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File 134066389465.jpg - (20.36KB , 519x519 , diabeetus.jpg )
12257 US No. 12257
So these tiny bottles of applejuice I have each have 28 grams of sugar in them. Where as I have no-sugar-added ice cream with only 3 grams per half cup.

fucking milkshakes with that stuff are healthier than apple juice.
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>> US No. 12260
Diabeetus thread or misfire?
Funfact: I've compared them,and an average sized can of energy drink actually has LESS sugar then a can of regular soda! even if there is two servings!
>> US No. 12261
... well fuck I actually meant to put this in the feelings thread and somehow didn't notice until now.

Yeah that makes me kind of regret my constant gatorade consumption as a kid.
>> US No. 12282
Apple juice (unless they add artificial sugar into it) has good, natural sugars into it, so you should be okay.

It's like "regular fat" vs. trans fat.
>> GB No. 12321
Plus lactose, found in milk, is broken down into glucose and galactose in the stomach, which is your average sugar. Milk is essentially a sugar fest, but of a different kind. Everything in moderation, kids!
>> CA No. 12322
True that. I switched to almond milk for that reason and started making most of my own bread out of coconut flour.

I'm currently consuming 100 grams of net carbs (that's carbs-fiber) daily with only one serving of what I call "hard carbs" like bread. Why you ask? Cause I was pre diabetic.
>> US No. 12324
I dunno man, from my research sugar is sugar, does most of the same shit to you in any form.
Hell I've even heard it ACCELERATES AGING.

keep fighting the good fight sugar substitute manufacturers jesus

I should try myself some of that. Was never all that fond of coconut milk though, almond milk taste anything like that?

While I'm not diabetic myself(or at risk), my dad is, and so were my grandfathers on both sides. This combined with my research lately has made me utterly terrified of sugar.
>> US No. 12325
You do need some sugar/carbs though, it is what your brain runs off of. That,and sometimes you need sugar or carbs when your blood sugar is low. Even if it isn't a life-threatening low, it still affects people negatively.
I become anxious and have panic attacks more often when my sugar is low, or it becomes hard for me to follow conversations. My mom becomes Queen Bitch.(she even acknowledges this,when we suggest she needs to be fed.)And we both will get shaky hands and sometimes a headache, though that's rare.
Having a carb/sugar with protein I find doesn't seem to spike my levels enough to were I'm sleepy, but keeps it pretty even. Though it's hard for me to say because I don't have a meter, because me and my mom, while not diabetic, have blood sugar issues of our own.(She's Hypoglycemic, I have Insulin resistance from PCOS.)
>> US No. 12331
Cooked meat doesn't help slow down aging either. Eat fresh produce, go light on meat, exercise regularly and be social. That's what the world's three longest-lived populations do.
>> GB No. 12333
Except if you're between the age of 6 months and 16 years old; red meat gives you the right proteins for original brain development.
>> US No. 12337
There are many studies indicating any amount of red meat is bad for one's health, especially processed meats, so eating lean red meat is the way to go if one doesn't want to give up red meat entirely. The saturated fat content of non-lean red meat has been correlated with a decline in brain function amongst many other health problems.
>> US No. 12339
please link these studies i would like to read them
>> US No. 12345
I'm going to link some of the health ones I found through Google Scholar as those tend to be more publicly accessible. There are many, many articles on cancer risks, etc. Cognitive-based issues are in need of further, validated research and of younger people (as most of these studies are cross-sectionals of older persons and/or a single sex).

Nutrient biomarker patterns, cognitive function, and MRI measures of brain aging

Dietary Fat Types and 4-Year Cognitive Change in Community-Dwelling Older Women

Red Meat in the Diet

Meat intake and mortality: a prospective study of over half a million people

A Prospective Study of Red Meat Consumption and Type 2 Diabetes in Middle-Aged and Elderly Women

Well-done, Grilled Red Meat Increases the Risk of Colorectal Adenomas

Red Meat Intake and Risk of Breast Cancer Among Premenopausal Women

Red Meat Intake and Cancer Risk: A Study in Italy

Red Meat Consumption and Mortality: Results From 2 Prospective Cohort Studies

This one I couldn't find free access to the article. I could only find a review on a college website: http://news.temple.edu/news/diet-high-methionine-could-increase-risk-alzheimers
>> No. 12587
I'm insulin resistant, and apparently have been since I was little. My body produces more insulin than it knows what to do with. I was always having problems with my energy and weight. My doctor thinks it might be hereditary, so there was no avoiding it. I just have to find a way to manage and live with it, so it doesn't develop into anything more serious.

I'm gonna get started on a diet soon that will hopefully help me manage it. I'm a little bit nervous, because when I tried diets in the past, I always felt like I was starving. I hope it'll turn out better this time around.
>> GB No. 12591
Any of you seen the BBC series, "The Men Who Made Us Fat"?
>> US No. 12694
File 134783186971.jpg - (98.78KB , 570x644 , medicfascinated.jpg )
This is gonna be a weird question, but how does one gain weight? I've always been very thin, but a year or so ago I got very sick, and between that and general guilt and anxiety and convincing myself not to eat, I'm underweight, and I've begun fantasizing about becoming chubby. I feel shitty on a regular basis, and I want it to stop.
>> US No. 12695
Whole foods and exercise. Though you should probably talk to a actual nutritionist instead of the internet.
>> US No. 12696
I don't have the money, unfortunately.
>> CA No. 12700
Use a calorie counter. I've used myfitnesspal. You input your height and weight and it tells you how many calories a day to eat in order to gain/lose weight
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