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File 133904010151.jpg - (32.31KB , 450x338 , 230703-bigthumbnail.jpg )
12182 AU No. 12182
Last night, I had a dream that I was in the *M*A*S*H* universe, got drunk on home-stilled gin and banged Hawkeye.
I'd tell you more but I can't really remember much of it. I blame the dream-gin. I think Frank barged in at one point.
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>> US No. 12185
A couple of nights ago I dreamt I was Kirk and I boned Bones (TOS). It was pretty hot.
>> AU No. 12292
File 134139105846.png - (80.10KB , 298x212 , thingwhat.png )
I met this old man, he welcomed me into his home. I looked around; it appeared that his 'home' was some kind of warehouse-sized studio. There were gigantic movie posters and painted canvases everywhere, hanging on the walls or stacked on the floor.
In my dream, I thought it was a film studio- a film school. I looked around, and saw some students; they were few and far between, but I felt an odd sense of kinship with all of them, as well as the old man.
The old man took me aside an ran me through an odd series of tests; one of them was a small video game that had no instructions. I piloted a tiny unicorn around an area of space, avoiding asteroids and the like. After I'd finished with it, he told me the test was to see how quickly I would learn. He asked me for my score; it was 1174. I'm still not sure if it was impressive or not.
Throughout the dream, though, I felt something that I haven't felt in a long, long time (well, I have, but certainly not at this... magnitude). It was happiness, at a level that I hadn't felt since childhood. It seemed to run though me, filling my chest until I found it hard to breathe, making my eyes water, making my body feel as if it was no longer bound by gravity at all.

...Dreams are so weird.
>> US No. 12298
This one was one I wrote down back in January but forgot to post.

My boyfriend and my Heavy OC are bickering over something and I try to get them to stop. Eventually, I end up at this weird empty-ish log cabin up on some giant ice sheets with three women who have kids and are only wearing these see-through half-shirt things. One of the kids goes messing around on the ice behind the house and as I go after him to make sure he doesn't get hurt, I come across a pair of big cats' [leopards or something] cubs and one has its abdomen ripped. I pick it up and rush back toward the cabin to see if I can get it help and the dream ends.
>> US No. 12301
Two more I found:

It starts in a house that I don't recognize. There's this woman and her couple young-ish (under 10 y.o.) kids and a couple older people that I also don't recognize. There are also a couple dachshunds running around. I look out the front windows of her house and see four or five people who look completely manic slowly making their way toward us from afar, so no real threat.

Despite this, I guess I knew there was a possible outbreak or something, so I tell the woman to start packing and to be ready to leave in a very short amount of time. Then, I leave and make my way to some old guy's old Toyota 4-Runner so I can go find people I know to warn them. I don't find my family or anyone else I recognize, but the guy I bummed a ride with stops at a grocery store/supermarket near a wharf and I get out to look around. It's pretty clear there's something wrong here: people are buying for the apocalypse and/or escaping. Something triggers me to get into the driver's side of the car and I wait for the old man who eventually comes back with a bunch of groceries. There are also a couple older women who get in the back of the car and we head to my old workplace.

All the desks and stuff are being moved and the room is pretty empty of furniture, but I have no idea why. There are lots of people around, most that I don't recognize, saying goodbye to one another and whatnot. I run into my dad and tell him I couldn't find the rest of our family but assume they aren't hurt. Then, I return back to that lady's house from the beginning and she has all sorts of junk packed that she won't need. I tell her I thought I had too much because of multiple shirts and stuff. I decide to leave behind miscellaneous papers and crap and don't even bring my ID card for my college (no idea why that was important anyway). We don't have any weapons, but we finally go to get into the car when we realize those manic early-zombies have become actual zombies and we need to get out. I somehow get separated from that woman and her kids and have to leave on foot. The end.


My boyfriend and I are at this outdoor ice rink that looks a lot like the indoor ice rink at our college without the ice except it has a wooden roof and there are people all along the rim of it on these wooden slats so they didn't have to be on the ice. It is clearly winter and all these people are escaping something. They are mostly adults, but there are some young teens and whatnot. We tell everyone to get to one side.

Someone decides my boyfriend and I should start taking names/ages/genders/brief histories of the people at the rink and I get the feeling these were like obituaries-in-waiting. So my boyfriend goes around and starts asking people this stuff with a clipboard and I go outside the ice rink back toward the little dinky town. It's bright out, but not sunny, and people are milling around. I go to get a drink of water from a well and all of the sudden this young girl comes up to me and grabs my arm, thrusting this martini-like glass with red fluid at my face and telling me I need to drink it. I turn to look at her and she has the red stuff all over her face. Then, other people start coming over and telling me I need to drink it too and I panic and run.

As I try to get back to the rink, I'm cut off by this slow-moving line of people headed somewhere back toward town. I continue past them and wait with my boyfriend until nighttime. When nighttime comes, he and I decide we need to get out and that the best way to do that would be to get an abandoned car. He finds a list of cars and one of them has the keys still in the driver's side mirror. It's an old car, but we roll up the windows and lock the doors. The car actually does work and we start down the road without headlights through a Christmas light neighborhood and up a big hill. Of course, something with a cold bony hand grabs his arm as he's driving and my arm too and we both freak out. Even though it's dark, and he's driving, my boyfriend helps me get the zombie or whatever it is pulled from the back and shoved out my door onto the road where it makes a loud thump.

We get stuck in some other city or town and we see all these people stumbling around, some are painted black and white. Then, we see this old lady with a purse and she tells us to follow her. The zombies don't pay us any attention as we go to her house. At her house, there is another one of those black and white painted zombie things and the old woman tells us they're 'all the way gone' whatever that means. There are also zombies pressing their faces to her window, but she doesn't care. The end.
>> US No. 12310
I had a dream I was in Pyroland (the one from Meet The Pyro), except the only characters from the video were Balloonicorn and the balloon cat/puppy. I had to use one of the Grordbort guns to transform everyone into a balloon form, or they'd die.

Someone (a human, who was in a photorealistic style instead of the TF2 style) started yelling at me that it was unfair to force everyone into balloon form, and that people should choose whether or not they wanted to stay as normal. I still have no idea what the dream meant, if anything.
>> GB No. 12320
I had a dream last night about a man who had prostate cancer who, with the help of his friends, cross dressed and entered a women's diving competition. He won gold. It felt much like a summer romcom flick.
>> US No. 12327
I had a sex dream about an old friend I have not spoken to in years. My dreams almost never have specific people, and I have not had a sexual dream for quite some time. Makes me feel strange.
>> US No. 12374
I went into a mattress warehouse and there was a giant lamp of Nigel Thornberry's head hanging from the ceiling. One of his plastic eyes was on the bed so I put it back in. As soon as I did, he turned to look at me and started talking about how much he missed me. Somehow, I ended up licking pictures of animals from a National Geographic magazine, much to his delight. The end.
>> US No. 12378
Sounds smashing.
>> US No. 12394
There’s a 20 foot tall creature that looks like it has the head of a Kabutops and the body of a xenomorph, minus the tail. It's holding a child in one of its hands and opens its ribcage, saying to everyone present, “Do not disturb us the eight minutes it takes us to deliberate.” It then tucks the kid in its ribcage and returns to a circle of creatures that look just like it. Then, like a movie trailer, the scene skips to a bunch of policemen in this futuristic vehicle - one of whom is John C. Reilly. They’re all arguing about who has what role in the group and finally slam on the brakes as Clint Eastwood rolls out in front of them, handcuffed and carrying a laser gun. Eastwood proceeds to shoot his handcuffs off and runs away.
>> US No. 12459
I've had really vivid dreams about accidentally hurting people who are really important to me, and I've felt so guilty that I had to wake up immediately and talk to the person I dreamt about to make sure they're okay.

I know I'm not the only person this has happened to though, which is a bit of a relief.
>> CA No. 12463
I had a dream that Donny (Yes, the Kilt-wearing Donny that you all love) had a massive crush on me for whatever reason. He was all 'Run away with me lass, and I'll shower you in stars' and such. And when I said, 'But what about my boyfriend?' He said 'You just leave him to me...'
And then I woke up and had to IM my boyfriend to make sure he hadn't been murdered by an amorous Scotsman. All was well.
>> US No. 12469
Is it wrong that I read that whole thing in Donnys voice? Cause I totally did.
>> US No. 12470
File 134410164083.jpg - (17.69KB , 422x410 , 131122027238 [1].jpg )
>> CA No. 12472
I thought he was crazy in the dream, if it helps.

And the first thing I thought of when I woke up was, 'wait. Where was TwoRefined when all of this was going on?'
You know why I had it, probably? Right before I went to bed, Donny messaged me to ask how my relationship with my bf is going. Blended the two into some ridiculous harlequinternet romance.

Holy shit. Harlequinternet. Tell me I'm the first person to use that, because it's fucking awesome.
>> CA No. 12473
I'd be worried about that too. those Scotsmen are known to do some ridiculous things.
>> GB No. 12474
All I'm hearing is possible orgies.
>> US No. 12477
The first person in English, for sure.

According to Uncle Google, 'harlequinternet' is Danish and can be separated into 'harlequin' and 'ternet' to mean 'harlequin checkered' (pattern).

Sage for no contribution.
>> CA No. 12480

Goddamn Danish. I'd be more mad if they weren't all so flaky and delicious.
>> US No. 12493
I dreamt there was a service similar to prostitution, but instead of sex, you could hire someone to spend time with you just to hang out and snuggle and sleep in the same bed with. They ended up doing a ton of business.
>> CA No. 12495
This actually exists.

>> CA No. 12523
I had a dream that I was a mother, and that my child was a half-human, half-pig boy named Numa. He had adorable little fuzzy feet.

My subconscious is either telling me I'm into bestiality, or that I'm fat.
>> US No. 12525
I keep having dreams that there is a hidden, sealed off part of my house that has not been opened since the 70s or 80s and there is either a dead person, a weird Gollum-like person, a huge alternate dimensional place, or just a bunch of cool old stuff inside. For some reason these dreams terrify me, but I also find the idea of there being such a place fascinating.
>> US No. 12541
any place in perticular? ever check it out?
>> US No. 12544
Dude, that's actually really awesome that it exists. I know several friends/myself who want a relationship closer than friends, but without sex (at least, not for the moment), so this works out perfectly.

I had another dream that Valve came out with a new Half-Life game, but it wasn't HL2: Episode 3 or HL3, something more like the two side games that came out between HL and HL2. In it, there were a group of military and science personel who were confirmed as the alternate-universe equivalents of the TF2 characters (the mercenaries and a couple other characters, like Helen, Pauling, and Saxton). One of the writers was talking about how TF2 is set in a different universe entirely, but one version of the HL/Portal universe had characters similar to the ones in TF2 in it as well.
>> CA No. 12612
Had a dream that my friend was sick (she is, actually), and I told her that the cure was marijuana.
I am quite possibly the last one who would ever suggest that, so when I woke, this struck me as very strange.
>> US No. 12614
I've had the same thing. I've dreamt about being so physically or emotionally in pain as to smoke weed (among other things), but I've never had the desire to do any of them when awake.
>> US No. 12623
Ok, so every now and then the side of my jaw locks up for a bit, and it really hurts when it goes back to normal. Anyway, I had a dream where that kept happening, except the bone was actually snapping every time I opened my mouth. The pain felt so realistic, it woke me up hours early, and my face was feeling weird all day.
>> US No. 12710
Had a dream I was in a giant abandoned missile silo where a BLU Heavy needed my help to take down a Tank from L4D that he had literally wrestled to the ground and wrapped himself around in some sort of wrestling pin. I woke up before we could defeat it.
>> CA No. 12713
Had a dream that it was the zombie apocalypse, and my parents were running around, getting food, and first aid and stuff, and I spent the whole time trying to pick which books to bring.
>> CA No. 12717
I have dreams where I've found the sequel to the book I've always wanted, like the 15th Harry Potter book. I cart it around but never read it.

I wake up full of regret. But I guess that's what fanfiction is fore
>> US No. 12719
Reminds me of the comic "The Sandman". In Dream's castle, there's a huge library, but it's filled only with books that never had a chance to be written.

I had a dream I went there once, and in it was a book filled with "I regret what I did" letters from famous dictators and murderers. I doubt it, though.
>> US No. 12822
I remember a series of really bad dreams from when I was younger where Nazis were coming to kill me just because I was Jewish, even though the dreams themselves were set in the modern day. No one tried to stop them or reason with them.

To this day, whenever I see Nazi uniforms on my dash on Tumblr or online, I get really shaky and queasy. It is the stupidest fear ever, I know, but I don't know how to move on.
>> NL No. 12863
I once dreamt that I was pregnant from Deidara's kid (from Naruto), and one of my monster-OC-creations was following us around as we drove along a dirt road with Cruella Devill's car. (that was somehow a carriage but still Cruella's car.)

I love my dreams, but this one freaked me a little.
>> US No. 12875
Yet another zombie apocalypse dream.

My boyfriend and I were in a town on an empty street when we notice two people stumbling toward us. They look drunk or something, but we soon realize they're infected. We run off and come to this wooden bridge (maybe able to be rolled up?). There's a guy across the way who tells us to join him for some Hawaiian chili.

We cross the bridge with a few other refugees and notice there's a hut where a bunch of young women are gathered. The guy separates us by sex and I notice the young women don't look so good. Then, I turn and see a trio of clearly infected people on the bridge, very close to the entry, and tell one of the girls (who looks like a friend of a friend) that we need to leave. She says "How dare you?!" and throws a shoe at my face.

We decide to leave anyway and end up on another empty street where someone has left a truck or an SUV. We get in and start the ignition just as we spot several zombies in the road. I woke up as we were about to hit one.
>> CA No. 12876
I dreamt I was left alone in probably the shittiest cabin in the woods. Missing half of its windows and doors. And for some reason, every time I turned on an electrical appliance, it started a fire.
Guys, do fire extinguishers really work on electrical fires?

Also, there were martians.
>> DK No. 12881
Last night I dreamt I was some kind of zookeeper in a zoo - and there was this family of semi-sentient polar bears I had to take care of

...I'd watched Brave earlier that day, so human-ish bears were in my head

but I do recall dreaming that at one point I had to make them pasta with meatsauce

I have no idea
>> US No. 12935
I had a dream someone got really pissed off at me and stole all of my parents' money and valuables as revenge, and we had to sell the house because we couldn't get the money back. I woke up feeling incredibly guilty.
>> CA No. 13043
Why are my dreams so fucked up?

I dreamt I was in some sort of sorority house, and there were three blonde girls who all looked exactly alike, and one of the girls lived on a farm, and so she was teaching us all how to kill a chicken. And apparently (according to the dream), the chicken gets really scared right before you kill it, and has an orgasm before it dies.

What the fuck.
>> US No. 13051
i had a dream that my best friend and I got in a time machine and went back in time to soso long ago stone age. Then the time machine disappeared or something, and we ended up on the other side of some mountains by my town, and the time machine was back in my town and we had to get there some way.

So we decided to catch the bus (i don't know why there was a bus). We waited for it and when it came we tried to get on and my friend paid and I realized I didn't have any money so the bus driver was like "nope" and kicked me off. My friend was like lol you're shit out of luck see you later" and i was like "fuuu"

So I started walking down the street and I came across this redneck white trash family holding some sort of yard sale and I stop to ask them how to get to (my town).

He points to the mountains, and they're across a river and there's a volcano there for some reason. He says "You gotta walk all the way over those mountains. The trip will take about 5 days. You wanna stock up?"

This scared the shit out of me. I couldn't make a five day journey on foot across all that, I just knew.

Then I realized something, an epiphany. This was all an illusion, inside my head. I had super powers, god like powers, and had unconciously trapped everything that mattered to me inside my head, including my good friend who got on the bus. And the only way to save him was to forget about him entirely...

then I woke up.
>> US No. 13147
File 136330858476.png - (135.17KB , 500x564 , Spoiler Picture.png )
I hear someone by the name of Madotsuki could be of assistance.
Although I heard she jumped off her balcony not too long ago.
>> US No. 13149
File 136381702917.gif - (0.96MB , 360x157 , 1350435984455.gif )
Did you just bust out a Yume Nikki reference? You, friend, are awesome.
>> US No. 13156
I had a dream that somehow involved a guy who had his dick placed where his bellybutton would be, and it was always erect. Another guy had a much smaller penis and was trying to make it look to two girls like the other guy's penis was his, and everyone was walking around naked at some summer camp and leaning against the bushes, trying to flirt with each other. I have no fucking idea what that dream meant, only that it wasn't remotely sexy, just weird.
>> CA No. 13157
I really need to stop eating cheese before bed.


So I was in my house, and for some reason, there was a girls rugby tournament going on in my room. The prize for the winner was a red bowler hat, made out of that white light-up stuff you see in Christmas lawn figures. At some point the dream degenerated into a big wrestling match on my bed.

Then, my entire neighbourhood started to like, tidal-wave flood. My eight-foot babybarn was completely covered, and my friend (who's actually just an acquaintance, dunno why he was at my house/rugby tournament) said he really wanted to go home, but I kept screaming at him that he drives a bike and lives on the other side of what is now a giant lake.

Then I went outside and there were monarch butterflies EVERYWHERE. I later find out that, irl, the butterfly migration apparently happens in the coming weeks, so that was kind of neat.

I went onto a dream interpretation site. According to every image in my dream, apparently I really really need to get laid.

Oh Freud.
>> US No. 13168
I had a weird dream were I was friends with Gaben and it turned out he was suicidally depressed. :c wtf brain?
>> CA No. 13174
I dreamt that I chopped both of my legs off. I have no fucking idea what is up with that.

I mean, my dad just got minor knee surgery, so maybe legs are in my mind, but this was a seriously fucked up dream. Wasn't gory or anything, just 'la-di-da, choppin' off mah leg, do-dee-do'.

And I woke up feeling REALLY angry at my mom for some inexplicable reason. She had done literally nothing in the dream as far as I could see, nor in real life.

Subconscious, what the fuck up with you lately?
>> US No. 13422
I had a dream the other night that I was measuring shrimp out to package up for Soldier, who, for some fucking reason, was at the fish market where I work.

I just kind of handed the package to him and said: "Wow, congratulations on your face." He got all mad because he thought I was being sarcastic, then told me I had nice shrimp and walked away.

>> US No. 13432
Not a dream, but a mental image of the Horseless Headless Horsemann being flirted with by a gaggle of Starbuck's employees. I guess I was thinking of the prevalence of Pumpkin Spice [insert product here] whenever October comes up.
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