reminds me of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff,actually.
>> US No. 12336
File 134207749717.jpg - (428.89KB , 574x836 , lady-laughing.jpg )
Oh my god, it fucking does.
>> DK No. 12338
File 134214233922.jpg - (18.46KB , 214x274 , 1265667309347.jpg )
Okay I'm a bit high but i keep seeing Dr. Eggman's lower face in the Sky. Like, the "sun-stripes" is his mustache and the bridge underneath is an angry mouth. It's like he's trying to eat the boats from above.
>> GB No. 12340
There's the secret of his success. TR is buying up all his stuff.
>> US No. 12342

Ho shit, it does. I guess since he couldn't rule the world, he's eating it. Starting with Australia.
>> AU No. 12346
All the conspiracy talk reminded me of this.
>> DK No. 12349
File 134226123484.jpg - (77.33KB , 598x518 , 1262637590300.jpg )
That's rich
>> US No. 12603
File 13466661772.jpg - (244.89KB , 325x600 , 25718349_m.jpg )
The various flags for deletion on Danbooru sum it up:
>Bad anatomy: legs; feet; shoulders don't work that way (esp. the right one); left hand looks odd; right hand seems to be a left hand; midriff/spine is off if pelvis is where the thighs lead to
>Her right arm comes out from her back and her feet has a knee.
>Those are the worst feet I've seen in years

(Fullsize: http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/1243171)
>> US No. 12639
On the plus side, the coloring isn't that bad.

Although I noticed a lot of artists use their coloring skills to distract from awful anatomy. Which is why I focused on anatomy first myself, before learning to color.
>> No. 12642
It's not awful, but it's generic, boring and the light/shadows are pretty off in some places.(talking colouring)
>> CL No. 12651
File 134733282144.jpg - (33.68KB , 500x651 , tatuajes-raros-feos1651-16.jpg )
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