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File 13412748728.png - (152.85KB , 600x473 , 12781381328.png )
12280 US No. 12280
Stuff like TF2's backstory and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. Some find them funny, some find them insulting. What's your take?
>> US No. 12283
I haven't heard many positive reviews for the movie, but I like the premise all the same. People take liberties with biopics, why not take it to the extreme? Rhetorical question of course; people seem to be very sensitive about portraying Lincoln as anything but what he was. And I've loved TF2's backstory from the beginning. It's interesting and leaves so much room for interpretation.
>> US No. 12290
I feel the same way. I remember hearing that the writer did a lot of research into Lincoln's actual life when he was doing the book, and the actor who played him was known as a period actor, so they know what they were doing there, even if the movie wasn't so good.

I don't know. I take it and TF2's backstory as lighthearted (though possibly some of it is Soldier making shit up) and not intended to be mean. If after I died people said I went around killing vampires with flamethrowers and saving my country, I'd take it as a compliment, I guess.

My mom was bitching about it because she said you shouldn't say anything about a real person, especially a president, unless he actually did it. And even though I disagree, I can see where she's coming from.
>> US No. 12293
My sister is a huge Abraham Lincoln aficionado; she had her doubts about the book but the rich detail and attention to history won her over.

She absolutely hated the movie.

But my own opinion on alternative history stuff? It can be pretty interesting. It only rustles my jimmies if its done without much research or falls back on cliches of the 'genre' (Nazis doing anything supernatural comes to mind. Not bashing Hellboy or the like, mind you, but its been done to death. Give it a rest!)
>> US No. 12295
I remember hearing Adolf Hitler was interested in the supernatural, but I don't think he did anything with it.

Another thing that sort of fits in the alternate universe genre that I really liked was an anime OVA called Read or Die. Brittania still exists, Beethoven had a book with a doomsday device plan in it, and a bunch of steampunk influences. Apparently they're making an alternate-universe series that's more like Fahrenheit 451 and the cute bookish protagonist is all "dark" and has silver hair and...eh. No me gusta.
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