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File 133766348059.jpg - (76.94KB , 360x333 , pembroke_welsh_corgi.jpg )
12109 US No. 12109
Are there still people on here from years ago? I think the last time I was here was 2009, maybe 10. This thread will probably die in a horrible fire, but here's a corgi in the meantime.
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>> AU No. 12112
File 13376755824.png - (166.25KB , 336x279 , ive been here too long.png )
I've been hesre since the danceflower days, whenever that was
>> GB No. 12116
File 133770199942.jpg - (70.13KB , 553x399 , partyhard.jpg )
I am


How far we've come, from the porn-splattered AnonIB days
>> US No. 12118
Yo what up.
>> US No. 12119
I've been on for awhile on and off, but never under a name.

I'm still under the "I'm scared I'm going to say something stupid and piss someone off" mindset.
>> US No. 12121
File 133772586140.png - (128.50KB , 429x345 , do_it_faggot_by_groundertherobot-d36pf79.png )
>"I'm scared I'm going to say something stupid and piss someone off" mindset.

This mindset seems all too common, when it shouldn't be. If you have something you want to say or post, then do so!
>> AU No. 12122

Nah I'm jk
>> CA No. 12124
I've been here since mid 2009! I've seen good chan times and bad chan times, but I never even considered leaving this site. I may not be the most active poster and I don't churn out fic like I used to, but I've never stopped loving you tf2chan <3
>> US No. 12125
iknorite. It's good to see people still on here. I don't suppose Wat is lurking around still, if anyone knows? How's it been?
>> US No. 12126
It's not so much that I wanted to leave, it just got crazy, and I didn't come back for a while. It's really nice to be back, though. I definitely missed it.
>> US No. 12127
me too
>> GB No. 12128

Name rings a bell but not very loudly so I will assume no
>> DK No. 12129
Been here since danceflower, right around when we changed servers. Good times mang. I only lurk now, though i think my art thread's still floating around somewhere.
>> US No. 12145
I've been here on and off since 2010. Not terribly active though. Kind of in a clan that takes up most of my tf2-related attention, but Mantrain was my first regular server so... I can never leave.
>> US No. 12160
January 2009 way to be.
>> US No. 12161
Oh mang, I remember you from your first art submissions. Good to see you're still here too. This is good.
>> US No. 12188
I remember danceflower. I think I still have some (rather useless) pages favorited from back then.

I did not understand how chans worked back then.
>> US No. 12204
I've been here since danceflower IIRC. I want to say July or August of 2008, or some time around there.
>> US No. 12222
File 133981852531.jpg - (34.11KB , 496x322 , quagmar-2.jpg )
I've been visiting the website not long after I got the game, so roughly around the time of the first Halloween update. Sure, not as long as some of you, but not exactly recent. Not that anybody would care, since I've never been very active and only posted one fic in workshop. Still, though, love this place. Even if I don't have much to say or contribute, you're not gonna get rid of me.

Have a cute spider.
>> US No. 12285
File 134129727337.gif - (401.12KB , 500x378 , bestparty.gif )
I've been here since the Danceflower days. Want to say started lurking as Anon in December 2008 and started posting regularly around March 2009.

Yes, I still lurk around every once in a while.
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