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File 134194701560.png - (151.18KB , 600x337 , X9UvW.png )
12326 US No. 12326
So most of the current anime season is pretty bad, but you should totally check out Humanity Has Declined.
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>> PL No. 12329
I think that Junji Ito is pretty well known here, but for the love of everything that's holy, avoid the adaptation of Gyo. I hadn't read the original and knew little to nothing about it (land sharks, gashunks, zombie fish and farts), so I waltzed in unprepared.
I still can't bleach it out from my brain, because hell, I'd be fine with regular gore and body horror, but they had to sexualize it, and add tons of fanservice. To a movie about farting via triple-penetration. There's a lot of gross and terrible scenes in it, and hell, I'm fine with any other zombie movie.

But this, and the added social commentary (in the 1st half on how Kaori treats her supposedly 'ugly' friend and later on where people of earth are reduced to farting giants) and Kaori, who's a personification of everything that I dislike in a person was enough to make me feel ill just from the imagery. And I assume that it's how Ito's mangas are supposed to work, and I still watched it because damn, the animation was pretty, but please, please avoid it if you don't want to get completely grossed out.
Just watch to the 24min mark. That's the nice part of the movie, a typical B class horror. Don't repeat my mistake.

Well, it was good to finally get this off my chest.
>> US No. 12330
File 134197294538.jpg - (135.40KB , 500x681 , 1339371136623.jpg )
Huh, as I recall the manga wasn't that bad. I wonder if Ito actually had any input on the project?

The last couple seasons where pretty good though. Bodacious Space Pirates, Jormungand, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, Hyouka, Nyaruko-san, Acchi Kocchi.
>> PL No. 12332
I'm not sure? But from what others said it's completely different with switched character roles but ugh yeah some scenes are gross and terrible like I said. Also I've seen bits of his other mangas and I wondered how he can function normally in a society with such ideas.
>> US No. 12334
I dunno, but the comic about his cats is fairly amusing.
>> US No. 12344
I liked that Junji Ito manga about the mother who was so obsessed with cleanliness that it lead to the dissolving of her marriage and the death of her ex-husband, one of her daughters, and the boy who was stalking her other daughter. That seemed more of a real threat than any supernatural horror to me, the whole idea that a fear or an obsession could lead to a mental breakdown.

I'm really in the dark as of late when it comes to anime and manga, though. I haven't actively kept up with either since Adult Swim stopped showing Trigun, Lupin III, FLCL, etc., and the last anime I watched to completion was Panty and Stocking. I saw a little Cromartie and Nichijou, though, and I liked those. I prefer my slice-of-life on the weird side.
>> US No. 12366
I started watchiung Samura Champloo recently. It's cool, a bit odd and the characters aren't annoying.
>> US No. 12367
I feel sort of retarded, sorry about that.
>> US No. 12475
If anyone's looking for a hipsterish, artsy sort of anime, Kaiba is the way to go.

I've had that recommended to me recently, maybe I'll try it sometime
>> US No. 12476
File 134413386120.jpg - (667.72KB , 1280x800 , jin1.jpg )
It's good. The same director did Cowboy Bebop, and it has the same contrasting-but-really-works soundtrack (Bebop mixed mercenaries in space with jazz, Champloo mixes samurais with rap- and I've heard of people who generally hate rap adoring the OST). The art is stylish, and the dub has the same VA cast as Bebop. Caught it when it played on Adult Swim for awhile, it's awesome stuff.

Also, a samurai badass with glasses, and an adorable flying squirrel pet. You can't lose.
>> US No. 12675
File 134756907846.jpg - (384.75KB , 870x1236 , 011.jpg )
It's Not My Fault I'm Not Popular is one of the more disturbing things I've read recently.
>> US No. 12676
File 134756912663.png - (248.65KB , 870x1236 , 1341884472111.png )
>> US No. 12677

ooooh this is interesting...what is this about?
>> US No. 12681
File 134758267863.png - (348.17KB , 801x530 , 1341886512101.png )
It's about a girl who is socially inept, IMO she's got some genuine psychological issues but all the otaku-oriented media she consumes isn't helping.
>> US No. 12692
Fall season preliminaries are that it doesn't look as bad as summer.

The Madoka guy is working on some scifi thing called PSYCHO-PASS.
There's a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure show.
There's another Nitro+ adaption called Robotics;Notes.
Shin Seikai Yori looks interesting.
Magi looks like a decent Shounen battler series.
Second season of Jormungand.
KyoAni's show (I forget the exact name but it translates to something like "I Have 8th Grade Disease But I Want To Love") doesn't look horrible.
>> US No. 12704
>> US No. 12767
  Shin Sekai Yori: Best way I could describe it is Higurashi meets Harry Potter. A young girl's psychic powers manifest, but her village has a DARK SECRET.

Chuunibyou: Not Kyo-Ani's best animated stuff but it's funny. Chuunibyou basically translates to "8th grade disease," meaning teenagers who pretend to be Full Metal Alchemist characters or vampires or whatever. The main character used to be afflicted by it and transferred to another school to escape his horrible past, but he meets a girl who is still gripped by it.

K and Zetsuen no Tempest: The types of shows chuunibyou sufferers would like. K is some kind of otome show about bishi gang wars or something, Tempest was best described by a Something Awful poster as "something a 14-year-old girl obsessed with X/1999 and Angel Sanctuary would write after doing a unit on Shakespeare in English class."

The Monster Next Door: Generic shonen romance, normal girl befriends a delinquent in her class. Doesn't appear to be bad but I'm probably not going to be watching it unless I hear it gets really good or something.

Haven't seen JoJo yet because I'm waiting for subs, but I hear it's good.
>> US No. 12817

So if you haven't watched Paprika or Perfect Blue, you'd best rectify that right now.
>> US No. 13231
  So what did everybody think of JoJo?
>> US No. 13232
I've never seen or read it. Been thinking about it, but after DBZ, I was a bit hesitant on long series. So even though I've liked what I've seen of One Piece, Bleach, etc. I never got too into them. I guess the length is a bit intimidating.
>> US No. 13233
I get where you're coming from. I've been meaning to watch Raildex for a while but there are already 72 episodes from the previous seasons.

For what it's worth, JoJo is divided into two parts, Phantom Blood is the first 10 episodes and Battle Tendency is the rest of it. So you could think of it as two separate seasons. I feel that David Production has done a really good job of adapting the series and I eagerly await Stardust Crusaders.
>> AU No. 13248
File 136904979362.jpg - (374.17KB , 752x628 , 137395.jpg )
If Ghost in the Shell tickles your fancy, y'all should check out Psycho-Pass.

Fills me with geeky glee that Inception was inspired by Paprika.
>> US No. 13258
  From the creator of Fullmetal Alchemist.
>> US No. 13295
  Get ready to get depressed!
>> US No. 13384
File 137819148974.jpg - (56.74KB , 600x800 , BS_6lmaCcAAFkpg.jpg )
Best daikamura.
>> US No. 13464
Something I noticed that's becoming a pet peeve of mine is the "doomed anime mom" trope. She always, ALWAYS has those sad doe-like eyes, a braid, and maybe an apron on. And she always lasts only a few episodes before catching an incurable disease, or being maimed horribly, or doesn't survive to be included in the show at all and died in childbirth, or is always seen only in flashback.

I've ruled this out being sexism, because it happens a lot in series that show how badass women can be, particularly magical girl shows. And Disney pulls this shit a lot too, so it's not anything Japan-centric. It's just lazy, shitty writing.

(Captcha: terminal keyourho. Appropriate.)
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