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File 13386576094.png - (491.80KB , 640x480 , us.png )
12162 US No. 12162
Not sure where this would go, but Hey Hey everybody. Me and my awesome boyfriend got engaged about 2 months ago and we finally started planning for a wedding. Being the totally hip people we are, we decided on a TF2 themed wedding because, why not? Basically what I'm looking for are suggestions for decor, favors, and people who could make us some bitchin' cake toppers and design some announcements and invitations based on in-game posters.

It's going to be a fairly small outdoor wedding, just friends and family, and we're looking to have it on the Navy base we have downtown. They have an aviation museum and have some cute scenic locations with big ol bomber planes and such. We do want to keep it semi-period, and thankfully, our parents think a vintage war-timey wedding is the coolest thing ever.

Also, if it helps you any: the characters we cosplay are Medic and Soldier. The Heavy in the pic is a groomsman.
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>> CA No. 12163
For my cousin's wedding, my mom made little chocolate wedding favours. If you could find a mold for it, little chocolates with the character logos would probably be a cute idea.
>> CA No. 12169
I am beyond impressed and a bit jealous.
If you want to go subtle, you could do team colours for invites or decor
-red, orange, brown
-blue, cream, grey
Wait. Invites based off the Sandvich poster. Unf. Anyway

There are probably people you can commissions to do invites somewhere on this wide Internet. Someone else would probably have to speak up for that.

Just a note. I think this would be best in /dis/ if only for the fact more people might see this.
>> US No. 12177
Have one side of the reception RED, the other BLU.

Break out into cosplay fight on the dance floor.
>> CA No. 12178
Guys. Guys.

Blood-spattered doves.
>> GB No. 12180
File 133899726736.jpg - (430.65KB , 850x567 , Summer Show 6 much smaller.jpg )
I would happily design and create the announcements and invitations for you, but as I live in the UK I have no idea how this would work. Here's a sample of my work, if you're still interested I've included my email so we can talk there
>> US No. 12192
You are the best people ever. Fo real. These are all great. Also, how does one go about moving threads? I'm pretty newfag.
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