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File 133718088574.gif - (20.51KB , 290x251 , Psychology.gif )
12073 US No. 12073
Okay since the psychological debate up in /afic/ has completely derailed the thread, continue the discussion here.
To start off: Apparentally the Diagnoses of Sociopathy and Psychopathy are now Antisocial Personality Disorder in the DSM-IV and probably the DSM-V.
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>> US No. 12074
I'd like to contribute by noting that Freudian psychology is considered obsolete and a "pseudo-science". I didn't comment on the thread itself as I honestly had nothing that I cared to contribute outside of this, but there was a certain commenter who used Freudian psychology to assert their viewpoints as more valid in at least one post.
>> US No. 12075
Though keep in mind, just because behavior seemingly fits a disorder doesn't mean ALL of the symptoms of that disorder will or ever apply to that person,(example:Person is Diagnosed Bipolar, but the hypersexuality part doesn't apply, Or a person within the Autism-spectrum being very empathic.)
Just taking a psychological diagnosis from the DSM-IV and making a character out of it would be
1.ill-advised and insensitive and
2.all people with the same diagnosis will not present the diagnosis the exact same way!
>> US No. 12077
while there are some Freudian concepts that are still used today in modern psychology(repression, the concept of drive) his other stuff is pretty out there and doesn't really hold water.
>> US No. 12078
My bad, I ought to have thrown "generally" in there.
>> CA No. 12083

Yup. While sociopathy and psychopathy are commonly used and arguably de facto terms, the clinical acceptable term is APD.

I think one of the problems people have writing (and consequently reading) about characters with complex psychology is that the diagnosis becomes a character unto itself. Any personality therefore is secondary to a list of symptoms.

I found a neat video if anybody's interested in psychology of characters. The quality is kinda crap, but it's worth a peek. It's a psychologist and author (and I just realized I have her book, which is really helpful.)

(Sorry, the embed link wouldn't work so here's the url.)

>> BR No. 12085

You're probably talking about me. Yes, i'm afraid i'm still attached to some out-dated freudian conceptions (one of my contacts argues with me, whatever, when i annoy him saying that "psychoanalysis is dead", hehe), but it's more because of the roots of my education inside psychology (my college is well notorious in my country to give special attention to psychoanalysis, Freud, Jung and Melanie Klein. And btw, the psychoanalysis is very strong in my country, especially because it’s not entirely disposable). But i'm pretty sure that the only freundian conception i used, which was the Pleasure Principle, holds up well.

But i'm afraid, too, that i'm more stuck now with biological, neurological and genetic aspects. You know, i don't study psychology anymore... like i said, it's more a hobby, so i tend to direct it to fields i kinda like.

So, i'm here more to extend the recommendations inside literature for you guys: you guys should look for "The Selfish Gene", from Richard Dawkins (good cientist, horrible human being). And, far more inside the psychologic field, you all should take a look at the "Psychology of the mental disorders”, of David S. Holmes, published on 1997.

(P.S.: i'm glad that this thread was made. I was about to say that we had distorted the whole conversation at that poor thread, hehe. This and other things).
>> CA No. 12086

Freudian psychology has some good things, but they've been recycled into modern psychology and so this assertion that Freud is still clinically relevant today is incorrect.

If an author uses outdated and, worse, disproven psychological theory as a lattice for their character, the result is characters fueled by distorted motives or motives that simply don't make psychological sense. And since we have a educated population, those inconsistencies will be spotted immediately and the veracity of the story will be destroyed.
>> US No. 12087
I always felt like things like sexuality and what gender you identify as were nature, not nurture. Society and personal experiences can change your opinion on them, but can't change who you are.
>> GB No. 12093
File 133737082178.jpg - (47.52KB , 493x699 , education.jpg )
Apparently the bacteria in your gut can affect your behaviour. Rats who were fed a diet containing fatty beef showed increased microbial diversity within the gut - and learned faster with less anxiety when put into new environments.

This totally comes under psychology ok

( http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S003193840800382X Abstract is available)


As soon as anyone mentions a psychological condition in a story it's like a reflex for me to go THAT'S NOT HOW THAT WORKS AND LET ME TELL YOU WHY

(I don't even study psychology)
(Also I greatly respect Richard Dawkins, come at me bro)
>> AU No. 12123
Fatty meats reduce anxiety, huh?
Lamb consists 60% of the average Australian's diet, now you know why we're all so laid-back

In other news, I'm currently actually seeing a psychologist (I kept saying psychiatrist at first, but it's been explained to me that psychiatrists are 'only for the really crazy people', which I kinda found a little insulting for me but oh well). I've always had a passing interest in psychology, especially the psychology of crazy people.
So far, (at least with my sessions with her) it seems to me that the mind of a person and how they choose to live their lives can be summed up in one sentence- their 'core belief'. This core belief is learned during childhood, and sticks with that person throughout their life, manifesting itself in their life in different ways.
If anyone's wondering... it appears that the core belief I learned, and is the focal point of our sessions, is that 'I'll never be good enough, ever'. So there you go.
It's probably not quite as black-and-white as that, but I was surprised at how accurate it was when I applied it to just about every different aspect of my life.
>> AU No. 12134
60% of my diet?! I know I start the day with a warm bowl of lamb hunks and wash it down with a lamb smoothie. Keeps me strong.
>> GB No. 12157

That kinda sounds like my breakfast actually

The meal of future soulcrushers
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