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File 129055898359.jpg - (65.61KB , 600x448 , 4219.jpg )
1212 No. 1212
It's back. Post here if you're gonna livestream, have a "let's play" or anything of that nature.
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>> No. 1400
File 129072058454.png - (104.82KB , 249x298 , 1287799528594.png )

I livestream drawings and minecraft, mostly. With some Touhou. :3
>> No. 1506
Livestreaming tonight. Making a music track for "The Nucleus Incident" OST. Come join for critic and such. Exi will be in here too!

>> No. 2046
File 129134105723.jpg - (243.52KB , 800x600 , saber_marionette_j_11.jpg )

Saber Marionette J to X is a DVD I bought for $1. It is also a show with interesting ideas of how bodies work. There's evidence that they (or at least one guy on the staff) had good concepts, but via methods unknown, it's always mangled somehow (probably by his bizarro counterpart trying to help him out.) Teeny stick arms attached to baseball mitt hands. Bizarre pelvic angles. Faces that are often [strike]deformed[/strike] 'off'. It's your standard desu affair, but with a little extra cheapo-show flavor that makes it easier to poke at.

Or if that doesn't work/at the end, viewers can take requests for films to put on, or we'll all watch Riki-Oh.

Stream begins at 7 or 8 Central Standard Time.
>> No. 2052
File 129134462155.jpg - (30.49KB , 640x512 , 125531602117.jpg )
Forgot to mention it takes place tomorrow, on Friday. D'oh!
>> No. 2158
File 129148707364.jpg - (682.73KB , 900x720 , part 1 page 1.jpg )
Hey, guys--short notice, I know, but I'll be livestramman (a storybook page, pic related) in a few minutes: http://www.livestream.com/haibaran

You might want to come in on the tail end, anyway, since the textures are the most fun to watch.
>> No. 2183
File 129150283538.jpg - (56.88KB , 400x441 , 1279346316148.jpg )
Scared little girl is once again streaming Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Custom story this time, don't know how long it'll be or how long I'll last before I start freaking out, but, company is always welcome.

>> No. 2259
Livestreaming Mass Effect 2 from the beginning, bored out of my mind, audience gets to chose class/gender/etc
>> No. 2302
I am streaming if you would like to watch me make da arts.
>> No. 2829
Oh hey I'm streaming again.
>> No. 2955
I will be streaming blade runner In a few minutes.
http://tv.zeroboy.net/safetybunny <-no commercails
^in case the other link doesn't work
>> No. 2993
File 129282148577.gif - (86.19KB , 250x188 , Respek Knuckles.gif )
Just popping in here to say ASAKFJNDVALKSGH
Someone actually saved the first GMOD image I ever posted?! You are awesome.
>> No. 3010
File 129285942547.png - (175.24KB , 300x450 , 1396987-evboxart_large.png )
That's right, Cedar bought me this awesome game on the premise I would do a Let's Play of it. So! at 6pm central time, I will be doing just that. If you know/played this game please keep spoilers to a level by level basis (Don't spoil endings or other floors).

>> No. 3177

Gonna stream one of my favorite Xmas movies. Edward scissorhands
>> No. 3208
Will be Streaming Tokyo God Fathers and The nightmare before Christmas in about 30 minutes.
>> No. 3214
Ok I can't find my Tokyo godfathers Dvd. So I'm making it up by streaming The great mouse Detective and having a Miyazaki marathon afterward.
>> No. 3505
guess i'll drop the link here too...
I'm streaming stuff since the "party" i was supposed to go to for new year was cancelled.
>> No. 3664

Livestreaming mickey's prince and the pauper.
>> No. 4237

Finally buckled and bout a domain and some hosting since I'm going to need it anyway when I hit Comicon with my portfolio and cards.

Just have the standard blog atm, but I'm going to be adding a number of other things, such as:

Art blog
Online comic
Horrible, Horrible Fanfiction Blog
Movie and Media review form my cat's POV

So yeah... stuff.
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