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File 129058238026.jpg - (504.96KB , 750x1000 , IMG_0108.jpg )
1228 No. 1228
Here again because I miss looking at all the different pets.
Expand all images
>> No. 1234
File 129058403122.jpg - (380.92KB , 1296x968 , Jack45.jpg )
My babies :3

This is a picture my mom took of them (before Jack - the spotted one: an Egyptian Mau - died), showing all three of them at the same time. We got them not so many months ago. The other two are Katie (the small, fluffy white one: a Chinchilla Persian) and Cleo (the big fluffy gray and white one: a Himalayan/Persian mix). The dog's my brother's. Her name's Candy. She's a Chocolate Labrador.

It's a tall image, so that might be why it's flipped so weirdly here. It's not like that on my computer.
>> No. 1262
File 129062002246.jpg - (154.67KB , 500x667 , ikebugbear.jpg )
This is my buddy Eisenhower. We call him Ike for short. It is physically impossible to take a picture of him without him looking like he's possessed by demons. Which is a pretty accurate description of his personality sometimes.
>> No. 1268
  Oh hey I made a stupid video a while back where I bother my pets with a puppet.

Zeus puts up with it all right, but Maya hates puppets.
>> No. 1277
File 129064575458.png - (782.67KB , 800x600 , Heidi and Lady.png )
Pretty sure I've mentioned them before.

Heidi and Lady are my only pets; I used to have birds, but at the ages of 20 (cockatiel), 5 and 6 (parakeets) they all passed away.
Heidi is a smartass we got for free from my brother's friend, she's a mix of Coton de'Toulear or however you spell it.
Lady is a dog we adopted from our (neglectful) neighbors. She went from 5 pounds up to 12 pounds since we got her, and wouldn't think to do more than howl at you. I think she has a little bit of Cairn terrier in her, but I can't be sure.
>> No. 1281
Oh hey, Ran across this on youtube a few months previous. Is cute :3c
>> No. 1323
File 129067406113.jpg - (236.18KB , 1280x960 , rainbows.jpg )
My rat Rainbows when I first got her a few months ago. She's a lot bigger now.
>> No. 1324
File 129067417478.jpg - (318.72KB , 1280x960 , 0417102217.jpg )
My cat Taipan, half Siamese half Tabby
>> No. 1325
File 129067443875.jpg - (206.24KB , 1280x960 , 1125100036.jpg )
His brother Mu Shu
>> No. 1377
File 129070498880.jpg - (168.91KB , 640x480 , 1104161725.jpg )
Zoro, the basset hound/spaniel mix. He has super short legs and a huge head.
>> No. 1379
File 12907050895.jpg - (164.05KB , 480x640 , 1104161811.jpg )
He is derpface a lot.
>> No. 1381
File 129070566410.jpg - (104.21KB , 640x480 , 1115173757.jpg )
Tag. He has epilepsy.
>> No. 1411
  His name is Ziggy. He listens SO HARD.
>> No. 1457
Oh my God. Your dog has THE dorkiest face.
It's beyond adorable.
>> No. 1483
File 129080992426.jpg - (110.49KB , 720x511 , IMG_0895.jpg )

Sweet, another dog named Lady :D

Here's our Lady, she's about 5 years old and a Lab/terrier mix; ignore the messy bed. We adopted her from a humane shelter just down the road from our house (you could practically walk to it). She was very skittish at first, but she warmed up real quickly once we adopted her. Lady follows me around everywhere and she whines whenever I go out somewhere.
>> No. 1484
We'd have named ours Shadow if we chose her name, she follows us around the house on our heels. She was skittish too when we first got her, must be a rescued dog thing.
>> No. 1486

Rescue dogs can have a lot of weird quirks. One of my mom's friend has a rescue dog, he seemed perfectly normal until this one time she held up a stick to throw it for him and he went down on the floor and cowered. D:
>> No. 1492
Suppose it helps to learn their background, Lady was afraid of men because her last owner's dad used to 'kick' her (read, roughly shove her with his foot) out of the way, but after being around my dad and brother for a while and gettin' lots of love, she has come to love them very much.

Meanwhile Heidi's a spoiled brat who doesn't care if we punish her, lol
>> No. 1494
Sort of the same thing with (our) Lady; except that we've assumed that an elderly person abused her because she doesn't trust and gets defensive of anyone of the elderly type, especially if they're holding something in their hand (like a cane, purse, etc.)
>> No. 1521
File 129085240893.jpg - (540.43KB , 1000x750 , IMG_0278.jpg )
>Rescue dogs can have a lot of weird quirks.

Yeah, no kidding.
When we got Sam his eye was REALLY messed up. Since then it's gotten better, but he still flinches and hides when people reach out to pet him.
>> No. 3488
File 129377457112.png - (697.72KB , 598x449 , Kiet.png )
Necrobumping because I must show off my new baby.
This is Kiet, my new double tail betta.
I wish I could have gotten a better picture since it doesn't do him justice, but he's the most gorgeous, cutest little fish ever.

He likes to play in the flowery plant in his bowl and move the marbles around.
And when I talk to him, he swims up to the glass, looks at me and kinda open and closes his mouth a ton as if he's talking back.
Dorky of me to think I know, but it's so precious.

He's got a brownish-red body, with rich red fins that have bright blue accents, since it's hard to tell in the picture.
I'll try and take better pictures, he's just so great.
>> No. 3555
  My dog is such a lazy bum.
>> No. 3558
  Looks like my YouTube channel is pretty much going to be about my dog. ._.
>> No. 4600
File 12964737398.jpg - (76.73KB , 1280x1024 , Precious.jpg )
My dog just had puppies! Crappy cell phone pic is crappy, but this is her before she even went into heat.

She had six, but she may have more. I don't know when she went into labor, but I did watch the sixth one being born about a half hour ago.
>> No. 4613

My aunt breeds german shepherds, and she says the best way to tell if a bitch has finished whelping is to put some food out for her. If she's all empty of babbies she'll go and eat it, but if she doesn't want to eat, chances are she still has babbies left.
>> No. 4633
My three kitties :)
>> No. 4635
File 129653888421.jpg - (65.96KB , 861x659 , annieandpuff.jpg )
This one is too precious. The white one is the mother. The gray one is the daughter. The gray one, if you can't tell by this picture, is practically obese. She's healthy, she's just a fat fuck. :) <3
>> No. 4649
File 129655367198.jpg - (61.58KB , 800x600 , California 072.jpg )
Mah new babies!
>> No. 4650
File 129655370529.jpg - (53.38KB , 800x600 , California 073.jpg )
Also this. Lol.
>> No. 4658
File 129656926183.jpg - (599.98KB , 900x675 , IMG_0882.jpg )
How adorable! Congrats on the healthy litter, man!

I actually managed to get a non-blurry shot of all three of my dogs (they're also all in my room so disregard the animu crap.) They like to chill out on my bed, mess up my laundry, and pee on spots I won't notice until I actually get in bed.
>> No. 4760

Dawwwwww, have you had litters before?
>> No. 4772
File 129677453281.jpg - (69.14KB , 800x600 , California 069.jpg )
Nope! The experience was both amazing beautiful and amazingly scary.
>> No. 4776
Well remember to keep them warm but otherwise don't bug them unless it looks like they need it. Make sure to keep an eye to see if there's any that look like they're not getting enough food. I had to give one of our kittens extra kitten milk food thing. Also when they're old enough make sure you have lots of newspaper in corners :/
>> No. 4818
File 129687933577.jpg - (45.06KB , 800x600 , California 082.jpg )
Sorry for the spam, but I just have to share these cuties with you all!
>> US No. 5143
File 129774770464.jpg - (1.05MB , 2592x1936 , kitties.jpg )
I don't know why, but I have put this off for way too long. These are my babies. They're about 10 months old. They're from different queens, but born around the same time and raised like littermates. The white one is Percy and the black one is Marr. Marr's grandmother is Percy's mother (a Siamese, hence Percy's "points"), so they share family heritage, but they're size difference is so silly sometimes. Marr is neurotic and forgets where the food is, and Percy likes being on top of tall things.

I'm a crazy cat lady. But I love my babies.
>> US No. 5171
File 129782767815.jpg - (98.19KB , 720x540 , 181931_189519887749325_100000739457179_521966_1478.jpg )
Not mine but my aunts new Yorkie pup. He is so tiny!
>> No. 5193
File 129790835347.jpg - (441.04KB , 800x600 , Synchronized Dognaps.jpg )
The white bichon-maltese mix is Peanut, and the little yorkshire TERROR is Gizmo.

About 75% of the time, I want to throw Gizmo at a wall.
>> NO No. 5820
File 129969833448.jpg - (221.34KB , 1152x864 , IMG_0105.jpg )
I have a similar experience with my Siamese cat, Latte. Found him as a kitten about five years ago at a nearby park with his sister (who we gave to another family). He was starving and to this day has insecurities about food, as he has to run to the garage and check his food bowl at least a couple times an hour and he freaks if it's empty. Other than that though, he's a great cat, smart enough to stay away from cars and really friendly to visitors.
>> US No. 5850
File 129977675619.jpg - (143.07KB , 480x640 , 0220154025.jpg )
More of Charon's retard pets
>> US No. 5851
File 129977683323.jpg - (105.67KB , 640x480 , 0223161849.jpg )
we live in Idaho. it snows a lot.
my dog also loves sticks.
>> AU No. 6625
File 130225359224.png - (1.66MB , 1201x900 , whosagoodboy.png )
Sabre again. I caught him chewing up that old All Blacks towel.
I told him he's a good boy.
>> US No. 6632
File 130229930970.jpg - (36.12KB , 800x600 , P5230009.jpg )
The kittens have grown up some, hehe.

>> US No. 6637
  I filmed my cat talking to another cat outside because I had nothing better to do.
>> CA No. 6639
File 130231862377.jpg - (97.82KB , 254x389 , patchresize.jpg )
This is my baby Patch. Had her for almost 17 years now.
Haha. Captcha's 'Quakat'.
>> AU No. 6739
File 130276460953.jpg - (518.39KB , 793x1186 , Gecko1.jpg )
Does random wildlife you find in your yard count?

I found this little guy (girl?) sitting on my front fence. He was nice enough to sit on my finger while I took a couple pics before leaping into the grass. There are millions of his brothers and sisters around here, I reckon a huge conglomerate of nests must've just hatched or something.
>> GB No. 6753
File 130282786951.jpg - (236.67KB , 1600x1200 , 271210_3314.jpg )
Bad picture of Satan's Little Helper.

My family has decided that name doesn't suit him (he was given it at birth) and has renamed him a name that suits him more. "Teddy"
He's still my Satey.
>> CA No. 6755
The face that cat is making made my night.
>> AU No. 6846
oh my god. i found one of them stuck in some spiderwebs today.


that must be why i dont have bugs in my apartment. the FUCKING REPTILES in here must eat them all
>> US No. 6887
Send a few of them over to my place, I think they're adorable. They can eat all the spiders and damn asian lady bugs that get in my room. And the cats or fish can eat them! Win/win
>> US No. 7619
File 130643250536.jpg - (77.38KB , 800x533 , 3bcoK.jpg )
This is Alpharius, or Alfie for short. He's a 25 year old African Grey parrot, and a huge fucking troll. He used to be my father's, but Dad's got a lot on his table lately and not enough time to spend with Alfie, so he's mine now. This photo was taken about half a second before he bit the camera lens.

One time when I was in high school I was chilling in my bedroom and my mother was in the kitchen hollering for me to come help. Alfie said "Fuck off!" in my voice. Mom came in raring and fuming to find me very surprised as I'd said nothing of the sort... and then Alfie started laughing in the living room.

That's the sort of thing he does.
>> US No. 7694
File 130673755063.jpg - (524.69KB , 1000x896 , roxie.jpg )
This is Roxie, my Aussie.

She crazy.
>> US No. 8616
File 131097184587.jpg - (103.86KB , 1024x819 , Apple.jpg )
One of my two cats, Apple.

I picked him out because he was the runt of the litter. He's my baby boy... ♥

I have another cat named Orange, but she likes to stay outside 24/7 and...I can never seem to get a good picture of her. I'll get a picture her soon.
>> US No. 8625
File 131100701919.png - (727.53KB , 588x863 , pets.png )
Here's my dog Nick, who is a pomeranian/yorkie mix, and my cat The Great Catsby, who is a ragdoll, a spoiled brat, and my best friend.
>> FI No. 8639
File 131109794698.png - (891.85KB , 750x562 , kulti.png )
Gotta love dem roaches :3
>> US No. 8648
File 131112947875.png - (156.42KB , 277x368 , gumball2.png )
OH GOD I LOVE THOSE THINGS. I used to have one of them critters. I'm terrified of common house roaches, and will cry if I see one. I can't stand the filth. But the hissing ones are freaking awesome and their feet tickle.
>> US No. 8653
File 131114976815.jpg - (337.03KB , 864x1440 , Nala 2.jpg )
This is my first rat owned. Her name's Nala, and I loved her very much. She died about... 18 months or so ago.
>> US No. 8655
File 131115050379.jpg - (620.94KB , 2304x1728 , 100_3987.jpg )
This is a horrible picture of my second rat Kiara. She passed away about a month and a half ago. I had a better picture of her and Nala together, but it was too big for the site, I think.
>> US No. 8657
File 131115094618.jpg - (908.14KB , 2304x1728 , Kiara and Cookie.jpg )
Last but not least, here is my last obtained rat, Cookie, with her sister Kiara. Cookie is still alive and well (which surprised me because she was very tiny and sickly as a baby). This picture was taken in... March, I think. Kiara was already starting to show some signs of sickness around this time, but I didn't notice it until it was too late to save her. I still miss her, but at least I still have Cookie to keep me company.
>> US No. 8664
File 131115947718.png - (315.56KB , 533x452 , well helloooooo.png )
I love that you named your rats after lions. They're adorable.

On a borderline insensitive note, I have a snake. His name is Buggaloo.
>> US No. 8665
Not even! I love snakes! Weird that I can even though I have rats, huh? Well, circle of life and all that mess.

He looks very sweet! Reminds me of a pet snake my biology teacher had. His name was Gandhi, lol.
>> No. 8990
File 131266284332.jpg - (399.67KB , 500x666 , 113_3825.jpg )
this is my pet snake, it eat lab rats once a week.
>> No. 9009
File 131269111082.jpg - (351.99KB , 1163x1714 , Blue Eyes.jpg )
Here's my Mo as he is today! Mohinder is half Lynx Point Birman, he confirms almost perfectly to breed standard even though his mother is just a little longhair mix-o-whatever.

His birth mother belongs to a friend who does animal rescues. She was so tiny that the vet thought she was too young to fix, then a fancy cat knocked her up and he said 'oops, guess she's just small for her age! We'll fix her once they're born!'.

He was pure white when he was born, then had a bit of grey, and then his points and stripes came in. He got the name 'Mohinder' because I was tossing out various names, some sillier than others, and when I said that one, he looked up at me.

We call him Mo or Momo for short. He's sixteen pounds, but there's no fat on him, he's just a massive, muscular cat. He thinks he's a tiny baby kitty, though. He's very sweet.
>> No. 9010
File 131269121476.jpg - (11.47KB , 250x250 , mohinder.jpg )
And here's Mo's baby picture. I couldn't resist posting it, because he's wearing a tiny Hogwarts scarf.

Of course, it's a Gryffindor scarf, and Mo is totally a Hufflepuff. He's very... puffy.

He is not the smartest cat in the world, but he loves kisses.
>> GB No. 9806
File 131608581064.jpg - (895.95KB , 2592x1952 , IMAG0132.jpg )
This is Basch, one of my african land snails. Got them for my birthday in November, they were much smaller back then.
>> CA No. 9808

.. that thing is adorable. how big do they get?

captcha: 2ft

stop trolling captcha
>> US No. 9810
Cutest goddamn snail ever.
>> US No. 9811
Dammit, I'm so sorry, I just looked at that snail and suddenly I feel hungry.
>> US No. 9816
File 131620085128.jpg - (37.55KB , 370x402 , TeddyCat.jpg )
This is Teddy, our newest kitty. When he gets old enough, we'll breed him with Katie and Cleo and start our own cattery. Right now, he's just a squeaky little thing that you can pick up with just one hand :3
>> US No. 9851
Looking a mite squidgy around the midsection there, Captain...
>> No. 9942
File 131701403791.jpg - (41.01KB , 604x453 , n1428617829_30153944_8349136.jpg )
This is my inside cat, Turd. I love her to pieces, but she earned that name. Company calls her "Kitty."
>> No. 9943
File 131701432330.jpg - (53.08KB , 720x540 , 63477_1481808091695_1428617829_31073508_3777676_n.jpg )
And here she is playing in the skeleton of a gingerbread house.
>> US No. 10492
File 131977420613.png - (390.63KB , 541x370 , Batman timewarp.png )
This is my pleco, Batman. First shot is a few days after I got him, about 2 inches long at the time. 5 years later, yes that is a terracotta pot he's sucking on, he's about 11 inches.
>> No. 10494
File 131977562820.jpg - (925.39KB , 1920x1080 , P7230003.jpg )
My fat cat. Responds to "kitty" spoken in a high squeal.
Her fat cannot be contained.

God I miss having my red tail boa, you people are all so lucky.
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